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Why no more debates?



Donald Trump at a conservative gathering in 2011. Does he truly pass the test? It would appear so--for he is now the voice of the silent American majority. He at least stays grounded in the real world.

After reading the TPATH article, “No More Debates: an Unsolicited Suggestion for Donald J. Trump,” and being a TPATH contributor who no longer supports Donald Trump, I felt the need for an Unsolicited Rebuttal. So I am hereby listing, point by point, my thoughts:

Point 1 – Purpose of Republican Debates

The Republican debates continue, but now down to one tier of four.

The four remaining Republican candidates on the debate stage.

The Unsolicited Suggestion article states there are two reasons for the many republican debates; advertising dollars and butcher Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

I’m sure the dollars are important to the networks, however, the republican debates should have but one purpose; allow viewers to hear HOW candidates are going to reverse the damage wrought by the democrats and republican establishment since Reagan left office.

The debates did, unfortunately, get off to an inauspicious start. The very first question was a gotcha against Mr. Trump. However, the early debates did give viewers some insight into candidate positions on issues. Unfortunately, the more recent debates have been more about personal attacks on candidate’s faith or body parts than attacks on their ideas.

Point 2 – TPATH Reader Beliefs

The article states about 100% of TPATH readers agree the establishment is using the debates to destroy Mr. Trump’s candidacy. That would infer a massive support for Mr. Trump among TPATH readers. At this time, although a TPATH reader and contributor, I no longer support a Trump’s candidacy.

I originally saw promise in Mr. Trump, but now support Senator Cruz. The establishment not only wants to destroy the senator’s campaign, they want to destroy his political future. Why? Because the senator is the consummate outsider; the one republican senator who would not cave to the establishment once elected; and for that they hate him.

Point 3 – Mr. Trump’s Rogue Campaign

The article sees greatness in how Mr. Trump has run his campaign. I certainly agree it is “rogue.” His willingness to bring up issues no one else would (i.e.: immigration) is what drew me to him early on.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s campaign has degraded into childish personal attacks leveled against whoever closes in on his lead, or questions his background. When Ben Carson closed the gap, Mr. Trump went beyond the pale, attacking the doctor’s faith and mocking his church. That eliminated what little remaining support I had for Mr. Trump.

Point 4 – The Article’s Option One; Attend No More Debates

Whether Mr. Trump attends any future debates will, I’m sure, be based on his political strategy. I would agree with the article that far too many have been scheduled.

Contrary to the article, however, I do not know Mr. Trump’s exact positions. I hear him uttering the same mantras, offering conservative views that sound good. But I still do not know how he will achieve what he says he will.

Point 5 – The Article’s Option Two; Ignore Gotchas & Stick to Issues

On this issue I am in total agreement with the article. I would truly like to see Mr. Trump, and the other candidates, ignore unrelated, or personal, attacks and stick to the issues. However, that would mean Mr. Trump would have to refrain from using personal attacks. He was the candidate that began such attacks; can he be the one to stop them?

Closing Points

Mr. Trump’s personal attacks and vulgar language are a big concern to me. But my biggest concern is his past.

He was a staunch supporter of abortion on demand. Although he says he is now pro-life, he still supports Planned Parenthood, even though he knows they sell baby parts for profit. That could be because, as a successful business man, profit has always been important to him. He admits he has supported democrats and their liberal policies; doing so, he said, was good business.

All that may be good for business, but is it good for restoring the conservative values and principles that built America? I don’t think so.

Throughout history great civilizations have lived, on average, 200 years then die from moral decay. John Adams put it perfectly when he said,

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

No president, no congress, no courts will save America from moral decay unless We The People take our Judeo/Christian values and morals to the ballot box.

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Rich Matrisciano is Vice-President of the Sussex County (New Jersey) Tea Party Patriots.

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Lon Hosford

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Ron Chronicle

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Lon Hosford

One thing is clear Donald J. Trump is well aware of the media advertising value of the debates which is point 1. He worked in media as a business person and a personality.

The other points I would group into one category. The debates are a means to control the party pick of those candidates who are “legitimate” hazed party members. Those are people who have served in the party such as Governors, Congress, Federal Administration and so on. And even at that like all clubs, some of those hazed validated members are not liked by the ranking members.

This is a case the #GOP ranking members has been losing and now has completely lost the narrative of the base and found the narrative they want to impose on the election has been rejected over and over in every year from 2010 from Federal to local elections. Look at Laureen Cummings for County Commissioner just last year. Unheard of in 2009 a tea party member in local office.

The debate which are not debates, are just glorified group interviews by the elite media soliciting ad revenue for their posh salaries. Now the are needed to combat Trump. So they are going to hold them and bring in interviewers to attempt to regain the narrative but more so to keep Trump from being their candidate.

Whether Trump shows or not is as the article points out his political strategy and tactics, but the GOP is now firing all phasers and Trump is their Borg. The final question is will they be able to take him out at sector 001 or will they be assimilated.

At this point it appears all resistance is futile.

Ted Foster

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