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Depopulation agenda advancing



As CNAV has mentioned often before, an exclusive club of Western billionaires is advancing an agenda for depopulation. They speak openly of how much better they say the world will be with many fewer people on it. But what they really want is to have no one on the planet except themselves and possibly their allied families. (Possibly because they might also be pursuing techniques to achieve immortality and invulnerability.) Less than a year ago, Vice-President Kamala Harris let their goal slip. Today certain club members are boasting openly of their goals, thinking no one else will understand what they imply. But others – from nationalist-populist movements among Western peoples to countries as powerful as the Russian Federation – do understand the implications. Those implications should be an election campaign issue as what could be the Last American Election fast approaches.

The depopulation agenda

Recall that the Georgia Guidestones – before God wrecked them with lightning – specify the depopulation agenda. Specifically they called for “maintain[ing] humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” The world already has 7.5 billion people on it, so that means killing off seven billion people. Professor Bill McGuire at University College London called for that very thing.

If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate.

Prof. McGuire deleted the post and snidely tried to excuse it by saying the world must reduce its economic activity by a proportional amount. This would require reducing that activity by more than 93 percent, to achieve a Georgia Guidestone-level reduction.

The notion that the Earth has too many people on it dates back to Paul (The Population Bomb) Ehrlich. It doesn’t quite date back to Margaret Sanger, because she was a racist who sought only to eliminate nonwhite races. Even then, one country – the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics – famously disappointed her by refusing her “enlightened” message of contraception. A long line of Secretaries General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Josef Stalin, Nikita S. Khrushchev, and Leonid Brezhnev – looked forward to raising a conquering army to spread Communism worldwide by force of arms. To do that, one needs population growth, not decline. But every other leftist movement has sought to reduce population. (The Chinese Communist Party achieved a downtrend in population, and now wish they hadn’t.)

Further evidence of a depopulation agenda

In July of last year, Kamala Harris famously said:


When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Oops, said the White House days later; we meant to say pollution reduction. They even redacted the transcript of her remarks to strike the word population and substitute pollution. Nevertheless Darrell L. Castle of the Constitution Party caught it and publicized it.

Kamala Harris is not a member of the Billionaire Struldbrugs’ Club. (Apologies to Jonathan Swift. A struldbrug is a special kind of curmudgeon, condemned to live on, growing more miserable and infirm every year, seeking the release of death but never achieving it.) That Club counts among its members:

  • Bill Gates, of the Foundation that bears his name,
  • Larry (The) Fink, CEO of BlackRock,
  • Klaus Schwab, until recently the Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and
  • The infamous George Soros.

The (literal) devil lies in the details

In 2009 Bill Gates called a meeting of a “Good Club” of several billionaires, including David Rockefeller and Warren Buffet, to consider the population “problem.” The world surely has followed their agenda since. According to Mr. Castle, Michel Chossudovsky, and other sources, that agenda includes:

  • Abandonment of agriculture and animal husbandry, even to slaughtering cattle and chickens and letting their meat go to waste.
  • Creating pathogens with high communicability and case fatality, and “immunizations” that make the patient more susceptible rather than less.
  • Promotion of, and active recruitment into, Alphabet Soup lifestyles. Transsexualism or “transgender-ism” especially attracts these struldbrugs, because it provides an excuse to perform surgical sterilization in the guise of “transitioning.” They have introduced rumors of projects to enable “transgender,” so “transitioned,” to reproduce. Don’t believe it. That will never work, and they know it; talking about it is yet another cruel confidence trick.
  • Abortion on demand, and even infanticide. In the United States, abortion tourism is already a booming industry. (This interactive map provides obvious abortion tourist traps and their markets.) California became the worst-offending abortion tourist trap by granting to abortion providers based in Arizona, the privilege of performing their procedures in California within only five business days of applying for a California medical license.

Buying land, so you can’t have it

Lately, the richest struldbrugs have been doing even more nefarious things:

  • Deliberate reduction of the nation’s housing stock, especially single-family residences. Larry (The) Fink avows buying up such houses, at far above fair-market value. He will not say what he wants to do with them, but one can guess:
    • Rent them out,
    • Idle them, or:
    • Raze them. In which case he might – or might not – build high-rise mixed-use “dingbat dorms” on the tracts where they once stood.
  • Reduction of arable farm and ranch land. If Bill Gates isn’t buying up farms and ranches, the Chinese Communist Party are. Gates wants people to eat gigantic sheet mushrooms instead of meat. Klaus Schwab spoke of making insects a human dietary staple.

Any society, in order to grow, must have land upon which to raise crops and livestock, and build homes. Some commentators suggest that Larry (The) Fink wants to transform the United States from ownership to leasing. But suppose what The Fink really wants is simply to make land unavailable, and price housing units out of reach? Suppose Bill Gates wants to do the same, by buying arable land, intending simply to let it lie fallow forever?

In fact The Fink revealed his secret three weeks ago.

I could argue [that], in the developed countries, the big winners are countries that have shrinking populations. That’s something that most people never talked about. You know, we always used to think that a shrinking population is a cause for negative growth. But in my conversations with the leadership of these large developed countries that have xenophobic immigration policies, they don’t have anybody to come in, shrinking unemployment (excuse me) tricky demographics. These countries will rapidly develop robotics and AI and technology. And if the promise – I didn’t say it’s going to happen, but – if the promise of all that transforms productivity, which most of us think it will, we’ll be able to elevate the standard of living [of] a country as the standard of living of individuals, even with shrinking populations.

And so, the paradigm of negative population growth is going to be changing, and the social problems that one will have, in substituting humans for machines, is going to be far easier in those countries that have declining populations. And so, for those countries that have rising populations, the answer will be education. And so rapidly developing, for those countries that do not have a foundation for the rule of law or education, they’re going to be left [behind]. That’s where the divide [is] going to get more and more extreme. And unfortunately,…

To a normal person, that’s Arch Oboler’s “Laughing Man” script, ending with the authorities “killing [the children] by the tends of thousands.”

To a miserable struldbrug like The Fink, or George Soros, or Klaus Schwab, it’s pure bliss.


Competition and counterexample

That Struldbrugs’ Club has competition, in the Chinese Communist Party. They, too, have been buying farmland in America. But they’ve also hit a dead end. They are harvesting the organs of the healthiest among their political prisoners, just to stay alive. (Even Arch Oboler didn’t think of that one!) This has made them an even more miserable Struldbrugs’ Club than we find in the West!

On the other hand, the Russian Federation refuses to embrace the idea of deliberate depopulation. True, they prefer to keep their homogeneous ethnic Russian population, so not just anyone may emigrate there. But they did talk of building a village for American “ideological refugees,” i.e., conservatives. Furthermore, far from shrinking their population, they are looking to re-expand it. So while Jens Stoltenberg, SecGen of NATO, openly plumps for Alphabet Soup friendship in NATO member States,

Vladimir Putin passes laws against the active promotion of such behavior. In taking power, he kept the one good thing about the old Soviet Union: laws protecting marriage and discouraging divorce. That’s anathema to those struldbrugs, of course.

Putin understands what the struldbrugs want to hide – and what Elon Musk also understands. Which is: depopulation leads to civilizational collapse. Who will build the mechanical slaves that Larry (The) Fink seems to want to wait on him? Will a human workforce actually build the self-maintaining factory that will be the means for their own replacement?

Do they not care?

So either those miserable struldbrugs pushing depopulation haven’t thought matters through – or they don’t care. They will have their depopulated world, and believe they have the means to bring it about. Certainly they have gained the confidence of many people who deviate from the norm regarding the one human activity that ensures a next generation. As Leo Hohmann tells us, they have a military arm: NATO. Thus far, NATO promotes Alphabet Soup attitudes and laws friendly to them. (Already we hear of the government taking a 14-year-old girl across the U.S.-Canadian border for “transitioning” without telling her parents.) Will NATO someday send its armies to start slaughtering people wholesale? One problem with that: Alphabet Soup-ism permeates all member States’ officer corps (including ours). With such weak leadership, even armies with such a dreadful mission should prove easier to resist. (Or do they plan replacing their armies with robots?)


And maybe those struldbrugs do care – whence repeated attempts to disarm the populace and destroy institutions that build virtue, i.e., manly honor. (Witness the Boy Scouts.) As CNAV said last January, the elites are at war with the next generation – such war being essential to depopulation. So those who want the human race to continue, must care. Whether that means legislating to force disgorgement of all that farmland and those housing units, or simply refusing to sell to them – or take a job building a robot factory – human beings must recognize they are in a war, and fight it.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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