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Professional perfidy



Wrap fish withal! (Does the CIA run this show?) That's what The Washington Post, CNN, and most other Mainstream Media are good for. An empire of lies. And they dare call the rest of us fake news. They can't even cover disasters, like tornadoes, without discriminating among their victims. Worse, the news media are attempting a coup against the rest of us with their lies.

We break now the seal on a new year. As fresh resolutions, proclamations and promises directed towards bettering our lives and our communities, while quite honestly and stoutly proffered, most will soon be as endangered as an Obama truism.  But fear not. There is a very resolute group of scoundrels, black-hearted users of people, scavengers and bottom feeders, all of whom will unrelentingly continue their greedy quest for the dollar and dominance of a particular domain. There will be no need for any such continuing resolutions.  As with the frenzied feeding of sharks or a wolf pack hamstringing a weakened herbivore, each member of this insidious cadre instinctively understands what it is they do.  And do it they will.

General history of human warfare

While the history of the human experiment has been written in the blood of the weak and the word humane seems to have adopted the opposite meaning than reality might espouse, clearly, civilized peoples the world over have worked very hard to reverse the course of a bloody past.  It’s all too true that humanity has come a long way towards making those amends.  But there are several groups that do not ever intend to evolve and in fact are dedicated to the pursuit of dominating the world or the domains of their pursuit.  More on them in a few minutes.

Hatred, envy, fear, misinformation, and outrageous lies; all tools of the dominator.  But the most important tool at their disposal,  which remains consistent  from the earliest of human conquests, is the control, the manipulation of the minority, the uneducated, and the less technologically advanced.

Useful idiots make the media of not much better use than to wrap fish.

Haddock wrapped in newspaper. Photo: Des Colhoun; Creative Commons License

The past domination of a people by others has not only been perpetrated upon the minority races but executed on the undereducated underclass as well.  But there can be no denial and history has chronicled the extent to which the minority has suffered more than its share of exploitation.  The answer as to why  this generational domination has occurred and recurred throughout history may lie in as simple an explanation as, without the morals of a God governed society, only might makes right.  However, a more earthly synopsis which cannot be  ignored is that  superior technology will always dominate the less advanced.

Why some cultures over the centuries have, from one generation to the next, endeavored to improve standards of living, education, science and yes technology while others have stagnated, is not now, nor will it ever be understood.  But what is understood and has been proven to devastating consequence, is that when the lesser technological society is confronted by the greater, things don’t turn out so well for the lesser.

Crimes against mankind, some may be thinking, is the sole domain of America and its beginnings.  Those who think that are ignorant of the inhuman transgressions perpetrated against hundreds of cultures from before recorded history to these, the so called modern times. Some examples:

  1. The culturally advanced Egyptians invaded Northern Africa, slaughtered and enslaved those peoples whose technologies were less advanced.
  2. Portugal and Spain murdered, raped and pillaged the indigenous  cultures of Central and South America.
  3. The Dutch with no more than a handful of technologically superior individuals dominated and controlled millions  of people in South Africa for decades.
  4. The African tribes, the ones with the longer spears and more accurate bows, raided villages and abducted people to sell to European traders of human cargo.
  5. Aborigines of Australia were murdered, enslaved and exploited by the British Monarchy as well as the Irish settlers whose families joined them upon their release from prison colonies.
  6. And now, to this day, the unarmed Christians of the Middle East and North Africa are being systematically slaughtered by a culture which is technologically more advanced, simply because they have the better weapons.

For sure the domination of the Africans brought here as slaves and the confiscation of the homelands of the then native peoples as a result of new Americans settling this great land,  things did not turn out so well for the less advanced cultures.  While hundreds of thousands of lives were sacrificed by the dominating culture in order to halt the exploitation of the Africans, no such enlightenment was realized in time to save the American Indian.

The Mainstream Media and their role

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Let’s return now to the wolves and the sharks, or in a more precise term, the Main Stream Media.  Despite what most of decent society has learned, these culprits have and will continue to exploit and use minorities for both profit and fame.

Their unadulterated efforts to create racial tension and thereby racism-fueled  violence and  destruction of property for the sole purpose of generating “Breaking News” on the nightly broadcasts or a screaming headline in their dying periodicals, hold no bounds. They have proven too, beyond any doubt, that dead minorities, assaulted and brutalized innocent citizens, assassinated policemen, destroyed businesses, homes and property are not too big a price to pay for a great headline.

The news media as a wolf packDon’t doubt for a minute that the firestorms of Michael Brown and the subsequent death of Eric Garner never would have occurred without the prior “seeding of hate, lies and deception” by the press concerning the Trayvon Martin race baiting creation.  Recall how the media covered up the history and thuggery of the so called victim while simultaneously authoring a new lexicon of the English language, the “White Hispanic”.

In the Michael Brown case, if the media had just done its job and reported the facts as they knew them, after a few days the situation would have returned to normal.  But the media needed some headlines and once again the minority community has suffered.

It is impossible to deny and history will confirm, every broken shop window, every torched car, every ruined and destroyed business, both large and small, every innocent person, white or non-white who has been assaulted and or killed, every policeman from New York to California, who was shot or assassinated or any of the nasty things yet to occur, all lay at the feet of the main stream media.  All of it.

Some may presume that it be too harsh to place the entire guilt on the media given that there are other groups involved in this mess, such as that Communist movement aligned with  Anonymous or the traditional and well known race hustlers who show up at every event looking to feed on the death and misery of the black community.  They are but bit players. Yes, it’s true, they thrive like vultures on the careon of the abused minority, but without a platform constructed and built by the mainstream media there would be no place for these mischief-making maggots to perch and infect.

Will the minority community ever extricate itself from the realm of the lesser?  Alas, the prospects for that are dismal.  Until a leader arrives who will educate the ignorant, lead the leaderless and elevate his community to an equal footing consistent with the rest of society, they will forever be relegated to pawnship, fodder and chaff.

The press, the perfection of perfidy, understands this all too well.  So they will continue to prevent anyone of such character to ever come to the fore.  They will destroy him long before he has had the opportunity to gain purchase on the platform they have so carefully crafted.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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