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Impeachment – A Generational Opportunity

The impeachment of President Trump is key to a plan to bring in a new generation of unabashed socialists to take America over.

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The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was another political scam.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I want to discuss efforts by politicians in the Democrat Party to impeach and remove from office the President of the United States.

The coup began the day of the election

From the moment of President Trump’s election the Democrats assisted by the American media and the Hollywood elite have been waging an ongoing coup against him and what he symbolizes. The seditious coup has relied on lies and deception to the FISA Court for the entirety of the Trump Presidency. They first tried a Russia collusion hoax which had the advantage of providing cover for their own collusion with Russia, but after more than two years of investigation by their special prosecutor they had not one shred of evidence.

The requirements for impeachment or any other charge

In order to charge someone under the American system of justice, especially an elected official, one needs evidence, not just gossip. When Russian collusion failed, they quickly switched to “Trump is a racist”, which they still keep simmering on the back burner, but then a supposed whistleblower within the White House revealed details of a telephone call between the President and the Ukrainian President discussing Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The whistleblower complaint, as the evidence now proves, is completely false and a contrived falsity between Democrats in Congress primarily Adam Schiff and some CIA plant.


The whistleblower does not meet the definition of whistleblower in that he had no firsthand knowledge or evidence to provide, and he apparently went directly to Adam Schiff and other Democrats to spend a month contriving his complaint rather than provide his information through intelligence channels.  His complaint is just gossip. I heard from a friend who heard from a friend that something happened. Based on this false and contrived story, an impeachment inquiry began against the President. The Democrats chose as the spokesperson for their new no-evidence coup, Adam Schiff, a Congressman representing the 28th District of California and Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

The impeachment showrunner: Adam Schiff

I suppose they chose Mr. Schiff because he is obviously without any moral scruples or ethics, and has no problem at all standing before Congress and the American people and lying through his teeth about the President’s telephone conversation. That’s not even the worst of it, though, because he didn’t just lie, he read from a supposed transcript and changed the words to suit his own lying deception.

I suppose he didn’t know or care that his deception would force the President to release the actual transcript, which would reveal him as the lying deceiver that he is. It’s hard to imagine a U.S. Congressman being so immoral and unethical that he would damage his own country for political benefit, but that is indeed what he did. It was, and continues to be, seditious conduct, which is a serious crime. The Democrats apparently have no fear of their own indictment or even an investigation of their conduct. I suppose they have so much experience with lying sedition that they feel immune.

The corruption of the intelligence community

The Democrats in the Obama administration, along with those in Congress and the U.S. Senate, have allowed their immoral and unethical disregard of U.S. law and customs to infect many of the once trusted agencies in the U.S. government. Some of those agencies include the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Justice. The people all formerly respected and trusted them. They now show themselves totally corrupt. This reminds me of the old adage that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. But a better one is that if you take a bucket of clean drinking water and put in one spoonful of excrement the clean water doesn’t somehow render the excrement pure. Instead all the water is now unclean.

Marketing impeachment

Keep in mind that Democrat politicians may be corrupt lying seditious hypocrites, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid or that they are not good marketers. Someone from somewhere, most likely CIA planted within the White House, reported to the Democrats that someone told him that someone told him that President Trump made a phone call to the Ukrainian President and tried to strong arm him for information about his chief rival Joe Biden. That all sounds like a joke you might hear in the monologue of a late night TV host but I’m afraid it’s no joke.

The Democrats quickly marshaled their forces behind this new “issue” and started to pressure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to sign off on impeachment charges. Speaker Pelosi was reluctant at first as she had been through the other issues the Democrats foisted on us, but this time she caved. Why would she agree to impeachment charges based on such flimsy to non-existent evidence at this point? Speaker Pelosi’s state of mind is something one can only wonder and speculate about.

Impeachment has not damaged the impeachers before

One simple theory is that she hates Trump and always has, but she has seen impeachment as a political mistake until now. That theory assumes that since there is literally no evidence warranting impeachment she is under pressure from the young socialists in her Party and simply gave in to it. Possibly she went back and read a little history of the impeachment process as it has worked before. And she found that it has not done extreme damage to the Party bringing the false charges in the past.

The reason she caved  probably has more to do with intense pressure from the young socialists who are going after the seats of the old-school, deep state house Democrats than anything else. The House Democrats, many of them in office for 20 years or more are facing primary challenges across the country, as more and more people conclude that we don’t have enough lying socialists in office.

Impeachment sentiment beyond reason

The Democrat politicians, their media propagandists, and the Hollywood elite hate Donald Trump with a hatred I have never seen before in politics. Their hatred is visceral meaning it comes from their viscera or their very insides. Why do they hate this man so much? The most likely answer is that Donald Trump isn’t the issue. The reason: he is just a symbol they must destroy. He has to be not just defeated as the old school Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi would prefer. He has to be broken and ground in the dirt. His removal from office is necessary so that a generational change in power can occur. Demographics is destiny, and the demographics in America have changed and are continuing to change.

A generation of socialists

I submit that the ruling elite of this world hate him because he opposes the globalist agenda. I read the other day where the Democrat Socialists of America is encouraging its membership to become teachers. In that way they could infiltrate the public schools and continue their government funded indoctrination of our children. The opportunity to transform the Democrat Party into a socialist super state permanently ensconced in power is now at hand. Soon you will have to be old to just remember the difference.

The Daniel Pfeiffer plan

The proposal was first made, to my knowledge, by a senior aide to President Obama named Daniel Pfeiffer. Mr. Pfeiffer became a senior advisor to President Obama for Strategy and Communications.  He published a book entitled “Un-Trumping America: A Plan to Defeat Trumpism and Make America a Democracy Again”.  His book could also be called how to give the Democrat Party a permanent majority and make taxpayers pay for it. It’s kind of a I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it in reverse. Except the Democrats are actually doing it.

Mr. Pfeiffer got the job of senior advisor for strategy and communications for a reason. His book fit right into the agenda the President already had for the country and Mr. Pfeiffer came in to accomplish it. If Hillary had won the election as everyone just knew she would they would have no problem. But she didn’t win; she lost. The Permanent majority is to be accomplished number one through unrestricted third world immigration. That in turn requires the end of voter ID in order to benefit from it.

National popular vote

The other important item is national popular vote. That really would complete the empowerment of Democrat controlled cities over what used to be Middle America. The heavily Democrat cities would control every national election and national referendum. It would be easy to control the vote. Just keep a permanent poverty stricken voter class in the cities. Also keep them loyal by vote buying through give away welfare programs. Some of the Democrat candidates are open about it like Andrew Yang who is upfront about his free money. The long march through the institutions will be completed soon as each public school and most private schools have socialist teachers firmly entrenched to indoctrinate the next and succeeding generations.

From impeachment to power seizure

This is the new Democrat utopia that is fast becoming permanent and probably is already. First, Donald Trump must go from office as a warning to all those candidates not handpicked by the Deep State. The message is plain: that if they go off the reservation they will be rounded up. So, the age of Trumpism must end. As Mr. Pfeiffer said in his book, it has to be crushed one way or another.

The Hunter Biden affair

The hoax in Ukraine is really about Joe Biden and his efforts to extort and intimidate that country to cover the crimes of his son, Hunter. Surely the Democrats knew that Joe and Hunter Biden’s sordid story would come out as part of the Ukraine hoax, but apparently they didn’t care. There is a video of Joe bragging about his extortion in front of the Council on Foreign Relations elite. And it is quite revealing.  Access to the Vice President is power worth paying for.

Joe said he never discussed business with Hunter. But: a picture surfaced of Joe and Hunter talking on a golf course with Hunter’s business advisor. Why would the Democrats put their leading candidate in such danger? It is a chance to eliminate Trump from the race, and End Trumpism permanently, number one. But number two, Joe is in no real danger.  Joe and Hunter can never be prosecuted for anything as long as the Deep State ruling elite run the world.

Exit Joe

Number three, the Democrats apparently no longer care about Joe. He is just collateral damage from their long soft civil war against everything that’s American. He’s an old white man with seriously declining health whose time is long past. Barack Obama refused to endorse him even after Joe promised him a Supreme Court seat.  Elizabeth Warren is the new front runner and, therefore, the one to be protected from criticism. I expect her to begin making inroads into the Deep State of eternal warfare and welfare soon. Perhaps she will make one of those kill all, destroy all and invite all to America speeches.

Impeachment based on lies

Everything in this impeachment inquiry is lies based on other lies. Adam Schiff, the Representative from California, years ago would have been removed from Congress on ethics charges. In today’s Democrat world, this will not happen. Lying to the whole world’s face and pretending the President of the United States did, is not beneath him. I guess the cause is just too important to let little things like truth and ethics get in the way.

Finally folks, remember that this battle is not about Donald Trump. Nor is it about what you think of him whether good or bad. The real issue is the definition of “Trumpism”. Which is really a peasants’ revolt against the global order being built for us. They want it stamped out not just voted out.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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