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Religion and Bibi’s baggage



Seal of the Islamic State, the face of Islam today. Islam is not religion but politics pretending to be religion. This is the secret of Islamic imperialism. Is Obama their secret ally, fostering Muslim sedition? This is why we need security. And mere word-mongers and pussy cats cannot fight this effectively.

Religion, as a set of ideas concerning the universe, has much in common with philosophy. But more than philosophy, religion involves a love of God. That love that entails benevolence and altruism. While this definition applies to Judaism and Christianity, it most emphatically does not apply to Islam. The most distinctive and supreme moral imperative of Islam is: Jihad.

Islam as politics, not religion

In fact, the eminent Egyptian-born scholar Bat Ye’or defines Islam as a “cult of hate.” This cult divides mankind into two races, “believers” and “infidels.” Islam contemptuously describes infidels as “dogs” and “pigs.” Furthermore, it encourages the faithful to slaughter infidels like vermin.

So to regard Islam as a religion, or one of the three monotheistic faiths, misleads people. To candid and thoughtful observers, Islam is a political creed. Islam uses the veneer of monotheism to recruit followers and organize them into an imperialistic killing machine.

Islamic theology derives from the primacy of force as opposed to the primacy of reason. Consistent with the unqualified omnipotence Islam attributes to Allah, the Taliban distributed fliers proclaiming: “Throw reason to the dogs—it stinks of corruption.”

Diplomacy becomes futile

Viewed realistically, i.e., avoiding the moral equivalency of effete democratic politicians, it is futile and counterproductive to engage in conventional diplomacy with any Islamic collectivity. Yet Israel’s Government has fixed on diplomacy for more than two decades. This fixation began with the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993. During this period the disciples of Muhammad have murdered a thousand Jews and wounded 15,000 more!

What makes Oslo utterly absurd is that Muslims have conditioned themselves culturally to practice the bellicose art of taqiyya. Taquiyya means deception and dissembling! It defies reason that an intelligent Prime Minister like Benjamin Netanyahu has been suckered into, and even welcomed, such futile and deadly negotiations, more so than all of his predecessors!

Perhaps this American-oriented politician has personal and/or partisan motives for consorting with the PLO-PA? Rubbing elbows with Jew-killers appeases Washington and disarms domestic left-wing critics. Bibi is nothing if not a PR aficionado. This means that religion and honest adherence to Jewish principles and values do not make part of his intellectual baggage.☼

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Melissa M Leibold

I don’t agree with the conclusions. Netanyahu and Israel face constant sanctions by the UN, threats of vague retaliations by our present liberal administration and ever-present threats by the anti-Semitic forces of the Middle East. Talk grows stronger internationally of imposing a two-state solution on a beleaguered Israel. Every time they retaliate after an attack by the Palestinians the world’s media condemns their self-defense. Netanyahu’s principles are fixed, but he has to tread warily in his dealings with the Arab world in order to placate the West.

Bennie Sue West

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Joan Swirsky

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