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Jewish State? Not so much



Flawed policies come from a flawed election system of proportional representation and endless coalition government. Israel turns out to be a democratically elected despotism. In fact its policies cast doubt on whether Israel is a Jewish State or not. A Prime Minister who changes this system can become truly great. But it means ditching Israel's democratic reputation. The Likud Party make it worse when, dependent on Arab votes, they let insurrection slide.

Contrary to almost universal opinion, the portrayal of Israel as a Jewish State is questionable, to put it mildly. Some historical background is necessary to clarify this provocative statement.

Some very un-Jewish official attitudes

The reputed founder of the state of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, was a self-professed atheist. Also, Aharon Barak, former president of Israel’s Supreme Court, was a moral relativist. Moreover, some of the highest officials in Israel’s Government were anti-religious and indeed opposed the concept of Israel as a Jewish state.

For example, former Justice Minister Tommy Lapid and erstwhile Interior Minister Avraham Poraz were members of the anti-religious Shinui Party. Since both men were appointed by Ariel Sharon, one also has to wonder about the sense of Jewish identity of that former prime minister. After all, in justifying his choice of Shinui to promote immigration to Israel, Mr. Sharon said: “I see that [a Jew is] whoever comes, sees himself as part of the Jewish people, serves in the army, and fights” Does one have to be really or wholeheartedly Jewish to satisfy this definition of a Jew?

One may thus wonder about depth of Sharon’s own Jewish identity if only because of his commitment to the creation of a Muslim, i.e., Palestinian state, on Jewish soil. Sharon also opposed amendment of the “grandfather clause” of the Law of Return, which allowed hundreds of thousands of Russian gentiles to enter this country. It has been estimated that some 8 million Russian gentiles were eligible to immigrate to Israel under the grandfather clause. If Moscow wanted to transform Israel into a Russian satellite, the bodies were available!

The Jewish State isn’t

In any event, I contend that ever since the State’s rebirth in May 1948 the Jewish people have been victims of a colossal fraud! First of all, Israel’s Declaration of Independence called for the establishment of a Jewish State. However, on 16 February 1949, Israel’s Provisional Government enacted the “Law of Transition” which established Israel as a secular democratic state: secular in that its laws are not based on Jewish law; and democratic since the State endows Jews and non-Jews with political equality. That the Jewish people have since acquiesced in this fraud does not make the present State legitimate, let alone just.

Second, this fraud is compounded by the absurd and intellectually dishonest claim that a secular democratic state is compatible with Judaism. (Spinoza, who rejected the Torah in the name of democracy, would laugh at today’s Jewish apologists.) Is it not obvious (despite former Supreme Court president Aharon Barak) that if Israel’s Arab/Muslim population became a majority, the democratic principle of one adult/one vote would enable these Muslims to transform the so-called Jewish state into an Islamic state – judge Barak notwithstanding?

Third, Israel’s Declaration of Independence prescribed an “Elected Constituent Assembly” to adopt a Constitution. Instead, that Assembly constituted itself as the Knesset, assumed absolute power, and then delegated this power to the Government. This is why Israeli prime ministers, including Benjamin Netanyahu, have had the audacity to surrender Jewish land to the PLO-Palestinian Authority!

Lack of accountability

Fourth, the Basic Laws by which the Supreme Court rules this country have never been submitted to a popular referendum! The Court itself is a self-appointed oligarchy that scorns the abiding beliefs and values of the Jewish people, almost 80% of which are either orthodox or traditional.

Fifth, this undemocratic state of affairs is perpetuated by Israel’s parliamentary electoral system. Knesset members are not individually accountable to the voters in regional elections. Also, fixed party lists enable the various party leaders who gain government ministries to ignore Jewish ideas and convictions with impunity.

The people’s tacit consent to this undemocratic State does not cure its illegitimacy, especially today when the Government so frequently fails to protect the Jews of this country against Arab terrorism. This Government, which parades as a democracy, has no unequivocally legitimate or just foundation. Its surrender of Jewish land to Muslims as well as its release of Arab terrorists makes this obvious.◙

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