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French Naval tricolor ensign, with a broad red stripe.

The Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman said that she would not use her platform of fame or share her strong leftist opinions inappropriately. So she granted an interview to Steven Galloway, The Hollywood Reporter. Thus begins a peek into a leftist’s psychology. (No sunspecs required.)

Portman identified herself as being “quite leftist,” meaning that she is yet another person of Jewish heritage who has withdrawn from her birthright, and follows a distinct set of assumptions held by others – also described as “groupthink.”  When asked if she feels uncomfortable about her Jewishness while in France, she offered a brief “Yes,” before deflecting to comment about “the danger of being a Muslim in many places.”   The identity of whom the Muslims fear was conveniently not broached – it is their own rage and violence, products of their perception of Muslim supremacism.

What the Left have wrought in France

France is considered the most dangerous country for Jews today and the Muslims the “main instigators of global anti-Semitism.”  France’s Jews, 0.75 percent of the population, live in constant peril.  Anti-Semitism has increased by 400 percent since the summer of 2014; 40 percent of violent crimes are committed by Muslims against Jews.  Although French officials have deployed about 20,000 soldiers to guard the Jewish businesses and schools, crimes persist, such as:

  • the boy who, returning home for Sabbath dinner, was accosted and pummeled by four men with iron pipes – his eye socket damaged, shoes stolen, cell phone intentionally trampled so he could not call for help.
  • the 17 year-old girl who was  pepper-sprayed and told, “Dirty Jewess, inshallah (Allah willing)  you will die”;
  • the Jewish mother who, while seated on a park bench, was attacked and beaten by three men;
  • the young couple who was robbed in their apartment, the woman raped, her boyfriend restrained;
  • the firebombs thrown at a Jewish community center in Toulouse, another at a synagogue;
  • the three solders standing guard outside Nice’s Jewish center who were attacked and injured by a man wielding a knife;
  • the anti-Semitic riots in Sarcelles (Paris suburb, “Little Jerusalem”), with slogans of death and slaughter.

These and others were carried out against Jews by Muslims, but Portman’s leftism precludes her identifying the criminals and their behavior.

As noted in The Religion of Peace online, close to 26,000 terrorist attacks were committed in the name of Islam since 9/11, and a recent article by Giulio Meotti cites 100,000 Christians per year.  All other religions combined do not equal the terror wrought by Islam and no other religion requires the suffix “phobia” to bully others into silence lest they be accused of harboring “irrational fear” when the fear is perfectly rational.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan of conquest

No other religion demands respect while committing the most abhorrent crimes – and this is because Islam is a political, militaristic ideology couched in religion. Their mandate is to conquer and govern all others: immigrate (to a non-Muslim country), populate (increase and demand accommodation), and eliminate (city becomes Muslim), according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s 100-year plan of 1982.  About 62 percent of the Quran curses unbelievers or calls for violence, yet, when once sharia is established as law, their own are also controlled harshly.  In fact, Iran has been systematically purging (genocide) its own Arab population.

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Surely, Portman should have noticed the preponderance of armed French soldiers on Paris streets, where once there were accordionists, flower sellers and romance.  France’s oldest and second-largest city, Marseille, founded in 600 BC by Greek sailors, was once considered the European Capital of Culture, but is now ranked as Europe’s most dangerous city, having a 30 to 40 percent Muslim population. Portman and the Left will deny the cause of the violence and the climate of fear that turned the once-charming, coastal city into a no-go zone, where French law is irrelevant. In fact, the Left denies the existence of no-go zones.

The Left has let France return to the days of open anti-Semitism in the streets of France.

Young street toughs in Paris burn Mathieu Dreyfus, Alfred Dreyfus’ older brother, in effigy in an anti-Semitic riot at the height of the Dreyfus Affair. Cover art from Le Petit Parisien, artist unknown.

Since the Left adheres to a mantra of multiculturalism and equality of people and religions, Portman calls “endangered Muslims” those who amass weapons, invade, and destroy.  While one faction continues to attack Israelis and Jews at every opportunity, another faction is slaughtering Christians, beheading, burning, kidnapping, raping, and selling women and children into slavery.  Islam is the only group that continues the slave trade.  While Hitler and Nazism were responsible for about 60 million deaths, and Stalin and Communism about 80 million, Islam’s legacy over 1400 years approaches 400 million.  The Left and mainstream media remain silent, and Portman proves that she is indeed on the Left by denying Islam’s gory history.

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call all Muslims to war with non believers for the sake of Islamic rule, some quite graphic.  Aloof from historical context, they proudly regard themselves as part of the eternal and unchanging word of Allah.

Whose side are you on?

Portman has generously, but presumptuously, forgiven Dior fashion designer John Galliano for his several public anti-Semitic rants, yet denounces Prime Minister Netanyahu as racist for noting the growing Arab vote – that could credibly destroy the Jewish people’s only homeland.  Blindly loyal to her destructive liberal doctrine, she prefers Palestinians have a home that was never theirs at the peril of Jews in the home that had been theirs for centuries. The Left prefers that Israel again cede land to those who already have a land mass one thousand times Israel’s size, and may be mobilized to slaughter Jews at the mere sound of a bugle.  The Left is silent when Israelis are attacked from air, earth, and beneath the earth, but speak out for the rights of those who have Natalie Portman in their sight.

The pretty and talented Natalie Portman knows little about her own heritage and displays a shocking amount of ignorance of the facts, and her arrogance for defending the leftist fiction is indefensible. The irony is that her personal life is unacceptable to those she defends.  Under Palestinian rule, Sharia, she would be stoned or beheaded for being of Jewish descent, a woman, outspoken, supporting same-sex marriage, believing in educating females, wearing “immodest” clothing, and having a child out-of-wedlock.  She and her family are at risk now in France, in Israel, and in the United States, and the source is Islam.  Sadly, our Leftist academia are no longer teaching their students to think and reason, and Natalie Portman is of that generation.  If we add together the Islamists in our midst, the remorseless willfully blind, and the ignorant by indoctrination, I fear for what’s left.☼

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Author of “Confronting the Deception,” Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appeared on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others.

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Matt Farag

I disagree with the numbers. Here are the listed genocides that happened, all of them except for Muslim Ottoman Turkey and Nazi Germany going to commies.
(1915-18) The Muslim Ottoman Turks killed 3 million out of 5 million Ottoman Christians, including 1.5 million out of 2 million Armenians, 500,000 out of 1 million Assyrian Christians, and 1 million out of 2 million Pontic Greeks.
(1917-1953) The Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin killed 30-61 million of its own citizens, with 10 million going to Vladimir Lenin, who conducted his murders from 1917 to 1924, with half of his victims going to a famine, and 20-51 million going to Iosif Stalin.
(1942-1945) Europe under the control of Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler killed 6 million out of 9 million European Jews.
(1949-1975) Mao Tse-tung of China killed 73 million of his own people, with 38 million going to the 1958-1961 Great Leap Forward and 35 million going to the 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution.
(1954-1969) Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam killed 1.6 million of his own people.
(1974-1991) Mengisitu of Ethiopia killed more than 1 million of his own people through famine.
(1975-1979) Pol Pot killed 3 million out of 9 million fellow Cambodians.
(1995-1998) Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jung-Un of North Korea killed more than 3 million of their own people.


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