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Boston aftermath - and set-up

During these past few days, following yet another act of terrorism having been perpetrated on the people of America, progressive talking heads, politicians and the news media have once again become cohorts in disinformation, speculation and outrageous vilification.

Progressives search for the Great Tea Party Defendant

It is no secret to anyone, least of all the progressives in the media and those who have commandeered our White House, that every new terror attack, murder or toxic letter mailing, they collectively fall to their knees and pray to whatever entity they have replaced our God with, that finally, this time, they will be able to pin extremism on Conservatives and/or the Tea Party.

A litany of presumptive accusations have followed every instance of death and mayhem which have occurred during the past several years. From school shootings, to assassinations of judges, district attorneys and congress people, for days and weeks we are told how these cold blooded acts are “looking like right wing extremists.” In other words, “The conservatives have run-a-muck, just as we have told you they would.”

Then, as with all of these crimes, when it turns out the atrocities have been committed by Islamists, socialists, progressives or some nutcase the ACLU has used taxpayer dollars to put out on the street, without even a hint of embarrassment or any possibility of an apology, they move on in anticipation of the next terror episode.

Case in point: Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing - latest excuse for progressive word games

Boston Marathon Bombing: where the bombs were. Graphic: Anna Frodesiak, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

The Boston Marathon bombing coverage has proven this point so starkly its hard to imagine how those knuckleheads at CNN, The New York Times and MSNBC can look at themselves in the mirror, let alone on a TV monitor. Several days of speculation and verbal gymnastics on how this event looked like the work of Tea Party fanatics or right wing 2nd Amendment lovers protesting tax day, came crashing down around their vacuous craniums late Friday night when it was discovered that not only were these two murdering animals not concerned with Boston’s Patriot Day, but, once again the peaceful, loving so-called religion of Islam was the driving force behind the slaughter.

Then, to make matters even worse for them, not only were these guys Muslims, but the younger of the two terrorists, adored Obama. However, being an Islamic Jihadist and an Obama loving leftist murderer, quickly has become a non-issue.

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Which brings me to the imperative of this writing. For far too long conservatives have allowed the left to label them. For far too long they have not challenged the left’s fabricated assertions that when murderers, despots and evil dictators, who happen not to be leftists or Communists, they are then, apparently by default, labeled, “Right Wing.”

This has been a long-standing ploy of the socialists and communists to equate conservatism as being just as bloodthirsty as they know their side, throughout its history, has been. The sublimation of conservatism, defined as sitting just short of the KKK and the Aryan Nation, is their way of suggesting that conservatism is as evil in its extreme, as the left is in theirs.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Here is why.

  • Conservatism never leads to a bloated, repressive and over sized government
  • Communism and socialism, by their nature, will always lead to a bloated, repressive and over sized government
  • Conservatism has no use for anarchy because its values are based upon limited government, not, no government
  • Conservatism cherishes individual freedoms and independence
  • Socialism punishes success and abhors individualism

The reality is, racist and radical groups, like those referenced above, as well as religion based fanaticism, are actually much closer to the roots of the old Democratic Party of the south than anything remotely related to conservatism.

The next time you hear the progressive media report that a “conservative mullah” or the “right wing” dictator, has done some dastardly deed, understand it for what it is. A far reaching attempt to associate conservatives with the repression and human suffering which lies at the core of their own ideology.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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