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Palestinians: time for truth



"Moderates" on a college campus displaying the typical attitude of Palestinians.

One of the most important tasks of the Trump Administration is to explode the myth of the “Palestinians.” Benjamin Netanyahu should have done this years ago. Indeed, his failure to do so has multiplied the number of Jewish men, women, and children the fictitious Palestinians have murdered.

Palestinians have never been a distinct people

In 1946, the eminent Arab-American historian Philip Hitti described the common Arab view:

There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not.

Arabs never “perceived [it] as a distinct entity deserving national self-determination” but as an integral part of Islamdom.

Why hasn’t Netanyahu told the world what the Arabs called the Palestinians constitute not a people but a hoax? A hoax they concocted some 50 years ago to displace the Jewish people from their immemorial homeland Eretz Israel?

He could have informed the international media of a simple way to delineate the so-called Palestinians. One need only consider their family names, which refer to their places of origin. Examples abound: Masri (Egyptian), Mugrabi (Moroccan), Ajami (Persian), Haurani (Syrian), Halabi (Aleppan), Kurdi (Kurdish), Hindi (Indian), and many more. These migrant groups did not even attempt to assimilate into local “Palestinian” society. Their members will probably be found among the migrants that have invaded Europe.

Be that as it may, the fictitious Palestinians are of multifarious character. We see that in the family, tribal, and sectarian rivalry of these Arab-Muslims. It’s incomprehensible, if not criminal, that Israeli political scientists virtually never utter these facts. Nor even does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who seems reluctant to embarrass the Palestinian Authority. They have made falsehood the modus operandi by which to deceive the West. That especially includes the Americans, who supply the poor “Palestinians” with annual grants of hundreds of millions of dollars. Indeed, Americans and the Vatican are so touched by the orchestrated plight of the Palestinian Authority that they overlook its use of children as human bombs to kill Jews.

They could assimilate elsewhere if they wanted to

We need a breath of fresh air. We need to remind Prime Minister Netanyahu what he has forgotten to say about the Arab inhabitants of the “West Bank” and Gaza. These Arabs, calling themselves Palestinians, commonly portray themselves as an oppressed minority seeking national self-determination or statehood. By the way, not only do most of these Arabs carry Jordanian passports, but their brethren, the “Palestinian” citizens of Jordan, comprise a large majority of Jordan’s population.

Let us also mention their kinsmen, the “Palestinians” who happen to be citizens of Israel. Nor should we forget the “Palestinians” in Lebanon and Syria, many of whom have become naturalized citizens. These self-styled Palestinians comprise the “Palestinian Liberation Organization,” which is nothing more than a consortium of terrorist organizations formed in 1964. The PLO renamed or sanitized itself as the Palestinian Authority (PA) a propos of the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993.

The leading terrorist organization of the PA has been al-Fatah. Its head is Mahmoud Abbas, the darling of the American State Department, and, in mythology, the “negotiating partner” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The venue of the PA is the “West Bank,” which is really Judea and Samaria, the cradle of Jewish civilization. And the heart of this cradle is Jerusalem.

The true character of Islam shows itself

The sterling reputation of Abbas was tarnished a few years ago when the PA was joined by Hamas, the “Palestinian” wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas had gained control of Gaza after Israel’s government recklessly withdrew from Gaza in 2006. Hamas has launched thousands of missiles against Israel, an untold number of which come from Iran via Syria. Unlike most Americans, Muslims take war seriously. Indeed, Islam’s supreme imperative is Jihad, war. And its primary target is Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the ultimate target of Islam. The Mullahs in Tehran know that Islamic control of Jerusalem would galvanize Muslims throughout the world. The Islamic malediction Death to the “Small Satan” and to the “Large Satan,” meaning death to Judaism and Christianity, would resound throughout Islamdom. A tsunami of terrorist attacks would follow.

Is the Trump team attuned to this deadly fact about Islam, of which the Democratic Party in America is silent, as is Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu?◙

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