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The American flag. This Memorial day, remember one who fights for that flag and is now in a Mexican jail.

Isn’t it remarkable that Israel and America, which may be two of the three most powerful nations on earth, kow-tow to the paltry Palestinian Authority? Isn’t this mysterious as well as shameless and perfidious?!?

But isn’t shameless and perfidious behavior commonplace in the domain of international relations, in which democracies are often complicit, as the events leading to the Second World War vividly demonstrate?

Leftists excuse Muslims…

Enemies of Israel and America, and indeed of all civilization

Seal of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in 2008 Original author: User Monotheist on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

Isn’t it remarkable that to this day, despite the countless atrocities Muslims have committed throughout the world in recent years – for example in New York, London, and Paris – atrocities that have actually been filmed – isn’t it remarkable that there are legions of liberals and leftists in the West that try to obscure the culpability of the Muslims for such atrocities?

How are we to account for the desperate and pathological efforts of so many liberal and leftist pundits, whether academics or journalists, to obscure so many demonstrable acts of EVIL?

Is it because their reputations and jobs as “intellectuals” are at stake, since what they have been saying in classrooms and newspapers for years has obscured the existence of evil by teaching one or another form of moral relativism? By having done so for decades, may they not be deemed, and even denounced, as intellectual accessories to murder?

…while vilifying Israel and America

Sar Kenan, ancient gateway into Israel from the north. A tribute to the ancient heritage of both Israel and America.

Sar Kenan. Here Abraham first came into Israel. (Photo: CNAV)

Woe unto nations whose opinion makers and decision makers have called evil good and good evil, as have legions of liberals and leftists who paint Muslims as “victims” who use their own children as human bombs, while portraying the real victims, be they Jews or Americans, as “villains,” indeed, as “satanic.”

The woe of which the prophet Isaiah speaks obviously involves the survival of any nation led by the high priests of moral relativism – college and university professors – for only the equivalent of a deluge can purge a nation led by and esteemed by these decadents in that nation’s institutions of “higher” education.

Can it be that the nihilism of Islamism is a providential correction of the nihilism pervading American liberalism?

More precisely, isn’t possible that Obama, a Black Muslim multicultural moral relativist, is a world-historical correction for the multicultural moral relativism which has invaded Christianity, as manifested in post-Christian Europe?

I am inviting the reader to think out of the box and from a world-historical perspective as opposed to a narrow political or limited sectarian religious outlook.

The resurgence of Islam indicates that the story or great adventure of ideas of Western Civilization is over. Islam now needs to be destroyed for us to initiate the rebirth on scientific grounds of the eternal truths of Hebraic civilization.☼

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Ain’t that the TRUTH.

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Probably petty or pedantic, but I think the author meant “kowtow” in the first paragraph. “low-tow” doesn’t seem to be a real phrase near as I can find.


thanks for the typo fix. That really distracted me for some reason. And I also realize now k and l are next to each other, so likely a simple typo. I didn’t realize it was valid to hyphenate it kow-tow or kowtow (though spell-check seems to prefer the non-hyphen form) so that made it seem even more strange to me.


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