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Over 150 people killed in Seoul Halloween crush



South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has declared a period of national mourning following the loss of 154 people in a street Halloween party in Seoul.

The incident occurred in the nightlife district of Itaewon. The exact cause of the crush remains unknown; however witnesses say that attendees were packed in very tightly in narrow streets.

More than a dozen embassies worldwide have confirmed victims from their country. At least 26 foreigners died in the crush, along with 2 confirmed U.S. citizens. Other countries include China, Iran, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Norway, France, Russia, Austria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Along with the 154 people who died, over 100 were also injured. Videos and photos posted to social media have also shown partygoers, standing shoulder to shoulder in the narrow street.

One witness said that screams and cries for help were drowned out by music from nearby clubs. Due to the crowds and the tight streets, it was difficult for paramedics to access those who needed help.

The Seoul city government said more than 4,000 missing people reports had been received. The government added that it is possible that several missing person reports have been made for the same person and many of those reported missing have now been found.

Seoul police have confirmed that there are no ongoing searches for those who went missing. Police believe that no-one intentionally disappeared from the scene and the missing person reports will be used to assist them in ascertaining who is deceased.

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