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Common Core: open letter



Parents, take note: Attacks on liberty, even by teachers, in our schools - common Core and other global initiatives put a worm into this apple, producing students who do not think. Here's another worm: when teachers take a prey from among their own students. Not to mention a teacher who prostitutes herself to a corrupt seller of offices. Or an anti-bullying campaign that pulls a cruel humanitarian hoax by replacing one kind of bullying with another.

To Governor John Kasich of Ohio: I wish to bring to your attention some crucial matters concerning the Common Core Standards.  To judge fairly, I scrutinized four Common Core textbooks, three on Human Geography and one on History, and found them pro-Islamic and terribly biased against America, Judaism and Christianity.  You must know by now that Islamists are not here to assimilate, but to conquer, and this intrusion into our educational system is just one more form of civilizational jihad.  If we are not vigilant, our laws will not prevail, and we will start resembling Europe or, worse, one of the 21 Islamic countries (49 Islam-majority countries.) 

Who is responsible for the program?

The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is owned and copyrighted by private businesses and nongovernmental agents that are unaccountable to parents and students, and not one of them a teacher.  The “architect of Common Core,” David Coleman, motivated by his Marxist agenda, is attempting to turn our education system into an “engine of social justice” to repair the alleged “massive social injustice in this country.”  Education is to be nationalized like Obamacare, to eliminate local control and impose a one-size-fits-all instruction to affect all schools, public, private and homeschoolers.

Without parental input, and as teachers are forced to comply with federal standards, so will go innovation to meet students’ individual needs and creativity.  The more control accorded the teachers’ union, the less control accorded the teachers over their classrooms. Not only will diversity will be sacrificed for uniformity, but this is an unconstitutional breach of trust.  Did your principal, superintendent, teachers, and school board preview and accept this syllabus and the books to be used?

This educational enterprise requires states to surrender their diverse curricula for one set of educational principles with a leftist agenda, one that will undermine individuality, quality and parental choices.  Furthermore, it is unconstitutional to have education under federal government control:

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  In other words, the law confirms that education is NOT a responsibility of the federal government; it is “reserved to the States respectively or to the people.”  Why? Because our Founding Fathers feared that the new or any future national government might seek to exercise powers it was not granted, and the states might not be able to fully exercise their reserved power – which is the case today.  When the states each take responsibility for education within their own boundaries there is an opportunity for flexibility, for diversity, and less uniformity. What works well in one state can then be (optionally) copied by others. If one adopts a policy or textbook that is found unsatisfactory then only those in one state is harmed not the entire country.

But there’s another agenda in the works

A worm in the apple - perfect metaphor for Common Core

A boy takes a bite out of an apple and hears the apple might have a worm in it. Photo: Bobbie Johnson/Flickr, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

If that weren’t enough, CC was linked with our Department of Defense and “Connect all Schools” to create a One World Curriculum, revealing the tie to George Soros’s One World Order!  At the helm is Iranian born Vartan Gregorian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and President Obama’s White House Fellowship, former president of Brown University and current president of Carnegie Corporation, and board member of MB-affiliated Qatar Foundation International (QFI).  This innovation is based on President Obama’s 2009 apology speech in Cairo, when he said he hoped to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.”  We are already hooked up with Qatar and Kosovo, two extreme Muslim nations, with a goal of all by 2016.

Vartan Gregorian’s book, “Islam, A Mosaic, Not a Monolith,” confirms the Islamist goal of world domination.  He quotes Ayatollah Khomeini, “ Islam wants all countries to become Muslim, of themselves.”  He endorses a “theo-democracy,” a limited sovereignty under the authority of Allah, and works with Carnegie Corporation and grants for  “education, international peace and security, international development and democracy.”  Other associates are Ramadan, grandson of MB founder Hassan al-Banna; Sheikh Yusaf Al Qaradawi, killer, proponent of suicide bombers, and spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood; Bill Ayers, a communist revolutionary of the Weather Underground; and “Ground Zero” imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative who would not admit that Muslims carried out the 9/11 bombing, and other notables.  Is there any wonder that the Common Core books contain historic revisions and propaganda?

Comment: For the record, Israel produces more start-up (entrepreneurial) companies than peaceful, stable nations like Japan, China, India Korea, Canada, and the UK; and attracted over twice as much venture capital investment as the US and thirty times more than Europe.  Israel has more companies on the tech-oriented NASDAQ stock exchange than any country outside the US – more than all of Europe and India combined.  Her innovations include computers, security, and communications, and she leads the world in medical device patents, and is a strong global player in cleantech and biotech.  But Obama is hooking our  children up with non-democratic, non-Westernized nations, whose multitudes are always available to riot in the streets and do harm because the majority is kept illiterate, unemployed, discontented, frustrated, hate-filled and hair-trigger angry.  The Islamic link is certainly evident.

What does the Common Core  curriculum actually do?

According to Wall St. Journal writer David Feith: “Common Core is about an obsession with race, class, gender, and sexuality as the forces of history and political identity…nationalizing education via Common Core is about promoting an agenda of anti-capitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, self-esteem, affective math, and culture-sensitive spelling and language. This is done in the name of consciousness raising, moral relativity, fairness, diversity, and multiculturalism.”  Parents are already speaking out against some of the novels on their reading list, the explicit sexuality, and focusing on people on the very lowest rungs of our society.  Children are being taught to look “down” to the downtrodden and the unsuccessful, rather than learning about and relating to the people with a good work ethic, ingenuity, creativity, achievements, and how those accomplishments have helped others and benefitted our nation and the world.

You mentioned that Ohio merely purchased English and Math.  Sandra Stotsky, a professor at the University of Arkansas who served on the committee to validate Common Core standards, said, “The standards dumb American education down by about two grades’ worth.”  NYU’s Professor Jonathan Goodman said these math standards imposed “significantly lower expectations with respect to algebra and geometry than the published standards of other countries.”

Centralized education programs have been tried and they never worked; just read about Russia, Germany and Cuba. With worsened math skills, will these children be qualified to construct an edifice where all four walls will meet in the corners and not collapse, or to “powers’ envision Americans redistributing the wealth and sharing the cardboard and tent cities of Third World countries? Removal of economics from the curriculum will surely jeopardize entrepreneurial achievements.  Consider the ultimate costs when reviewing the price of textbook purchases.

What’s the source of funding?

Author and journalist Dean Kalahar exposed as false the notion that Common Core (CC) was developed by the states and voluntarily adopted.  CC was actually developed by an organization called Achieve, approved by the National Governors Association and funded by the Bill Gates Foundation by at least $173 million dollars – to indoctrinate and create activists for the socialism agenda. The states were bribed by $4.35 billion ‘Race to the Top’ dollars if they adopted the standards. Federal laws prohibit the U.S. Department of Education from prescribing any curriculum, but the bribe was too enticing for 46 states and the District of Columbia.

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In addition, the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction estimates an implementation cost of $300 million; California expects their costs to be  $759 million; Texans expect theirs to be $100 million by 2015 with another $1.2 billion to be paid to Pearson, one of several publishers whose coffers are overflowing, for developing standardized tests and other materials.  So Ohio is not finished by a long shot and, the fact remains that there is proof positive that the children aren’t benefitting from any of this.

I submit that the July test results based on Common Core in New York State were abysmal.  Just 26 percent of students in third through eighth grade passed English, and only 30 percent passed math – the two courses Ohio selected!  In one Harlem school, just seven percent of the students passed English, and 10 percent passed math.  Joan noted, “We’ve gone from No Child Left Behind to Well, Just About Every Child Left Behind.”  Senator Lehner, have you seen the results of Common Core in Ohio?  Was there solid improvement or decline?

The Race to the Top

A challenge has been put in place that bases teachers’ salaries on their students’ test score gains, which could encourage teachers to lower standards, have their students memorize rather than learn.  And if this criteria is important to the teachers’ evaluations, will that not encourage schools to become more selective in their admissions?  The Race to the Top for the teachers becomes a Race to the Bottom for the students.

The Books have been purchased

A State Senator assured me that our state has adopted only the math and English Standards, but they are proven failures and, this would become the infamous slippery slope.  Once accepted in part, it’s just a step away from being accepted in its entirety, and by then, the books will have been purchased in greater numbers, spending more of our tax money, and, above all, the children will be further cheated of a good education.

Our State Senator said she hesitated to change programs because of the money spent, but how about the harm done to these children?  Is she saying that the kids are worth the sacrifice because the books have already been purchased and the issue of budget exceeds preserving our American values? Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”  Would we want these ill-informed children leading the country, teaching the next generation, practicing medicine in our hospitals? Without the creativity, could they be successful entrepreneurs? America will be one generation away from becoming a Third World country, dependent upon the ignorant who will be prey to those who best brandish a sword – and they are already waiting in the wings.

Classes in civics, history, economics, our nation’s foundation and traditional values, and cursive writing have been removed.  Do they expect us to be so debilitated, the majority on welfare and food stamps so as to no longer need economics?  Be reminded that cursive writing was used for our founding doctrines, and I believe their goal is to remove those documents from our collective memory and history. Most dangerous and damaging of all, an Ohio teacher informed me of his having become aware that  history classes are diminishing – a strategy of any conquering entity, particularly Islam.

Data-mining System

The Department of Labor implemented and is running a data-mining system that violates students’ lifelong privacy by tracking test scores, academic progress, and information on religion, political beliefs, family income, discipline, political affiliations, sexual behavior and attitudes, extracurricular activities, DNA, blood type, psychological evaluations and more into an alarming private database, called inBloom.  It will result in evaluation and guidance into two- or four-year colleges or trade schools, then to the workforce – an invasion of privacy, a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights and in direct conflict with our right to our pursuit of happiness.  Under current consideration is the use of Galvanic Skin Response bracelets (which react to changes in skin caused by emotional stimuli) to measure effective teachers, at $15 million to Harvard for education policy research and $1 million to the national PTA.

Bill Gates admitted that the data-mining system will enable him to “design clear, rigorous standards.”  When the tests are aligned, he’ll “unleash powerful software to develop the market further.” So Gates (Microsoft), Google, Yahoo, and General Electric are providing funds of $350 million to create their steadfast market and train their future employees!  As with socialism and communism, the students-turned-adults will be free to work harder to create more wealth to be extorted or they’ll be paid little, have no wealth, and work harder as directed by the governing body.  Make no mistake: This is Social Engineering.

Parents’ comments in the news.

In addition, note that CC made headlines not so long ago: 1) A Tennessee English teacher asked her students to pretend that she was the Kommandant in a Nazi concentration camp and they must make their case to her that Jews are untermenschen (inferior beings), not worthy of keeping alive; and 2) a Massachusetts teacher asked her students if it was acceptable for Palestinians to kill Jewish children because Israel was an “occupier.”  Is this the type of critical thinking the books reference throughout? These are lessons of indoctrination, to destroy our Western morality as well as inject jihad propaganda about the sovereign State of Israel.  You should be far more concerned with what the children are being taught than with the money spent by these purveyors of evil. The program should never have been implemented without parental approval; the parents were duped, and continuing the program would just exacerbate the damage already in progress.. .

One World Curriculum ties us to Qatar and Kosovo

Now, if that weren’t enough, CC was linked with our Department of Defense and “Connect all Schools” to create a One World Curriculum, revealing George Soros’s One World Order!  At the helm is Iranian born Vartan Gregorian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and President Obama’s White House Fellowship, former president of Brown University and current president of Carnegie Corporation, and board member of MB-affiliated Qatar Foundation International (QFI).  This innovation is based on President Obama’s apology speech in Cairo, 2009, when he said he hoped to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.”  We are already hooked up with Qatar and Kosovo, two extreme Muslim nations, with a goal of all by 2016.

Governor Kasich, you are in a position to save our future by saving today’s students.  I ask that you respect and represent your constituents honorably, and do what you can to remove all Common Core material from our schools.

Thank you,

Tabitha Korol

PS   I have read four Common Core textbooks, and wish to submit corresponding reports to your attention to verify the bias, lies, propaganda, misstatements and missing information.  They are clearly a danger to our students and the future of America.

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Author of “Confronting the Deception,” Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appeared on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others.

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