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Netanyahu: politically correct



Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?

Why does Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insist that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas suppress Arab terrorism? The same demand was made on Yasser Arafat, who was the world’s leading terrorist.

Netanyahu should know better

Surely Netanyahu knows that Abbas, like Arafat, has exalted Arab terrorists as “martyrs,” that Abbas even embraced Hamas terrorists as “brothers in blood,” especially in Jewish blood.

Also, haven’t American officials such as Secretary of Secretary of State John Kerry pursued this policy of “great expectations,” namely, that Muslim leaders will cease encouraging terrorism?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Photo: US Department of State (taken during his visit to the USA, during which Obama had him ushered out the back door of the White House while Obama dined privatelyl with his family.)

So why do Netanyahu and Americans like Kerry tacitly or otherwise demand the cessation of Islamic terrorism?

Suppose Netanyahu and Kerry demanded that wolves stop slaughtering sheep.  What would you say of them?  Surely you would say they are either mad or abysmally stupid. But here someone will object: “Wolves are mere beasts, without free will, and cannot alter their predatory ways; whereas Mahmoud Abbas and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are human beings; they have free will and therefore can stop promoting terrorism.”

I deny this, and not because Muslims themselves deny free will, and do so on theological grounds. I simply deny that Abbas and Khameini are normal human beings! I contend, using biblical language, that Abbas, like Khameini, is a “para adam,” a beast that looks like a human being.  Perhaps he is more cunning than a mere beast, but, like any beast, he has been programmed to be what he is, and that it’s a thousand to one odds he can’t become other than what he is, a bloody terrorist. Such odds excludes any compromising position vis-à-vis these Muslims!

Of course, we live in a scientific age, and what I have just said appears unscientific (if not racist). And yet, inasmuch as science is empirical and is based on the assumption that the future will resemble the past – else prediction would be impossible – this being the case, then surely it is far more consistent with science to predict that Abbas will remain a terrorist than to predict he will become a decent, peace-loving human being, let alone a Mother Theresa!

So I ask again:  Why do Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Kerry pursue a policy based on the expectation that Abbas can become other than what he is. and has been, throughout his adult life – a bloody terrorist?

Stupid? No.

If you answer by saying that these otherwise intelligent optimists are abysmally stupid, you will be denounced as strident, abusive, and perhaps even immoral. Others may say you are being superficial, and they would be correct! For beneath the abysmal stupidity which you attribute to Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Kerry is something more profound, namely, their inability to confront EVIL, or, if you prefer, TRUTH.

Therein is the heart of the matter.  For we live in an age of moral relativism, of moral equivalence, hence of moral blindness or stupidity. And even though Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Kerry are not consistent or philosophically profound moral relativists, indeed, even though they will acknowledge the existence of evil, nevertheless, they cannot face the EVIL personified by a Mahmoud Abbas or an Ali Khameini. They cannot face the evil personified by Abbas and Khameini because these Muslims speak from the depths of a world civilization that cannot live in genuine and abiding peace with“infidels,” especially with Jews.

Unfortunately, Mr. Netanyahu does not possess the wherewithal to face this harsh truth. Indeed, shortly after his first election in 1995, he declared before a joint session of the American Congress that Israel and her neighbors are not involved in a “clash of civilizations”!

Was Mr. Netanyahu being disingenuous? Was he unaware of what children are taught in Islamic schools – to hate Jews?  Was he unaware that the Islamic media, even in Egypt, spew forth the most obscene vilification of Jews and of Israel?  Does he believe, contrary to what he himself has written in A Place Among the Nations, that the root of the Arab-Israel conflict is not territory, but culture or ideology?

I believe Mr. Netanyahu knows the truth. And so, with a big question mark, does Mr. Kerry. But in the minds of these men – as in the minds of countless academics and commentators – the truth has been dulled. Their minds and hearts have been emasculated by the multicultural moral relativism and materialism of our age. This is why these otherwise intelligent people demand that Muslim leaders suppress terrorism.  They have no alternative but to persist in  this politically correct stupidity.☼

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