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Hate Israel? Hate the Jews?



Sar Kenan, Gateway to Canaan, ancient gateway into Israel from the north. Abraham came through this gate. The Canaanites came later. (Iran, take heed.) To deny that is the height of chutzpah and against Providence. The secular Zionism of the present Republic of Israel misses the real significance of this artifact.

This earth which God has given mankind sits in a vast universe, mingled with and obscured by trillions of other planets and stars spread out over unimaginable distances.  It is still unknown if this gift, this planet and its people, are unique or if hundreds or millions of other earths with His children are dwelling in locations so remote that they may forever remain undiscovered.

Our solar system needed to go through billions of years of collisions, melding and organization, which miraculously located our planet and its orbit in a zone where life could flourish.  Perhaps our world is not an anomaly in the boundless expanse of God’s kingdom, but surely and without a doubt the human species has ripened into a distinctive race of beings, most of whom have been afflicted with the inexhaustible ability to do the wrong thing.

Many decent and honorable people, not just here in America but across the globe, close their eyes to the reality of history and indulge in the same unfounded hatreds today as so many have in the past. Why? Why the knee jerk hatred for the land of Israel and by extension, the Jew?

The Jew and the Gentile: a history

TPATH has done some extensive research for this article. But we do not intend to provide a collage of dates and locations that would glaze over the eyes of some readers and have them exiting for the latest easy to view viral video.  But a short bit of history and the suffering of a people at the hands of others is provided below.

Let’s begin:

From the beginning of recorded history, the Jewish people have never been a class of marauders and seldom had they ever built armies for other than defense.  A defense that was, over the centuries, proven to be required but alas, mostly insufficient.

Wherever they chose to settle, wherever they chose to call home, two things were always a certainty. They desired to live in peace, while others invaded, routed and enslaved.  This was the destiny of a peaceful class of people living on the earth God gave to all men.

Over the millennium, the uprooting of their families, the theft of their property, land and homes has created a solidarity among them and a not unfounded fear of others.  This has become part of their DNA.  How has this manifested itself into their psyche? Have they preached hatred and death for those not like them?  Have they murdered and terrorized people?  Have they stoned or decapitated people who’s religion differed from theirs?

No, they have not. The Jew is hated not because of those things that others do and have done for decades. He is despised because he chooses to separate himself, his family and his loved ones from those outside his culture.  How in the world could he be blamed for that?

The Jews have been enslaved by the Egyptians, invaded and slaughtered by the Romans and the Arabic hoards, endured the confiscation of their homes and businesses, were rounded up and expelled from Spain and other European countries and suffered through later events which culminated in the murderous attempt at extinguishing them from the face of the earth. And it was not just by the likes of Germany and Austria, but many other complicit countries from all parts of the world.

This past and all they have had to tolerate and struggle to survive created the genesis of the modern Jew and his country, Israel.

Never again

Hate Israel? Hate the Jews? After this display? Think again.They have a slogan; “Never again”.  Never again will they be uprooted, murdered and enslaved. Whoever dares try will face the rage and the determination of a people wrought with generations of abuse and betrayal.  Woe be to those who might try that again.

The Jewish people, in more modern times, have felt the ire of many based upon the fact that they seem to always to be in control of money, gold and jewelry.  Many of them have legal or doctoral professions.  Can a people be blamed for this evolved lifestyle considering those are the things that can be hidden and those are professions that can’t be taken away.  Is it possible that the lack of a homeland, a place where they could feel secure and be able to entrust their land to their children created not only a need for mobile and trans-actionable assets but also a more than average ability to deal and trade?  Is it possible that those who harbor hated for the Jew, in reality, are harboring jealousy and self-inadequacy?

An anecdotal point:

I have a friend who is having some very serious life and death medical issues.  Doctors and lawyers are involved and it just so happens that some of them are Jewish.  Since a doctor who has taken an opposite view on this issue is Jewish, all Jews, according to my friend, are evil.  This includes the State of Israel. I doubt that if this doctor was an Irishman or a Frenchman, this hatred would cross the seas to those countries.  Well, France maybe!

About those Palestinians

A little more history for all those people who support the lie that the Jews don’t belong in Israel and that the land was stolen from the Palestinians.  There never was a Palestinian state or a Palestine with defined borders or an organized government.  The Palestinians, over the centuries, have been nomads.  They settled and moved and roamed over vast areas of the Middle East. Over 85% of that territory was located in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.  Why are they not in those countries today?  Well, because those countries, rounded them up and expelled them. That is how they handled their Palestinian State issues.

The state of Israel encompasses less than one half of one percent of the Middle East. And it is they who must give up land for a Palestinian State? It is certainly true that some Palestinians were displaced in 1947. But that happens in every cultural change which has occurred over and over again throughout history.

Many of those Palestinians who left, were compensated.  Some left on their own after having been promised by the soon to be invaders, that the Arabs would come and destroy the Jews, at which time they could return.  This was a gamble for them. One in which they lost.  The only other Palestinians who were moved were those involved in terrorism or subversion of Israel.

Those who chose to stay, were given full citizenship with all rights associated with it.  That includes the right to vote, run for office, own a business, property and homes.

During the 60 years since Israel has become a state, her land was pretty consistent with other locations in the area such as the Gaza strip and Gaza proper.  It was all in need of work and upgrading. The Israelis, except for the periods of time when they were burying children blown up in buses or slaughtered in schools and homes, or times when they were forced into an attack or to defend themselves from Arabic armies,  built schools, infrastructure, farms, roads, factories and centers for medical and science discoveries.

The Palestinians, on the other hand, used money that was donated to them, not on resources or to help its people.  But instead it spent over 5 decades, teaching hate and lies to their children, buying rockets and mortars to fire into Israel, building tunnels for the purpose of sabotage and murdering Jews, and creating suicide bombers of their children.  In lieu of working to improve their own lives they wasted years plotting to end those of Israel.

And finally, it is a fact, no other people of the world, no other culture has been consistently uprooted, murdered and enslaved than the Jewish people.  It has changed their DNA.  They will never again rely on others to defend them, or allow themselves to be destroyed.   They are what the people of the world have made them.  So, to the people of the world, you had better learn to live with it.  The Israelis are living with it because they must.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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[…] Hate Israel? Hate the Jews? […]

Fergus Mason

“From the beginning of recorded history, the Jewish people have never been a class of marauders and seldom had they ever built armies for other than defense”

Read your bible. I’d suggest you start with Exodus. You may learn something.

Fergus Mason

“Some left on their own after having been promised by the soon to be invaders, that the Arabs would come and destroy the Jews, at which time they could return.”

Not only has this lie been explicitly denied by the Israeli Defence Force; it doesn’t even make any military sense. An invader WANTS to have a friendly local population, to keep his advancing units well supplied with fresh intelligence. Why would the Arab armies have told the Palestinians to leave? It would have hindered, rather than helped, them. It’s ridiculous.

The Palestinians left because they were either frightened of the Haganah or ethnically cleansed by the Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists. And, again, that’s straight from the IDF. The idea of the Arabs leaving voluntarily is just propaganda, and not very credible propaganda at that.


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