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Anyone for America?



The Constitution, which sets forth the principle of rule of law, defines what is unconstitutional, and guarantees freedom of speech and other liberties of a Constitutional republic, and also describes the impeachment power. (How many know of the Jewish roots of this document?) Hypocrisy threatens Constitutional government. Could Israel use a constitution like this? More to the point: would a Convention of States save it, or destroy it? (Example: civil asset forfeiture violates the Constitution.) Quick fixes like Regulation Freedom Amendments weaken it. Furthermore: the Constitution provides for removing, and punishing, a judge who commits treason in his rulings. Furthermore, opponents who engage in lawfare against an elected President risk breaking the Constitution.

Barack Obama is hastening the end of America as a sovereign nation-state. He does this in several areas, all having one thing in common: contempt for the Constitution of the United States of America.

Barack Obama v. America: Constitution

Barack Obama v. America

De facto President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and several senior advisers applaud when the House of Representatives takes up Obamacare and “deems it passed.” Photo: The White House

Examine Barack Obama’s Supreme Court appointments, Sonia Sotomayor and ‎Elena Kagan. Both advocate and support “transnational legal thinking.”

Such thinking heralds the end of America as a sovereign state. This amounts to a bloodless revolution, and it has has ever been the goal of Barack Obama, a man without a country, a pseudo-cosmopolitan or post-American president.

So far as I know, none of the umpteen U.S. presidential candidates has addressed this  all-important issue. This is why even Donald Tromp falls into the “humanitarian” trap of advocating amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Trump could win the Presidency on this issue. But he lacks the depth to address it in terms of American Exceptionalism. That requires more than superficial knowledge of the Declaration of Independence. I have addressed this in books and articles/ Americans no longer seem to know the basic American  concepts of that Declaration. Even Glenn Beck does not seem to grasp them with proper depth.

Is anyone for America? Barack Obama is not. Donald Trump says he is. But does he understand? Fully?

A message to all Americans

Whereas (1) the leaders of Iran have brazenly and repeatedly screamed “Death to America,” and

Whereas (2) this genocidal threat is derived from immutable Islamic theology, and

Whereas (3) this genocidal threat is derived from the Qur’an and other Islamic scriptures, on which the entire power structure of Islamic regimes are based and continue to exist, and

Whereas (4) Islamic theology precludes enduring political compromise or accommodation with non-Muslims, and

Whereas (5) the Government of Iran is engaged in a nuclear weapons program to implement the genocidal malediction “Death to America,”

Therefore, the only rational, responsible, and upright policy of the United States and of its next President is to eliminate Iran as a political power capable of fulfilling that malediction.

Any reliance on diplomatic agreements with Iran that contradict that curse is indicative of folly and cowardice, or the inability to face the fact that Islamic leaders cannot engage in abiding compromise with the United States without violating their religion or Islamic scriptures, a breach that would undermine their continuance in power vis-à-vis any competing Islamic party.

Therefore, it behooves Americans to support that Presidential candidate who possesses the courage and wisdom to be guided by the preceding considerations concerning Iran, its deeply engrained Islamic character, and its absolutist theological imperatives.◙