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What happens if Biden wins?

If Joe Biden wins election, he will pack the Court and turn America socialist. During the debate he gave every indication of this.

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Joe Biden, former Vice President, and agent of conspiratorial division. And enemy of every Jew in America.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 2nd day of October in the year 2020.1 That’s right, its October already and it seems impossible but here it is anyway. What happened to this summer and what happened to this year? The virus happened I suppose, and the government reacted to it. Well, the Castle family is doing fine anyway. We are all healthy as far as we know and there is no virus among us.

The Trump and Biden “debate”

Today I’m talking about the debate that was held last Tuesday the 29th of September.

Debate is what that television show was called. But it didn’t fit any of the rules I have come to think of as governing civilized debate. In some ways it was like two chimpanzees screaming and throwing feces at each other. I have been involved in many debates in my life. In fact as a lawyer almost every conversation is a debate. I’m not talking about conversation though, but instead I am talking about formal, organized debate.

In contrast: a real Presidential debate

When I was a presidential candidate in 2016, I was invited to a debate to be held on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Christina Tobin of Free and Equal organized it. I knew that with Christina involved it would be well done, and I would not be ambushed. The major parties, of course, declined to attend on the premise that to be on stage with third parties would convey some of their status to them.

The candidates all stood on stage, under the lights and in front of an auditorium full of people. The moderator of the debate was Ed Asner the former star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He played Mary’s boss and father figure, Lou Grant. I expected him to be hostile to me because he did not share my views. But my hope was that I could win him over during the questioning. He was far less hostile and far more respectful to me than Chris Wallace was to Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace covers for Biden

Wallace’s performance was disgraceful and threw any results out the window. How can you decide about who won when the supposed neutral moderator shows such open bias to one side? Ed Asner did not show open bias except perhaps at first, but I won him over during the questions. How did I do that? By preparing better on the issues than my opponents. And by presenting myself as a person of calm and respectful demeanor. In other words, as a person you could picture holding the office he sought.

The debate between Trump and Biden left me with a bad feeling and a little confused. I expected these men who have spent their lives in politics or business to be a little more dignified. Oh, I didn’t expect the oratory of John Kennedy or the quiet dignity of Dwight Eisenhower. But perhaps I didn’t expect the Hollywood clown show that I got either. It would be good to have a non-hysteric on the public stage, if not the candidates, at least the moderator.2

Let’s return to 2016 for just a moment. In my debate the candidates received questions to answer and the order alternated with each question. Each candidate had a chance to respond to an opponent’s answer for a given amount of time. A timekeeper kept time and signaled time’s up when it was up. All candidates ignored her except me. Because I wanted to present someone respectful of the rules and the other candidates.

Wallace shields Biden from incriminating questions

It would probably be impossible to conduct such a fair and unbiased debate with Trump and Biden primarily because the moderator showed such obvious bias. I’m guessing that Chris Wallace had instructions to keep Biden from getting cornered on any issues and from showing any signs of mental decline. If those were his instructions, he fulfilled them quite well.

Trump interrupted and talked over Biden a lot I suppose because Wallace would not let him respond otherwise. Both men seemed like roosters just before the fight, strutting around and determined not to appear intimidated. I would like to have heard how Biden would answer certain questions. But Wallace was too protective to let him answer.

His son Hunter’s charges of criminality while Joe was in office was a legitimate question. A question which someone should have forced him to answer. But Wallace let him off. A question of concern to every American is Antifa and where the Federal Government stands regarding its actions. Chris Wallace let Biden get away with saying it’s just an idea not an organization. That idea is burning and looting cities and turning them into ghost towns.

He should have been held accountable for that down with the cause answer.

The moderator should not try to “star” in the show

Wallace interrupted Trump 76 times and Biden only 15. Yes, there are people who actually count those things. He interrupted Trump whenever he tried to talk over Biden but did not interrupt Biden. It occurs to me that I have spent this entire report so far talking about Chris Wallace. Which is the exact opposite of the way it should be. He should not be the star. That distinction belongs to the candidates.

What indeed would happen if Biden wins this election?

The debate did convince me of one thing and that is what would happen to America if Joe Biden were elected. It would mean the end of the American experiment in representative self-government, and the end of the relentless, to date, rise of the individual as opposed to the power of the collective. If you prefer the hive mentality of propaganda and its influence on decision making, over the individual and his free rights, then Biden is your man.

It would also mean the end of the Republican Party as an opponent and the end of all other parties as legitimate contenders for power and influence, and opposition to the new Democrats. Now, let me see if I can defend those statements.

Biden silent on packing the Court

Upon questioning, he refused to state that he would not move to “pack the court” nor support any such movement. What that means is that the Supreme Court would permanently become just another arm of the left-wing Democrat Party organization. For example, if Judge Amy Barrett wins confirmation it will give conservatives 5 Court members and liberals 4 members. That should hold for a few years because all the conservatives are young by Supreme Court standards.

Packing the court would let Biden appoint two more liberal judges giving the liberals a 6 to 5 majority. He could continue to add as many as it took to ensure permanent rubber stamp reactions to any questions that came before the court. That scheme is one link in the chain of efforts to build a permanent Democrat majority. Efforts to aid it by Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, or Constitution Party members are therefore self-destructive and suicidal.

The end of the filibuster and with it the addition of Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. as two more heavily Democrat states would complete the Democrats forever picture.3 Mr. Biden also said that he would reimpose a nationwide lockdown if his scientists told him too. He seems to have no appreciation for the destruction lockdowns caused to business and individual lives not to mention families. I suppose the message from Democrats is that big government is all the family you need.

Biden accepts the Green New Deal

Biden refused to discount the ideas of the Green New Deal4 and has said many times that he accepts them. It is obvious that he has made a deal with the let wing of this left-wing Party to support those who advocate the Green New Deal. That entire concept is perhaps the stupidest idea ever to come before the United States Congress. Yet here we have a Presidential Candidate, perhaps a frontrunner, who apparently accepts it.

It is the stupidest idea and it was presented to the American people in the dumbest speech ever given in the history of the United States Congress. Not a single facet of the Green New Deal makes any logical sense at all. From the foundation of Modern Monetary Theory, or money that doesn’t exist,

to the destruction of the American economy it is pure socialist utopia nonsense. Much of it is couched in terms of alternative energy. Which as I am about to explain is not always a bad thing. But to replace every single building in America that could not have a refit is more than a bit absurd.

A few words about alternative energy

Alternate energy or clean energy is something whose time has probably come. But it has come for reasons unknown to the socialist proponents of the Green New Deal. The power grid in America is some 100 years old and very vulnerable. There are about 50,000 substations across the country and each of them is subject to sabotage or accidental disruption.

Right now, the grid works like a well-oiled machine. It is like a classic car that has been well maintained but doesn’t have some of the comfort and convenience of newer models. If you have ever spent time in a third world country, you know how sporadic the grid can be. And you appreciate the American grid. I have seen estimates by people who should know that a complete take down of the American grid might take a year to fix and could potentially kill 90% of the population.

That event would be so catastrophic that some precautions are in order. Moving to systems of power not dependent on the grid, such as solar, and others that make sense, as well as establishing alternative sources of energy for critical infrastructure such as water and food supplies. At the same time, we face this problem. The Governor of California just issued an executive order that all cars in the state must be electric by 2035.5 That will obviously put a great deal of stress on a state grid already suffering periodic blackouts. But there’s no reasoning with committed Socialists.6

Biden would turn America socialist

The election of Joe Biden would end the American experiment by turning America into another socialist failing state. Just take a look at the Democrat platform if you don’t believe me. The places where socialism has ruled have all failed because it is an illogical, failing system.

Dialectical Materialism is the theory under which Socialism seeks to operate. It has been shown to be a failure but is now back for another try. The ideas of Marx and Stalin are sought for America and the ideas of Jefferson and Madison are rejected. I wish I had time to go on for this entire report about the evils of socialism and how they are often disguised but always there, if you look for them.

But I have one more issue to cover in my explanation of why Joe Biden would be a disaster and a calamity for America.

Critical theory

Mr. Biden refuses to reject application of critical race theory, that is the theory that just being white makes you bad. Just being white gives you a racist advantage. Just being white gives you a privilege unavailable to non-whites.

The theory which school kids at every level are hearing is one of self-hatred and self-destruction. Is there any wonder suicide among our youth is soaring?

Finally, folks, I am out of time. But let me close by saying that Joe Biden accepts the things, the ideas, the theories that I just mentioned. In truth, he may not even know what they mean anymore. But I am convinced they would be enacted were he to be elected. He may not believe anything at this point except power and its trappings, but those around him do.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

1 This article reached CNAV later, after the Presidential debate and also after the President fell ill.

2 Your editor has a better idea: a professor of constitutional law, not a reporter.

3 The Constitution, by strict construction, forbids Washington, D.C. to become a State. “The Congress shall have the power… to exercise exclusive legislation…over such District…” But, per McCullough v. Maryland, the Supreme Court could construe “exclusive legislation” to include Statehood for the District. They could even add two Senators and a Representative without “depriving” any “State…of its equal suffrage in the Senate.” Dilution would not constitute a deprivation in an ultra-liberal Court’s view.

4 See your erditor’s two treatments of the Green New Deal.

5 Technically the Governor said all new sales of cars must be of electric vehicles. That puts Elon Musk’s Tesla company in a race against the calendar.

6 The State should have installed, or encouraged the installation of, battery packs to store energy from intermittent sources. Tesla has invented a complete plug-and-play battery pack holding up to 3 Mwh. (CNAV as a company owns no stock, nor does Tesla sponsor CNAV in any way, shape or form.)

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