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Parents reveal realignment

Parents, as they did in Virginia in 2021, will realign Congress and many governorships this Midterms, after Democrats abandoned them.

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This week has seen three rarities: Democrats willing to debate their Republican opponents. They probably shouldn’t have. John Fetterman in Pennsylvania turned in the worst debate performance anyone has ever seen. Likewise, Kathy Hochul, Acting Governor of New York, revealed that she doesn’t have the answers for the important issues. Nor did Charlie Crist in Florida. If any of these candidates were going to debate at all, they or their teams should have tuned in to CBS’s Face the Nation last Sunday morning. There a panel of three parents – one each Republican, Democratic and independent – actually found common ground. The ground they found was that they don’t like the way Democrats have been running things. But the Democrats are paying no attention, and that’s why they’re going to lose.

Three parents, three affiliations, one answer

Margaret Brennan of CBS probably regrets assembling this particular panel for her segment, “Eye on America: Election Influencers.” (The “Eye” part derives from the CBS trademark, which has had the shape of an eye since radio days.) Or maybe she doesn’t want to admit that she couldn’t have done better without hiring actors. All three have school-age children, and all three are sending their children back to school now that “lockdowns” are over.

When a Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent all give the same answer to a hot-button question, one or both Parties is in serious trouble. This time it’s the Democrats.

To understand more, you can view the actual segment, on the YouTube channel for Face the Nation:

Frankly, CNAV admires their bravery. Of course, Fox News covered that segment also, as did the conservative debate site Blabber Buzz, which had more detail.

From John, the Republican, from Texas:

The whole “woke” culture is affecting our children – all these elementary and secondary schools and middle schools having “woke” culture pushed on them.… We should be pushing the actual school studies. Math, social studies, science. Not gender studies.

Lashawn, the Democrat, from northern Illinois, agreed with John. And as to what she thought was the biggest problem:

I will say sex education. I feel like some things are brought to the children’s attention they wouldn’t even think about. We should have more input – the parents.

Parents don’t want some influences

Lashawn went on to say:

Children are really influenced. You can teach them one thing at home, but when they go to school, they’re just as much influenced by their teachers and their surroundings.

Conservatives have observed that for decades. But in the last century, leftists and “moderates” insisted that such influence couldn’t possibly be of any moment. Things like intimate-relation orientation and gender identity were hard-wired, inherited, and immutable. No more! Now we see teachers trying to encourage alternate-lifestyle adoption, and parents have begun to notice.

Stephanie, the independent, from Arkansas, emphasized that children found it hard enough to focus on the basic elements of returning to school, without having to deal with “woke” subjects.

Ms. Brennan then must have tried to distract them with immigration. Lashawn – the Democrat – criticized her Party’s leaders directly on their open-borders ideology and policies.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with helping, but we have more problems here in our country. I feel like there is so much focus on helping immigrants and not enough focus on the people here that might need assistance.

Translation: charity begins at home.

We didn’t sign on for this

This segment reveals many things the Democrats have ignored. Did they actually assume that all their constituents would get on board with the Eight Precepts of Woke? Or with unrestricted immigration?

True enough, the Democratic Party has within it many who vote Democratic – or who have voted Democratic – because the whole family did, and it was the Done Thing. Or perhaps they joined the Democratic Party for the same reason Tulsi Gabbard did, and at about the same time. The Republican establishment (pre-Trump) never gave them any cause to trust them. To them, the Republicans were the party of Big Business. And, sadly, the largest employers are always at moral hazard to “buy” legislators to get literal privileges – private laws just for their benefit. So for a generation (or two) of Democratic voters, their hope lay with the trade-union movement, and even flirtation with Communism.

While the Republican establishment paid lip service to liberty and did nothing much to change things, the teachers’ unions put people into the classroom to start warping minds.

Then came the pandemic – and with it, school lockdowns and Zoom classes. (Zoom is the most popular mass Internet teleconferencing service available, but not the only one, and not one CNAV recommends.) Parents, under lockdown themselves, listened in on their children’s lessons, something they could never do before. And they had three words: Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot! And then six more:

We didn’t sign on for this!

The panel delivers a shocking message

If Margaret Brennan, or her managing editor at Face the Nation, thought about any of this, she gave no sign. She cannot have expected those three parents actually to agree on not liking how people are running their children’s schools. Nor about how the Democrats lavish such largesse on “undocumented migrants” to the detriment of American citizens and lawful residents.

But at least she was brave, and honest, enough to admit to the unanimous opinion she had found:

Often, when we do these focus groups, we have people from different parties disagree with each other, but I’m hearing a lot of you echo the same concerns and agreeing with each other.

Of course, Ms. Brennan. You brought three people together, and instead of trying to shout each other down, they compared notes.

Lashawn said something else that gives the lie to those who insist only “white supremacists” profess any worry about crime.

I want to know exactly what they’re going do about this because it’s out of control in Chicago.

This is crime. Which was well under control back when “Boss” Richard J. Daley ran that city. It is out of control because the Globalist left has released all controls. In the meantime, the Democrats have put into place every policy they ever wanted. And again, the people are saying,

We didn’t sign on for this!

We don’t want your Program, either

And what have Democrats answered? To tell their constituents to “get with The Program.” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.-7th) protested to Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the Democrats, by emphasizing socialism, nearly cost her her seat. Said “Nasty Nancy” back, in effect:

Come on, girl! Get with The Program!

And Rep. Spanberger did. So did the entire House Democratic Caucus, which is a bare majority. And that’s why they’re going to lose it.

CNAV has said this before. As long as people had the basics, half of them might have gone along with The Program. Actually we might never know, because the pandemic experience gave us reason to believe they didn’t know about The Program. At least, they didn’t know its full particulars. Now that they do, they’re angry, and they’re in revolt.

This might be one reason why Democrats everywhere do not want to debate their opponents. Quite apart from John Fetterman’s stroke and Kathy Hochul’s tyrannical obsession with gun confiscation, all Democrats are weak on one point. Which is: the American people do not like their Program. Parents certainly don’t. Parents gave the Virginia governorship to Glenn Youngkin and flipped the House of Delegates. At Midterms, parents will flip Congress. This Face the Nation segment tells us why.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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