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Israel: the basic problem



Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?

From the very beginning of its modern statehood, Israel’s Government, consisting of Jews with a history of being hated, has longed to be loved rather than feared.


Unwittingly, and consequently, modern Israel has always and consistently encouraged her enemies to initiate one war after another. Indeed, they have been further encouraged to do so, since Israeli Prime Ministers shudder at the thought of pursuing a war-winning strategy involving the utter defeat and disarming of the enemy.

People of Israel! Face it! Stupidity, no less than timidity, has ever been a basic ingredient of your government’s foreign policy, which idiotically adheres to the pusillanimous policy of “territory for peace,” and most religiously by Benjamin Netanyahu, one of Israel’s reputedly most intelligent prime ministers, whose longevity as PM exceeds that of all of his less brilliant predecessors.

But since it really begins with what these politicians have learned in college, no one on the political horizon is going to stand up and say that in Israel, the social sciences in general, and political science in particular, are intellectually and morally bankrupt.☼

…and America

Editor’s note: one could as easily describe America today the same way. Perhaps since the end of the Second World War, a certain cadre of voters have always wanted the world to love them, not fear them. Perhaps they also looked at the Soviet Union, and the Republic of Cuba, and where the rest of us saw oppression and stagnation, they saw perfection.

And so at last they consciously elected an alien. Perhaps Barack Obama’s alienage mattered after all: it had its appeal. Elect a Third Worlder, and the world will love you for celebrating diversity and letting a member of a “colonial subject people” ascend to lead the dominant power on the planet.

The flag, inverted: symbol of distress. America, like Israel, has become morally bankrupt.

An asymmetric national flag, inverted, signals distress.

And that person definitely refuses to pursue a war-winning strategy involving the utter defeat and disarming of any enemy of America. Or of Israel, for that matter.

And for the same reason, that person hates Israel and does everything he can to undermine that country.

Let my fellow American citizens face a cold, hard fact of their own. Stupidity, no less than naïveté, now is the prime ingredient in the foreign policy of the United States of America. Stupidity–or perhaps treason.

And as my contributor points out, it all begins with what voters, no less than those they elect, learn in college.

Let us declare, then, what no one else will. In America, no less than in Israel, the social and political sciences are intellectually and morally bankrupt.

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