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Nature, disaster, and Obama



How God might be using nature to punish humanity.

Various Jewish scientists, not given to mysticism, affirm the Jewish concept that God uses nature – as He did in the Deluge – to punish nations steeped in paganism.

Nature as punishment for America

How God might be using nature to punish humanity.

A dry riverbed in California in 2009. Photo courtesy National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

America is wallowing in “neo-paganism” – “neo” because some pagan nations, such as Athens and Rome, did believe in a deity, be it Zeus and Jupiter, that transcends mankind.

Today, America is succumbing to “evangelical” atheism, which believes in Nothing. This is nihilism.

Now, as Jews understand, the God of Israel is the God of Nature as well as of History. Hence, it follows that the many “natural” disasters occurring in the United States at this time represent divine punishments.

Of course, I am speculating, but this is rational speculation, for I have in mind the deluge of movies – most conspicuously from Hollywood – that depict bloodshed and violent death. Many of these films reduce the human to the subhuman.

Many films foster gross immorality. They make public what is distinctively private. There is not a town or hamlet where young and old are not exposed to the obscenity of violence, the obscenity of language, and the obscenity of sex devoid of love. This paganism promotes atheism.

As an experiment, I would suggest that the people of California, now suffering from a water shortage and other “natural” disasters, scorn Hollywood for five years.

Nature as punishment for Iran

Speaking of a water shortage, consider the one that is depopulating Iran, and which may be reckoned as punishment for the evil acts and vicious attitudes of that Muslim country. During the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, Iran, under the leadership of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, murdered thousands of Iranian children by using them to explode and clear mine fields to facilitate the movement Iranian troops in their attack on Iraq.

To this paganistic mega-crime of Shiite Iran, add the following. First, Iran is the epicenter of international terrorism. Second, Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Third, Iran is the spearhead of Islamic supremacism. Fourth, Islam’s murderous attitude toward “infidels” is akin to racism, and it violates the Bible’s concept of man’s creation in the image of God.

Fifth, since Iran’s sacrifice of children is performed in the name of Allah, Islam should be recognized as paganism, and would be if it did not adorn itself in the veneer of monotheism, but which is so distorted as to be a form of idolatry!

Hence, I will not be surprised if Iran’s vow to wipe Israel off the map is precisely the punishment in store for Israel’s enemy.

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