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Journalists embedded with the enemy?

Did four legacy media organs accept photos and video from so-called journalists embedded with HAMAS on October 7?

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The past two days have seen some astonishing, and disturbing, allegations about how legacy journalists could get “stories” from the Fourth Arab-Israeli War so quickly – and exactly where they got their information. A shocking answer has emerged – that several journalists had embedded themselves with units of the Gazan “Army.” (Said Army being the Islamic Resistance Movement, or in Arabic Harakah al-Muqāwamah al-Islāmiyyah, abbreviated HAMAS.) At minimum, these journalists took photographs and videos of the atrocities HAMAS committed that day. And they did nothing to stop them. At maximum – which is to say, worst – their sympathies lay with HAMAS. Thus they took those photographs with even fewer qualms than the drug-crazed HAMAS operatives – or their willing “civilian” executioners – might have had. As such they deserve the same consideration that a crash survivor who consumed his dead fellow travelers might deserve.

Current state of the Fourth Arab-Israeli War

This morning, Richard Abelson at The Gateway Pundit posted a long essay suggesting that Israel is winning the war. Yesterday morning the Israel Defense Forces captured a major HAMAS stronghold in West Jabaliya, just north of Gaza City.

The IDF has by now surrounded Gaza City and is tightening a ring around the Shifa Hospital, where HAMAS has its headquarters, according to The Times of Israel. Thus far the IDF has taken only thirty-five casualties since their ground offensive began. They claim dozens of enemy kills, and finding a drone manufacturing plant and weapons depot within an apartment building.

Genuine civilians are getting out – perhaps because HAMAS has too much to worry about to keep them in. The IDF are willing to let them out, because they’re after enemy armed effectives and war matériel.

Elsewhere, Israeli soldiers raised their flag and sang the National Anthem of Israel on a Gaza beach. They’ve also captured Gaza City’s largest mosque – and broadcast the Shma Yisrael prayer over the minaret loudspeakers.


Abelson also embedded these videos from the IDF and Israel-friendly commentators:

The Gateway Pundit’s Fernando de Castro carried this report that Mossad (“The Institute”), Israel’s CIA equivalent, thwarted a planned Hezbollah (“Party of God”) terrorist operation in Brazil.

Antisemitism in American universities

In contrast to encouraging news about the course of the war, more disturbing news continues to emerge about antisemitism running rampant at American universities. The University of Pennsylvania once again is getting unfavorable press attention in this regard. CNAV has previously reported on the Donors’ Revolt and the dirty secret of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” being anti-Jewish. But Margaret Flavin at The Gateway Pundit reports that hatred of Jews on that campus, persists. Jewish students, faculty and staff are filing civil-rights complaints against the university, according to the New York Post. On Monday several Jewish staff received threatening emails and other messages – a development of which President M. Elizabeth Magill took due note. But Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.), perhaps without meaning to, shared the worst spectacle: Arabic students delighting in the atrocities.

Darrell L. Castle commented on these developments today, as part of his exposé of a general hatred of Jews.

Yesterday The Independent American reported that over 200 American universities, including Ivy League institutions, received $13 billion in donations – from foreign governments. These governments include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and China – all unfriendly to Israel. (The United Arab Emirates also made the donor list – but they, so far, are keeping their Abraham Accord with Israel.)


In Los Angeles, a first-grade teacher ordered Jewish pupils to identify themselves, then presented a distorted picture of the war.

Today a report emerged that several apparent Muslims bought 30 propane tanks at once from a Home Depot in Miami.

The embedded journalists

But the story of journalists embedded with HAMAS in their October 7 raids on Jewish communities is worse. Ella Ford at Finish the Race had one of the first reports, which she based in part on investigations by the pro-Israel group Honest Reporting.

Journalists from the Associated Press, CNN, The New York Times, and Reuters traveled with the HAMAS raiders. Some even snapped self-portraits with Yahya Sinwar, the local HAMAS commander in Gaza. More to the point, they took photographs of HAMAS operatives, their captives – and sometimes their victims. At least at the early stages, the four organs published the photos and videos without attribution – to cover up.

Attorney Marina Medvin dropped this thread concerning the AP’s involvement:


Israeli officials are demanding explanations from all four legacy media organs.

The AP denied any foreknowledge of the attack. According to OAN, CNN disavowed any relationship with the journalists who passed photos and video to them.

As always, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. “The Secretary” from Mission: Impossible

Incredibly, The New York Times saw fit to brazen it out.

The accusation that anyone at The New York Times had advance knowledge of the Hamas attacks or accompanied Hamas terrorists during the attacks is untrue and outrageous. It is reckless to make such allegations, putting our journalists on the ground in Israel and Gaza at risk. The Times has extensively covered the Oct. 7 attacks and the war with fairness, impartiality, and an abiding understanding of the complexities of the conflict.

The advocacy group Honest Reporting has made vague allegations about several freelance photojournalists working in Gaza, including Yousef Masoud. Though Yousef was not working for The Times on the day of the attack, he has since done important work for us. There is no evidence for Honest Reporting’s insinuations. Our review of his work shows that he was doing what photojournalists always do during major news events, documenting the tragedy as it unfolded.

We also want to speak in defense of freelance photojournalists working in conflict areas, whose jobs often require them to rush into danger to provide first-hand witness accounts and to document important news. This is the essential role of a free press in wartime. We are gravely concerned that unsupported accusations and threats to freelancers endangers them and undermines work that serves the public interest.

All words that ring hollow.

Bonchie at RedState reported that the IDF will eliminate anyone who was part of the HAMAS operation. That includes the journalists.


If that sounds harsh, consider that the CNN “embed” was holding a grenade at one point.

Here’s another post with a photo of that “embed”:

Were these journalists, or accomplices?

That’s an obvious question, and no one is willing to answer. AP and CNN quietly “disavowed any knowledge of [these journalists’] actions.” But The New York Times brazenly defended the actions of their “source.” One wonders, as well, who launched a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack against Honest Reporting.

Anyone who cares to know, has always known that HAMAS boasted of their atrocities. “Embedding” so-called “free-lancers” with their raiders would be part of that. And what shall one say of the four legacy media organs, who cared more for authentic luridness than for the lives and dignity that were lost that day?

This probably goes to the ancient hatred of Jews. Or perhaps one might more properly describe it as an allergy – a hypersensitivity reaction. Evil – and its personifier, the Devil – has always recoiled from anything having to do with God. That includes God’s Chosen People – the Jews.


So the institutions that need to examine themselves for antisemitism, include the Columbia University School of Journalism. Maybe that institution, as well as the Wharton School at UPenn, could use a donor’s revolt. While we wait for that to happen, remember that this news is coming from alternative, not legacy, media.

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