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The Enemy Within



Yitzhak Rabin might have signed his death warrant by accepting this prize for the Oslo Accords. And was he guilty of complicity in murder by so signing? Does Amalek rear his head in this form?

According to Rabbi Matis Weinberg, Amalek should be regarded not only as the sworn enemy of Israel, but of memory. Because Amalek is the enemy of significance, of transnational moral ideas and values.

Amalek returns

Today, Amalek parades as multicultural moral relativism, and may be deemed the primary dissolver of personal beliefs and transnational convictions.

Amalek thus represents the quintessential enemy of the Jewish people, the people that made the very notion of universal history possible. No people have so imbued mankind with the idea of purpose in history as the Jews. For Jews learned in Torah Judaism, history is the reservoir of aggregate collective memory. Amalek is therefore the enemy of personal as well as national identity.

Israel today is dominated by Jewish Amalekites. These Amalekites are none other than Israel’s post-Zionists, whose leaders erased the words “Judaism,” “Zionism,” and “Eretz Israel” from the Soldiers Code of Ethics.

These Amalekites want to separate religion from public law and transform Israel into “a state of its citizens.” Israel will then cease to be a Jewish nation and will no longer have any intrinsic connection with Diaspora Jewry. The Law of Return, intended to facilitate the Ingathering of Jews, will cease to have any meaning. Jewish youth, stripped of their heritage, will thus be deprived of personal and national identity. Israel will then be incapable of persevering in its protracted conflict with a hostile Arab-Islamic world.

I am alluding to recent and current Jewish Amalekites such as Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Amir Peretz, Shimon Peres, Dorit Beinish, Menachem Mazuz, and the still influential Supreme Court justice Aharon Barak.

New approach, old enemy

These policy-makers and law-makers, aided by a leftwing-controlled media, have been animated by a basic goal: to erase the Jewish heritage, i.e., the historical memory of the Jewish people!

  • They want to yield Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Jewish people, to terrorists – and the Amalekites are doing this.
  • They want to increase the number of non-Jewish immigrants to counter the burgeoning population of religious Jews – and they are doing this.
  • They want to foster homosexuality and same sex marriages to undermine Jewish family values – and they are doing this.
  • They want diminish the Jewish content of public education – and they are doing this.
  • They want to diminish the civil rights and military status of religious Zionists, of those most opposed to their policies – and the Amalekites are doing this. Yes, they are erasing Jewish history. Recall Shimon Peres’ statement: “I have become totally tired of history, because I feel history is a long misunderstanding.”

As the primary architect of the Oslo Accords or Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles, Mr. Peres would have us believe, contrary to the lessons of history, that Jews can make genuine peace with Arab terrorists – never mind that a generation of Arabs have been indoctrinated to exalt homicide/suicide bombers.

Amalek thrives on egomania

Peres’ contempt for history is symptomatic of unmitigated egoism, an egoism that stupefies the mentality of these Amalekites.

  • We saw this inanity in the Ehud Barak government’s withdrawal from the security zone in southern Lebanon.
  • We saw this mindlessness in the Sharon’s government’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.
  • We saw it in the Olmert government’s conduct of the second war in Lebanon – war that was a direct consequence of the preceding examples of inanity.
  • We saw this foolishness in Olmert’s “realignment plan,” to say nothing of his government’s order not to retaliate against Kassam missile attacks from Gaza.

The Prophets foresaw this

The Prophet Isaiah foresaw this folly: “I will give children to be your rulers” (Isaiah 3:4). He also foresaw Israel’s “covenant of death” with “terrorists” (Ibid. 28:14-15).

In the Zohar we read that Israel would eventually be threatened by an alliance between Jewish and Arab Amalekites. The alliance, which surfaced with the Oslo agreement on September 13, 1993, continues with Geneva Accord launched on December 1, 2003. Amongst its creators were Israeli MK Yossi Beilin, one of the architects of Oslo, and former Palestinian Authority minister Yasser Abed Rabbo.

The Geneva Accord would return Israel to its indefensible 1949 armistice lines to facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian state. Beilin, who suffers from historical amnesia, wants another piece of paper to deter Fatah and Hamas from firing missiles on every city in Israel.

The imbecility resulting from the historical amnesia or megalomania of Israel’s Jewish Amalekites points to what must be done before the next war erupts. They must be relegated to the dust heap of history.◙

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