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Travesty of the United Nations



The United Nations, and especially its General Assembly, is chief instrument of globalism and international government today, and precursor of world government. (And zero population growth) The UN works against the sovereignty of nation-states.

What is most insidious about the United Nations is its application of equality or one nation/one vote to democratic and anti-democratic regimes alike. Such egalitarianism, negates the distinction between good and bad, and paves the way to the immoral and irrational moral equivalence policy of our time.

Moral equivalency at the United Nations

Manifested in the United Nations, this pernicious doctrine has condemned democratic Israel countless times without any denunciation of the despotic Palestinian Authority. What is the PA but a consortium of terrorist organizations from various Muslim-Arab regimes in the Middle East and North Africa, regimes that trash human rights and dignity?

That the United States, a democracy, honors and supports these vicious autocratic regimes manifests the doctrine of multicultural moral relativism prevailing in American colleges and universities. This multiculturalism is the most insidious doctrine of the “free world.“ It has corrupted the mentality of countless American policy makers and decision makers. Nevertheless, this despicable and pernicious doctrine was never mentioned or even whispered during the recent American presidential debates, in which Hillary Clinton, a bare-faced liar, received a majority of the popular votes, and would be the President of the United States were it not for the Electoral College.

The most important lesson to be drawn from this fact is not the abolition of the Electoral college, but the need of radical reform of American higher education, more precisely, need to revitalize the political ideas and values of Western Civilization, which stand primarily on the vitality of the sublime Bible of Israel in the lives of ordinary Americans.

If America has lost its moral compass, the primary cause has been the corruption of American higher education. This very much accounts for the low intellectual level of the recent presidential debates. Not even the learned Newt Gingrich dared allude to the basic cause of this pathetic American phenomenon. None of the candidates so much as hinted at the intellectually diminishing level and nation-destroying doctrine of moral relativism, which undermines the Judeo-Christian ethos and replaces it with nihilism.

Moral relativism leads to bad behavior

Try teaching children about good and bad behavior when they have learned in school that all moral values are relative. And don’t be shocked if one youth goes on to say, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s “freedom fighter.” Is it any wonder that a conservative American politician was ridiculed by academics for referring to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire”? Or that the murderous act of a Muslim in one venue was called “workplace violence”?

But why should it be otherwise when despotic Islamic regimes and military dictatorships enjoy equality with democracies in the votes of the United Nations?

If “I’m okay” and “you’re okay” is an adage of students on the college campus, why not among the nations of the UN General Assembly, regardless of their character or whether or not their citizens are unused to toilets? Why shouldn’t natives steeped in primitivism and poverty enjoy voting equality with the citizens of scientifically advanced and wealthy nations?

Leveling egalitarianism of the United Nations is irrational as well as immoral. Small wonder that millions of Americans say “Get the USA out of the UN, which sustains dictatorships and provides occasional salutary medical and social services to decent and vicious regimes alike – thanks to the membership fees and assistance of civilized nations.

Why not establish a United Nations of Democratic countries that honor human rights, civility, and justice, a United Nations that helps peoples striving to overcome poverty and ignorance and to develop institutions of civil society that promote personal responsibility and due process of law, which will prompt the powerful to respect for the needy and less powerful?☼

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