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Separation when convenient



An 1875 marriage certificate. This represents part of our American cultural norms that come under attack on a broad front.

With Secular Humanist Progressives the answer is yes – only when it’s convenient for them.  SCOTUS is about to rule on same sex marriage. Keep in mind that homosexuals have civil unions which give them the same civil rights as heterosexual marriage. But that is no longer good enough.  “Marriage between two men or two women is a RIGHT!” they scream, “guaranteed by the Constitution.”

This big push by the radical Secular Humanist Progressives is not something new. If we open our eyes we’ll see the truth; attacking traditional marriage is just one more step in their ultimate goal of destroying all Judeo-Christian values.

So they get their comrades in government to force their demands upon the rest of us. Once SCOTUS declares this is truly a right, watch out churches and synagogues. How long before these radicals demand priests, ministers and rabbis marry them – or face a federal lawsuit?

“Separation of Church and State!”

Separation of church and state should cut both ways. Why doesn't it?This attack against traditional values has been going on for decades, right under our noses. When a crèche is put on public land these Secular Humanist Progressives storm in with threats of law suits. “America has separation of church and state. A crèche forces atheists to become Christian!

Same thing happens when a valedictorian mentions God during his/her speech, or when a school team prays before or after a game. It’s always the same with Secular Humanist Progressives. They use the phrase they created, separation of church and state, to keep pushing God out of our society.

Then by what authority does any court rule on marriage?

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But, if we truly have separation of church and state, and that separation keeps Christians from foisting their views on the rest of the citizenry, the government, and that includes SCOTUS, CAN NOT decide on this marriage issue.

Marriage is not an institution, or even a term, created by man. It comes from God. He determined marriage is between one man and one woman. It is written in both the old and new testaments so He meant it for Jews, Christians and everyone else. Since it is a fact marriage comes from God, not government, no one in government can change it; not a state, not Congress, not SCOTUS.

Unfortunately we only see sporadic challenges from religious leaders. We need ALL of them to stand together, demanding government stay out of religion. If they did, marriage would remain, as God intended, between one man and one woman. And maybe, just maybe, with such leadership people of faith would come together to bring God back into our society.

One can only hope and pray.

Postscript by Dwight Kehoe

The act of marriage in every religion around the world and from the beginning of recorded history is considered a sacrament.  Which quite clearly places it into a religious function and not a civil or legal one.

Conversely, the license to bond together for the purpose of property rights, responsibility for offspring and more recently, preventing genetic mismatches which produce unhealthy children, has been the function of civil authority.

The Separation of Church and State ruling of the Supreme Court was by all standards of common sense, a flawed one.  The case that Mr. Matrisciano references above clearly shows that. The leftists and progressives who were behind the push for the false separation narrative now must live with the fruits of their labor. So to speak.

– Dwight Kehoe

Reprinted from TPATH

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<a href="" title="Separation when convenient">Separation when convenient</a>

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Rich Matrisciano is Vice-President of the Sussex County (New Jersey) Tea Party Patriots.

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>Keep in mind that homosexuals have civil unions which give them the same civil rights as heterosexual marriage.

Oh really? Even in North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Georgia?


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