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No, this is not Nazi Germany



COVID Vaccine - not Nazi Germany yet

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 22nd day of October in this the year of our Lord 2021. In this Report, I will be talking about the growing sentiment, not just in America, but around the world to resist the vaccine mandates imposed by various governments. In Chicago the President of the Fraternal Order of Police or the Police Officers’ Union, John Catanzara, to voice opposition to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s order for all city employees to be vaccinated or lose their jobs said, “this ain’t Nazi f***ing Germany.”

The Castle family is grateful this week that we are all healthy as far as we know, and able to enjoy these beautiful warm fall days and cool nights. The family daughter is doing just fine out in the golden city of angels as well.

No, this isn’t Nazi Germany. We haven’t taken all the steps.

No John, this ain’t Nazi Germany, not yet at least, as the anti-defamation league was quick to point out. That organization will not allow any comparison to the Holocaust to stand, but I will also point out that until 1933, even Nazi Germany was not Nazi f***ing Germany. The German people had to first elect the tyrant, then let him ignore the law, traditions and common norms, of Germany and assume absolute power. Finally, they had to follow his leadership like lambs to the slaughter.

I am happy to see resistance to the government’s mandate orders develop around the world. In Chicago Mr. Catanzaro thinks the union of police officers will support their fellow officers who remain unvaccinated.

This has literally lit a bomb underneath the membership…And what are they gonna do when four or five thousand coppers say, Screw you. I’m staying home. You’re not making me get this f***ing vaccination. Don’t pay me. That’s fine. We’ll see you in court.

I hope the officers come together and support each other as their union president thinks they will. The mayor of Chicago, however, does not think they will do so, and she has taken steps to isolate and divide them. Rather than abide strictly by her October 15th deadline for all employees she called in 50 officers and told them to turn in their badges and guns. The tactic seems designed to avoid any large-scale revolt from all the officers at once.

An insurrection? Really? And other incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial statements

The mayor has accused the union of leading an “insurrection” which is a term Democrat politicians are rather quick to use these days when their will is not instantly obeyed. Mr Catanzara was issued a gag order by a City Court to prevent the union from encouraging officers to resist the mayor’s order. I am under no such gag order so I will encourage the Chicago Police Officers to support their brothers and sisters that have been beside them in the fight sometimes for more than 20 years.

The mayor stated that the leading killer of police officers during the pandemic has been the virus. That statement resolves nothing and means nothing. For one thing it is very suspicious, but it emphasizes how they were out there on the streets interacting with people long before the vaccine was available. It also doesn’t answer the question of how many infected officers were already vaccinated. Mr. Catanzara also pointed out that not many people want to do the job in today’s anti-police climate. They can’t get anyone to go to the academy and yet she is vilifying police once again.

Not only Chicago, but also New York…

Unfortunately, Chicago is not the only city to issue such mandates, just the loudest. New York, as usual, is right in the mix. Mayor De Blasio announced Wednesday that all New York City municipal employees will be required to receive the COVID vaccine. City workers, including fire fighters and police officers will be mandated to get vaccinated by 5 p.m. on October 29 or they will be placed on unpaid leave. He made the announcement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the public needs to be assured that the city employees they are working with are safe.

So, I ask you now if that is not one of the stupidest statements ever made by a city mayor. I know the competition is very stiff but still it ranks up there. This firefighter risking his life to pull you from a burning high rise, you might ask him if he is vaccinated. This police officer trying to prevent your rape or murder on the streets of the city the mayor has almost destroyed, have you been vaccinated officer.

The Rally for Freedom

I wonder where Bill de Blasio was when those firefighters and police officers went into the World Trade Center towers on 9-11. “Everyone is going to be safe”, he said as if no one can understand that the hospitals contain a lot of vaccinated people. There is always good news in New York City though. Yes, the city is willing to pay its employees an extra $500 if they will get what they think might be poison injected into their bodies. The good news department also includes that corrections officers in the city’s jails have until December 1, an extra month to keep their jobs.

According to The New York Post the vaccination rate among all city employees is 83% but among police officers its only 69% and among firefighters its 59%. Once again, the same rhetoric of the virus is the leading cause of death among officers across the nation is being thrown out but with the same caveat. Last weekend thousands of protesters came to Times Square to protest vaccine mandates. The Rally for Freedom started at Times Square but city workers from across New York were there to, as one worker was quoted as saying, let each other know we are not alone.

Medical malpractice

The Rally for Freedom focused on health freedom, informed consent, and the right of all Americans to make their own healthcare decisions, according to Children’s Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who was one of the speakers. The president of Mr. Kennedy’s organization, Mary Holland said,

The powers that be, especially here in New York State, are fighting us. We may have imagined that with Governor Cuomo’s demise, we would have a breather—but no. We have a governor now who truly believes that vaccination is the state’s religion, preaching to her apostles at a Brooklyn Church, while wearing a Vaxed necklace. You can’t make this up.

Progress has been made the speakers announced, but The Children’s Health Defense seems especially concerned about recent efforts to vaccinate children. The resistance among the police in Los Angeles and Chicago as well as the victory of the employees of Southwest Airlines are noteworthy but the government continues its quest to force vaccinate children.

We have no business doing this to little children, Kennedy said, after explaining the average age of death from COVID is 76 the same as the average age of death from all causes, or the average life span. Subjecting children to the adverse events of COVID vaccination, is unethical. It is medical malpractice.

White House pushing vaccine even though FDA has not yet acted

Last Wednesday, right on que, the White House announced its plan to roll out coronavirus vaccines for children ages 5-11, pending the vaccine’s approval by the FDA, which the administration thinks will only take a few weeks. The administration says it has secured enough doses to vaccinate all 28 million children in that age group. The FDA is to meet with an “expert advisory group” on October 26 to hear about safety and will then decide whether to authorize its use. So that is their testing I suppose. They meet with an expert advisory group on October 26 and decide whether or not to tell you or insist that you inject the substance into your children.

Once the FDA has authorized it, the White House said it will quickly distribute the vaccine across the country relying on more than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care sites to administer the shots. This administration has no shame. It is going to corrupt the most trusted professionals that families have, their pediatricians. The doctors into whose hands they deliver their children are now under suspicion. Surely this government realizes that there is no reason whatsoever to vaccinate children with this experimental drug and yet it is determined to spare no expense to vaccinate them and the whole world.

Not Nazi Germany – maybe because resistance is growing

Resistance is growing around the world with each draconian announcement. The state of New Hampshire became the first state to turn down Vaccine funds as it rejected $27 million federal dollars to promote the vaccine. In Italy the government mandated the vaccine for all people, not just government workers. All people must be vaccinated, or they will no longer be permitted to function in Italian society, Protests have broken out, or riots if you prefer, in cities across the country.

The mandates have affected sports in a big way as well. The last count I have is that 56 NBA players have refused the vaccine and some are being denied the opportunity to play. Washington State University fired football coach Nick Rolovich from his $3.2 million job along with four of his assistants. Coach Rolovich applied for a religious exemption but was denied on the grounds that the Pope had recommended the vaccine.

So, the saga based on lies and half truths continues day by day. It should surprise no one that the government lies to us, and we should only be shocked when it accidentally tells the truth. If people could only see that the government is no longer, we the people, but a malignant organization bent on gaining, keeping and getting more power over us. We are, however, still somewhat free since I am free to write this, and people are trying to resist through the courts, but it is fast slipping away.

Disrespect for the people

I heard a commentator discussing the decision of coach Rolovich and she just could not understand it. Why would he do that she wondered. Why would he sacrifice his career I mean people get shots all the time so what’s the big deal? Yes, the propaganda goes deep and if as the lady said, it’s just a shot then people like coach Rolovich and I are the fools. The government’s offers to pay money to get the vaccine and its finger waging insistence is a way of saying that it thinks those who have made a decision not to be vaccinated are just lazy or procrastinating. There seems to be no understanding that those who the government describes as “hesitant” are not hesitant but have made a rational decision about their own health.

Not everyone is subject to the mandates, however. Some of the exempt ones are all of congress plus all congressional staff, all 6000 white house employees, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson employees and many others. The New York Post in its October 20th edition said the proper word to describe how little the Biden administration and Democrats in general think of the American people is disrespect. They don’t care, according to the Post, they are infuriatingly, insultingly out of touch. They just don’t care that we don’t like what they are doing to us.

Not Nazi Germany – but don’t let it get there

Kamala Harris takes a jet and a gas-guzzling SUV to lecture us about climate change. President Biden whisper scolds us about COVID, then walks maskless through a restaurant. The rules aren’t for them of course. And the media wonder: Who are the deplorables who vote against these betters, who would reject their obviously superior course?

Finally, folks, no, this is not Nazi f***ing Germany, not yet anyway, but remember that not even Germany was Nazi Germany until the people voted for it, then allowed it to happen, they chose to lose their freedom and their humanity. I pray that we can avoid doing likewise.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From the Castle Report, appearing here by permission.

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