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Muslims and rebuttal of denial



Sar Kenan, Gateway to Canaan, ancient gateway into Israel from the north. Abraham came through this gate. The Canaanites came later. (Iran, take heed.) To deny that is the height of chutzpah and against Providence. The secular Zionism of the present Republic of Israel misses the real significance of this artifact.

Mention Muslims today and the politically correct crowd deny the threat they made, or at least refuse to believe it. This although the head of the Islamic State explicitly declared he intends to conquer the world in the name of Allah, as Muhammad so declared fourteen hundred years ago.

Several regular readers of this site deny the truth about Islam and Muslims. They made several repeated denials in the comment thread of this article I wrote, about the dhimmification of The Guardian (London, England, U.K.) This will serve as my response to them, and to anyone else who cannot or will not see a truth that ought to be as plain as the nose on one’s face.

Muslims effectively occupy several Western lands

Yes, a form of occupation does happen when people enter a land, do not assimilate, and not only demand accommodation, but boast they will soon have their caliphate in Buckingham Palace. Occupation takes another form when they demand (and institute) Sharia law in place of England’s law, and when they occupy small areas of “no-go zones,” to which even the English police fear entry. They are deadly Islamists when one of them recently beheaded a soldier in the street, and displayed his blood-stained hands. There are no-go zones in France, and Muslims take up streets for their prayers, surely a political statement; they do not assimilate. It is also occupation when the newcomers refuse to mingle, attend their own schools, and teach hate from their mosques. When the percentage of Muslims is strong enough, they will physically take action; the percentages are already a record. Muslims have already taken over the third largest city in Sweden – Malmo. That is occupation… and from these areas, with increasing population, they will complete the gradual Islamization of the nation. Did you know that the most popular baby boy’s name in England now is variations of Mohammed, Mohamed, Muhamad, etc.

Editor’s note: Dearborn, Mich., is already a no-go zone for “keffirs” and “keffir” police. If you doubt this, read this article from two years ago.

Muslim demography and advantage

A typical Muslim national flag: green with a white crescent and star.

The Turkistan flag, a typical Muslim national flag

To those who doubt the reality about jihad and percentages: here’s a video you can see about Muslim population versus the host country: Briefly, when the Muslim population is under 2%, they’re peaceful, although they can already be making inroads into the government and schools and altering textbooks as they are doing in the US (this is stealth or civilizational jihad). From 2% to 5%, they begin proselytizing to other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, recruit from street gangs and prisons, and begin to act threateningly…just as they’re doing in the UK, where the percentage was shown at 2.7% when that film was made. (The US already has riots on campuses.) Now they are closing down UK stores, removing Israeli products from shelves, demanding more accommodations, and terrorizing neighborhoods. At 5% (France is now at 8%), they exercise influence and push for Islamic foods in supermarkets and cause store and product damage when they fail to comply, and they are showing their penchant for violence by striking innocent people in the street. At this point, they work to get the ruling gov’t to allow self-rule by Sharia within their ghettos. Their goal is Sharia throughout the nation, then the world.

When Muslims reach the 10% level of population, they increase lawlessness, car-bombings, claim offenses about films, and this is happening in Israel, where they are 16 to 20%, and Kenya, and Russia, Guyana and India. After 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militias, sporadic killings, burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, as in Ethiopia. At 40%, there are massacres, chronic terror attacks, militia warfare, as in Bosnia, Chad and Lebanon (40% – 59%). At 60%, there’s sporadic genocide (ethnic cleansing), Sharia law used as a weapon, and Jizya tax on infidels. At 80% Muslims, there is daily intimidation and violent jihad, driving out infidels, moving toward 100% Muslim. So now you can assess your stage where you live and what to expect in the way of this growing occupation.

At 100% Muslim, Sharia law is the rule, the regime is tyrannical, and there are no individual rights (worse for the women than for men). Fear reigns. Oddly, the Religion of Peace never achieves peace, even at 100%, because there are sects at war with each other. They are raised to envy and hate, and the basis of their culture is shame. There are no national courts or schools, and they live with fear and death. There’s usually 90% plus rate of illiteracy and unrest; they hate their lives and look forward to death and heaven, which is why they’re eager to blow themselves up. Read Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.

One of the reasons the US doesn’t know much about other countries is the government doesn’t permit outgoing news. I was in Argentina years ago, and someone asked me why they knew so much about the US and we knew so little about Argentina. It’s because we have freedoms and our press can write anything and they can read it; their press is controlled by the regime. Our press during the past six years has been controlled by the liberal journalists to sway the public for their own agenda and keep them ignorant of much of the news, except for a select few news stations.

The forgotten history of Israel and the Jews

Jews have lived on the land called Israel since Biblical times. The Bible is an historic account and the United Nations granted Israel legal sovereignty in May, 1948. “Palestinians” were Jews and Arabs, and there was no land of Palestine, except as an unspecified area designated by ancient Romans. (The dimensions of Israel are in the Bible and Jews don’t occupy all of it) When the land was divided after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Arabs didn’t accept their larger offering and, instead, went to war; the Jews accepted what they were offered for Israel. The Arabs within Israel were there from the late 1800s and after, looking for work where the Israelis were building; they were Arabs from surrounding countries – Arafat was Egyptian, for example. Israel is Jewish land where other people live equally; the other 22 Arab countries are Muslim, where they don’t welcome Jews or Christians. Don’t rewrite history to accommodate your bigotry.

Do you really think the people won’t stand for it (occupation)? Countries throughout Europe are succumbing to Islam because the people haven’t the courage to fight for their own country! Terrorism does terrorize… and this is why so many Americans insist on the right to bear arms to protect themselves from this Islamic scourge. If they won’t stand for it, why is it that the countries that once had under 2% are now 10%, and 20% and 40% Islamic? One should fight before one is overwhelmed. Count the mosques that are now in America, close to 3,000, last I heard,, and no one is physically fighting yet. What are we waiting for? To overcome our Islamized government administration legally, by the Constitution. I hope it works.

Why the focus on “1967 borders”?

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And why is there a dispute over land that was lost in 1967, but not in 1948, or in 1922, or through all the massacres of the 1800s and before. Wars are fought and won and lost; why is 1967 more precious than 1948? What about the land in the Muslim countries that were once inhabited by Jews and Christians? Are they not worthy of your attention? Why aren’t you fighting for land for the Jews who had to leave behind their homes and businesses in Islamic countries? Why are you supporting people who are spending their time rioting and beheading others instead of people who reside peacefully on the land, and who invent and create and discover cures for diseases? I know why the Muslims don’t want the Jews there – because they have discovered that they have been worthless over 1400 years, and the Jews have created a wonderful culture of freedom and even ranked 8 in “happiest people” in only 66 years (despite the wars), a country so wonderful that the Palestinians would rather go to Israel for medical help than in their own backward nations. That’s envy and resentment. What are your reasons? The reasoning is if they kill the Jews, then they won’t have the Jews to compare with and won’t have to face their own backwardness. Their culture is built on shame, remember (or read Nonie Darwish’s Cruel and Usual Punishment to understand the Islamic mind.).

Muslims have killed 270 million people (and counting) over 1400 years, and they raped and married the women from all the cultures you named…Jews, Samaritans, Romans, Greeks, and people all along the Silk Road, which they traveled and conquered and raped and pillaged and traded in slavery among other things. So, if there’s a similarity in DNA, it’s because of the rape, for which they are famous even today…such as Boko Haram, where they kidnapped and either forced them to be wives or concubines or sold into sexual slavery. These are the people you are defending? Are these the people you won’t want to insult with words such as “occupiers” or “squatters?” The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are historical accounts of the land and the people; they cannot be disputed. Archaeological digs are always unearthing Hebrew relics from the land, proving the indigenous people were Hebrew, not “Palestinian.” The Palestinians had no culture, language, monetary system, books, relics, statuary, nothing before 1967; they are not a people of history. In fact, because they are not a people, they are beginning to say that Moses was an Arab, Jesus was a Palestinian, and Christopher Columbus was Muslim. These people have accomplished so little yet, because of their envy, want to be recognized for accomplishments, so they steal the credit from those they murder in conquest. There’s only so much willful ignorance that I can take; that’s it for me.

Editor’s Note: Your editor can personally attest to this contrast. Jews preserve antiquities. Muslims destroy them.

<a href="" title="Muslims and rebuttal of denial">Muslims and rebuttal of denial</a>

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Author of “Confronting the Deception,” Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appeared on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others.

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Islam is growing? I suggest reading How Civilizations Die (and why Islam is dying too) by David P. Goldman. It talks about declining Muslim fertility rates. I do not usually trust snopes, but go to
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