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À propos of the American Revolution



The Declaration of Independence sets forth the relationship between government and people. It also defines liberty as an inalienable right of the people. The Signers, looking at American today, might say: We warned you.

What is one to do when your country’s leaders lack courage and wisdom, and when the political institutions of your country have been so poorly designed by its founders as to preclude a practical remedy?

This is the plight of Israel today. And if you are also lacking great wealth, all you can do is pray for divine assistance.

The heart and soul of the Constitution is the American Declaration of IndependenceOf course, if you care for posterity, you can seek to understand the dilemma of your country and record for another generation, what brought your country to this dismal plight. You may thus deter your fellow countrymen from wasting their energies in vain efforts to rectify a politically irredeemable and forlorn situation.

Plato wrote his greatest dialogue, his knowingly unrealizable but supremely pedagogical Republic, with that forlorn situation before him.

And Moses, for forty years, led the children of Israel through the wilderness (free from pernicious foreign influences) until a new generation arose, perhaps more receptive to the high standards of his Hebraic Republic.

It took a sociopolitical Revolution and architectonic statesmen to liberate the Americans from the class-oriented shackles of Great Britain and eighteen centuries of religious despotism to establish the American Republic.  No such lofty statesmen are on the horizon in this pedestrian demotic age. Sufficient reason to turn to God.◙

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