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Netanyahu’s flat earth scenario



A flat earth model.

The Flat Earth scenario of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a lot going for it. Indeed, this charade calls for reconsideration of the two-state solution to the conflict between Jews and the disciples of Muhammad.

Flat earth about as valid as Muslims wanting peace

As a Flat Earth advocate, Prime Minister Netanyahu has induced countless people to believe that Muslims will renounce the prophet of Islam as readily as he has effectively renounced the prophets of Israel. That’s what the Oslo Scenario of 1993 is all about. It’s not a game of words but of beliefs. And Netanyahu excels in the former, not in the latter.

That Netanyahu’s currency consist of words and not of actions is obvious. But Muslims are not stupid. They, too, are masters in word games. Indeed, these Muslims are intellectually more creative than their Jewish counterparts because they play to win. This gives them a goal more tangible than peace. We can see this in the support they have won in the United Nations.

Muslims know that Netanyahu has entrapped himself in the flat earth charade, i.e., the “Oslo Agreement,” for over twenty years. His entrapment in Oslo has not altered the shape of the earth, which has remained just as stubbornly spherical as the Arabs have remained stubbornly Muslim.

Abbas takes advantage

That the Muslims have repeatedly violated the rules of the Oslo game has not in the least affected Netanyahu’s devout adherence to this charade. He will no more abrogate Oslo than he will deviate from his flat earth fixation, regardless of the reality and the cost in Jewish blood.

That his peace partner Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly violated Oslo does not in the least alter Netanyahu religious adherence to Oslo. That Abbas is a terrorist, hence an international criminal, is of no significance to Netanyahu. Hence it never occurred to him to arrest and incarcerate this criminal or have him deported.

Abbas sleeps well in Israel. Israel’s Government has given him a life-insurance policy unknown to any despot. The United States has bankrolled him and his minions with tax-exempt salaries never dreamed of by the despots of Islam.

Indeed, the White House has had Abbas as an honored guest. The Pope has even opened the Vatican to this leading international terrorist. Indeed, Pope Frances sanctified Abbas’ Palestinian Authority with “statehood.” Satan was never as highly dignified as Mahmoud Abbas. That his calling card inscribes the words “Evil be thou my good” has opened the doors to every democratic capital in the world. Can it be that Netanyahu’s flat earth scenario is true?☼


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