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The Disintegration of the American Nation

The goal and result of cancel culture is the disintegration of the American nation. Only a determined people who still love their country can stop it.

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May Day! Metaphor for disintegration of America

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 12th day of March in the year of our Lord 2021. On today’s Report, I will be talking about the disintegration of what has historically been America, its culture, its founding ethnicity, its language, its religion, and virtually everything that once bound the country together as a nation.

The Castle Family anxiously watches the flowers as they rise this spring, to see if any will bloom but most appear to have had their buds frozen. One week of severe cold and snow out of an entire winter seems rather unfair, but there is no mercy in nature, only brutality. We are fine otherwise and enjoying the spring weather as is the family daughter in her stronghold out in southern California.

Disintegration of Western civilization

I almost titled this Report the disintegration of western civilization, but I have hit that subject so often I wondered if it would turn off my faithful listeners. This is about my own country, however, at least what is left of it. Oh, I know that America is still here if you want to define it as the physical space, the land under our feet, but I am referring to the ideal that made us the greatest country, the greatest opportunity for success in the history of the world. That once great America is disintegrating before our eyes, and its course appears set and irreversible.

I decided to return to the topic I have taken up many times because of a recent book and the way the author addressed the subject. The book is by Andrei Martyanov entitled “Disintegration, the Coming American Collapse so I quote from the book.

Today, the United States is not a nation, certainly not in the traditional sense of having a dominant ethnic nationality, while the foundational American meme and myth of a “Melting Pot” has turned out to be exactly that—a myth. America’s many ethnicities have not been assimilated to form a single nation, but rather are more aptly regarded as a salad bowl of divergent interests. America is a tower of Babel standing on the shaky ground of Identity Politics. Such a multicultural diverse country does not have a national interest because unity is absent. A house divided cannot stand.

No single American identity

So, there is no single American Identity anymore. The foundational ethnicity and ideas embodied in the Constitution are not only under attack but opposed as racist and exploitative. This attack manifests itself most prominently in the educational system to which our children are subjected, bullied, and indoctrinated. The Democrat Party has institutionalized this attack on America through its primary focus of racial politics.

In fact, history itself is under attack and is systematically being cleansed and abolished. It is only a small stretch to say that what is happening in America is a form of ethnic cleansing with a purpose designed to cleanse society of all its founding, historic principles as well as its historic ethnic majority. Symbolic high tech book burnings remind us of the Nazi book burnings when students raided libraries to get the books, then pile them in the streets and burn them in massive bonfires.

Fahrenheit 451 – for real

The Nazis told the people that anything that did not advance the cause of National Socialism should be destroyed. That is not very far away from the view that anything that does not advance the ideology of the current intelligentsia in charge of this country should be destroyed. Perhaps the best example would be the 1951 science fiction classic by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, which was also filmed as a successful movie.1 The book is set in a dystopian future world in which books are outlawed as dangerous and the authorities order all of them destroyed. Groups known as firemen are appointed to hunt down and burn all books.2 As an aside, the term Fahrenheit 451 supposedly refers to the exact temperature at which books burst into flame.

It seems that today in America Dr. Seuss is a very bad, and very dangerous man. Firemen have been appointed to hunt down and destroy books written by this man who stands opposed to today’s woke culture. Well, he doesn’t stand anymore because Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, died exactly 30 years ago at the age of 87. The good doctor wrote books to promote childhood literacy sometimes using the words of a talking cat who spoke in simple words to children.

Furthering the disintegration – what normal person remains?

A normal, rational person would probably say that sounds like good children’s fun as well as a benefit to society. But the people in charge of this culture today are neither normal nor rational. He has been found out, Dr. Seuss that is, by whoever runs what is commonly known as the Biden administration, and its cabal of inquisitors. So Dr. Seuss books were scrubbed from the annual White House proclamation declaring Read Across America Day. Most libraries will not circulate them, and Amazon will not sell them.

Soon, perhaps our new book burners will decide that read across America should be abandoned because reading itself is a racist, concept of white supremacy. The woke world has decided that mathematics is racist so there is precedent. I suppose it is better in the woke world to remain ignorant and just let social media and the woke self-appointed leaders dictate reality to you. Other Dr. Seuss books such as “And to Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street” which was a classic and one of my favorites are cancelled or blacklisted as well. That book was about the ability of children to create and imagine grand and glorious things in their minds, concepts sorely lacking today.

An assigned nit picker

Alas, it seems that according to someone in the woke culture whose job it is to search every book, every word and deed of every historic figure, to find examples of racist undertones or misogynistic undertones or other unknown undertones that offend the woke inquisitor and cancel or blacklist that book, that writer, or that figure. What does that even mean? It appears to mean that every reference to the offender is removed so no woke person can be offended and no person might possibly be encouraged to consider different views.

Cartoon characters dropping like flies

Dr. Seuss is not the only one, but only the most prominent so far. Cartoon characters are going away as well, such as Mr. and Ms. Potato Head. Yes, the laughable and fun spuds our children played with have been peeled and fried. Why, well it seems that they offended the woke inquisitors by appearing as male and female. There are no more genders you see, since those things are just social concepts and reflect the transphobia of normal people.

What could possibly be offensive about a French-Canadian cartoon skunk. Some of you older folks, like me, might remember Pepe LePew, the lovable skunk of black and white Saturday morning fame. Pepe has not existed except in reruns for many years, but the inquisitors, just doing their jobs, found him anyway. He was an amorous skunk as you may remember, and he tried seduction using the classic French voice that was apparently very appealing to female skunks of a past generation. Today he is just a misogynist and an ex-skunk.

The inmates have taken over the asylum

What is all this cancel culture blacklisting about and why is it happening? First, I would say that the people running the inquisition are not normal and are more in the nature of insane than normal and rational. It is also part of the great disintegration of the American nation that I mentioned in the opening of this report. America is disintegrating in front of our eyes and our institutions and political parties are either part of the disintegration or unwilling to do anything about it or even to address it.

Jumping into the middle of a fight for the future and that’s what this is, would be dangerous and frightening. To oppose blacklisting might paint one with a brush that is unbearable for some. It could cost the loss of employment, of a business, of a political position, or of social standing and maybe even standing within one’s own family. These are all serious considerations and therefore there is very little courage for the fight and no sense of standing together against a common enemy.

Disintegration of America – no identity

The success of the inquisitors and their campaign of cultural eradication has left America with no single sense of identity. There is not even a unifying language to bind us as one people. Paul Craig Roberts puts it like this:

In the US the state-founding people are demonized and turned into second-class citizens who must be suppressed because of the systemic racism in their DNA. White Americans are denounced as “Trump deplorables, Maga fascists, and enemies of democracy. They are not even permitted to protest a stolen election.

To reinforce what Dr. Roberts said a recent poll by the well-respected polling service Echelon Insights, taken of Republican and Democrat voters from across the country revealed the issues considered most important or most dangerous to the nation. Republican voters by a majority of 81% said that the number one issue is illegal immigration. The Democrat voters by a majority of 82% said the number one issue is Trump voters. Republicans seemed most concerned about substantive issues while Democrats seemed most concerned about the evil of their ideological and political opponents. The top 10 issues for each revealed no crossing or common views whatsoever.

Controlling the future

Unfortunately for the present, Joe Biden’s administration is filled with hard left people who are going about the process of embedding their own kind into the woodwork of American government and bureaucracy. That process is all about controlling the future. Erasing the past and even current events is more about controlling the future than the past, starting now. In a few short years our children and grand children will no longer know who the founders were except that they were evil.

Hatred is the order of the day and the demand is that the founding ethnicity acknowledge its evil and accept its overthrow by a coalition of racially oppressed minorities. Hispanics have been somehow convinced to join this coalition and identify themselves as a separate race. For most of my life I viewed Hispanic people as white and except for the woke reminders I still do. The interesting and sad fact is that those making these demands are themselves members of the founding ethnicity. The white liberals are driving it all and are clearly and completely in charge of the great disintegration.

People must stop the disintegration

In conclusion, no great empire in the history of the world has ever gone into decline, and disintegration, and then regained its former glory. This is especially true when the disintegration was intentional destruction from within rather than conquest from without. Will America be the first to achieve its former glory? It doesn’t look good right now, but we will see. Is there any way the disintegration could be reversed? Sure, there is if God’s people who are called by his name would humble themselves and pray, he would heal their land.

Finally, folks, these are people who would send your children home from school with a note directing them to no longer refer to you as parents, but to say guardians. They may no longer say the words mom and dad or girl and boy. That is not a normal thing and normal people do not do such things. No, one who does those things is insane or despicably evil.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

This essay appeared on the author’s own site and appears here by permission.

1 Twice, actually. See Fahrenheit 451, prod and dir. François Truffaut, with Oskar Wernher, Julie Christie, and Cyril Cusack. Anglo Enterprises, 1966. <> See also Fahrenheit 451, dir. Ramin Bahrani, with Michael B. Jordan, Aaron Davis, Cindy Katz, and Michael Shannon. HBO Films, 2018. <>

2 Excerpt: “Now let’s talk about the minorities in our society, shall we? The bigger the population, the more minorities. Don’t step on the toes of the [litany of groups] … Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people aren’t too crazy about Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Burn it.”

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