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Who will be president if Biden is elected?

Who will really act as President if the country elects Joe Biden? The Vice-President, per Amendment XXV? Or the First Lady, per the Edith Wilson precedent?

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Joe Biden, former Vice President, and agent of conspiratorial division. And enemy of every Jew in America.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about some of the comments to my last report. I had said that Donald Trump was and is a barrier to enacting the goals of the World Economic Forum. They announced those goals in their June communique.

SARS-CoV-2 news

Here at the Castle Family we have good news this Labor Day weekend. We are grateful to have meaningful labor to do. In the good news department, the family daughter tells us that there is a cargo flight to Auckland, New Zealand next Tuesday and she might possibly get a seat on it. Cargo flights from the jungle bring to mind airplanes with chickens and goats in the aisles. Nevertheless she might be able to escape.

In the somewhat good news department, we run an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania for children who are living under the most difficult of conditions when we find them. The government forces us to hire outside people to come into our building and do things for the children from time to time. These are things that our people could do better than any bureaucrat, but we must comply with the local regulations. One of these people came into the orphanage while positive for the virus and with obvious symptoms. Now our kids are all in quarantine and may not be able to start school on time. The good news is that all our kids have tested negative so far. Mia is a woman of prayer and of faith, so we leave it in God’s hands.

Joe Biden opposes the violence – too late

Last week my Report held the title Why all this Division, Conflict, Disorder, and Destruction.

I raised the question of why the Democrat mayors of the cities and the governors of the states where the riots and looting are happening, will not do anything to stop the violence. Joe Biden finally made a statement the other day in opposition to violent looting. But only after polls showed he was losing the law and order issue in the polls did he make it. The American people are starting to let politicians know they have never found riots and looting acceptable forms of protest.

That helps to make my point that the reasons for not doing something to stop it are that:

  1. The Democrat politicians think it somehow hurts Trump and his bid for reelection, and
  2. They share the looters’ ideology.

The tactic has been to:

  • Let the looting continue until it burns out by itself, and
  • Do nothing to defend your community or the people who elected you and pay your salary.

Blame everything from the virus to the riots, on Trump, even if it means destruction of our cities. When the polls start to show that people realize what they are doing, then and only then, like on Groundhog Day,1 Joe Biden must come out of his hiding place and attempt to read a coherent sentence from his teleprompter.

The threat: elect Joe Biden or we let the cities burn

The Democrats tell us now that the violence will continue as long as Trump is in office. If you don’t elect us, we will let your cities burn. It basically just mafioso style extortion or a form of protection racket. There is growing evidence that people are becoming weary of it all. They are weary of hearing that this country is no different from Nazi Germany and in many ways, the same. They are weary of hearing that:

The Great Reset

I talked last week about “The Great Reset” as the World Economic Forum defines that term. In the Forum’s manifesto, which they issued in June, the Forum members said that we are going to have a reset of capitalism. I suspect that means:

  • A new socialist world system with government and the chosen ones of industry in partnership over this world.
  • A new world currency, based in some fashion, on cyber technology.
  • Return of the Paris Environmental Treaty and the destruction of American manufacturing.
  • A new emphasis on the goddess earth, as well as
  • A new worldwide health system based on forced vaccinations, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism.

Donald Trump stands in the way

I said that the technology to do these things is already here, in place, and waiting only for Trump’s defeat. The only thing standing in their way therefore is Donald Trump. People wrote to me and pointed out that Trump is not who he told us that he was in his first campaign. He said he would do many things which he has not done, and he has done many things he said he would do.

Some of those things as pointed out by those who wrote to me include:

  • Failure to address abortion,
  • Complete failure of fiscal responsibility without restraint on spending,
  • Plans to use the military to bring the vaccines to us,
  • Failure to expose the Fed, and
  • Failure to expose and examine 9/11.

Those are all things he said he would do, and he has not done. There are many more that I could add to the list, but you get the idea.

Why the Democrats hate Trump

Do you really think Democrats universally hate him because of those things? Or do they hate him less because of those things? Do you think Democrats, and their fellow travelers in virtually the entire high-tech world, as well as the banking and finance world and the media, hate him because of those things? Perhaps they hate him because of his tweets, or because of his brash confidence, his preening sometimes obnoxious behavior?

I don’t think they hate him for those reasons at all, since most of them are the same way. No, I think they hate him because they only want someone in their temple who:

  • Is one of them, and
  • Can assume the role of high priest of wokeism.

He also stands as a barrier to the goals of the new world globalist system. He voices opposition to the things I mentioned earlier and so they must defeat him.

Elect Joe Biden, and then what?

The Democrats have selected Joe Biden to carry their banner and to explain all this to us. Nobody is more woke than Joe although Trump refers to him as Sleepy Joe. He has trouble communicating when he is under public pressure and he appears to be suffering from dementia. Indeed he has trouble even reading a coherent sentence. He did manage to issue a statement to put himself on the side opposing violence the other day. When he doesn’t have to read or speak publicly and someone else writes the material, he does a little better.

I hate to make fun of Joe because he is ill and probably can no longer help how others are using him. Elder abuse is probably a proper term for what his family and the Democrat Party are doing to him. Even though he is suffering from obvious mental decline he has at least a fair chance to be handed the reigns of enough nuclear weapons for total world destruction. Who will lead the nation if Joe is elected? I don’t know the answer, but I can speculate based on some evidence and a lot of rumor.

Kamala v. Jill

Most people seem to think that if he were elected, Kamala Harris would actually be President, since he obviously does not have the mental capacity to fill that job. I’m not so sure though, since it would be Joe and not Kamala taking the oath of office.2 I suspect we might have something like we had when Franklin Roosevelt was debilitated for a while due to illness. Eleanor assumed responsibility for the decision making rather than calling on Vice Presidents Henry Wallace or Wendell Wilkie.3 My guess is that Jill Biden would like to have that job and has no intention of giving it up to others.

Jill has been with Joe a long time but remained mostly in the background. Until she had to step out to help him with his medical problems. Perhaps we will get the chance to see what kind of president she will make. As for the swamp or the deep state, there are very few more swampy or deep than Joe Biden. He came into the Senate in 1972 or 48 years ago. Of the 100 senators serving at the time he was first elected, only 12 are still alive. So Joe is a survivor both in a physical sense but also in a political sense.

Joe Biden, chameleon

Many things have happened since 1972 and Joe has been right there for all of them. For almost all that 48 years he has been trying to find some way to get the presidential nomination of his party. Joe has been like a chameleon during his term in the Senate. He changes to fit the coloration of the day and the politics around him. At first, he was a Scoop Jackson type of conservative Democrat. But as times changed to fit the 70’s, 80’s and into the new century Joe changed with them. Now he is a revolutionary socialist. But I wonder what Jill is.

Neither Party today is what it has always advertised itself as representing. Do you remember when the Democrats were the Party of the working man? For the last 60 years post Kennedy, that Party has been trying to destroy the working man through interest rate fluctuations and jobs offshoring. What about the Republicans? Weren’t they once supposed to be the Party of fiscal conservatism? Now they are on track for a 4 trillion-dollar deficit in one year.

SARS-CoV-2, Cloward, Piven, and Joe Biden

Another calamity that has befallen the country has also been weaponized in the effort to defeat Trump. Several international organizations including The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control all issued dire warnings about the Covid Virus in the early days of outbreak. They had us thinking that it would be one of the worst pandemics in human history. It was an unstoppable virus for which humanity had no immunity. That was apparently disinformation designed to induce actions that would destroy our economy.

From the recent report of the CDC, which is still on their website, we can see that it was virtually all bogus disinformation. Now they tell us that only a little less than 6% of the deaths attributed to the virus actually had the virus as the sole cause of death. The average was 2.6 other causes besides Covid. Why would they do such a thing? Perhaps they were just mistaken. But if so their mistakes caused Andrew Cuomo to send most of his infected elderly into nursing homes. And when he did that, he earned the title of granny killer.

Perhaps they were trying intentionally to destroy the economy of the United States and the entire west.

Because how could a country with a destroyed economy reelect Donald Trump? Perhaps it was just a raw grab for power over people’s lives. Perhaps it was an effort to make sure that every human on planet earth got Bill Gates’ vaccine.

If so, the jury’s still out on that one so we will see if it works.

In sum: who would run things?

Finally, folks, I don’t know if Joe Biden has dementia or not. It sure looks as if he does, but that’s just a non-medical guess. Who will serve as president and lead the country if Joe is elected and turns out to be demented? Will it be Kamala, or will it be Jill who seizes power? God knows, but I’m just guessing.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

1 Dir. Harold Ramis. With Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, et al. Columbia Pictures, 1993. <>

2 BUT!!! Kamala would gather together “a majority of the heads of executive departments.” (For Congress has not yet “by law provided” for another body to judge the fitness of the President for office.) They will then prepare a “written declaration that [Joe] is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” And promptly “transmit” this to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Whereupon Kamala would take over immediately. But Joe, maybe with Jill moving the pen in his hand, might write his own letter saying he can do the job. That would start a donnybrook that could involve the Congress. See US Constitution, Amendment XXV, Section 4.

3 The first and by far most famous First Lady who acted unofficially as President was Edith Bolling Galt Wilson. Who famously contrived to prevail upon her husband to commute the death sentence of Robert “Birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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