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Free and fair elections

Without free and fair elections, a republic cannot stand. The Democrats are stealing this election, and freedom lovers must not let them.

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Ballot box, symbol of elections. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this, and hopefully other kinds of voter fraud. If Donald Trump doesn't insist on this kind of backup, he'll likely lose the election.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 13th day of November in the year 2020, and today I will be talking about the concept of free and fair elections and addressing the question of what happens when a supposedly self-governing people do not have free and fair elections. First, I will tell you that the Castle family is doing fine again. I have at least partially recovered from my melancholy and everyone else is happy and healthy. I have to mention that last Wednesday was veteran’s day and Tuesday was the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. My service there is now almost 50 years in the past, but it is not forgotten. Now, some commentary about our recent presidential elections.

Without fair elections, the Republic will fall

There are so many things that could bring about the destruction of the American Republic. But one of the most obvious is a corrupt election process. We find ourselves today in a fight for the continuation of the Republic and ultimately for the survival of Western Civilization. The stakes could not be higher than they are right now. Some people are so used to losing and so self-loathing that they immediately capitulated to the enemy. But others realize that sometimes fighting to the end and even to the last man is preferable to surrender.

The media immediately declared Joe Biden the winner despite the many races still in doubt and amid growing evidence of fraud. The media told us repeatedly that enough people voted for Joe Biden to elect him. This even though his campaign rallies, when he had them, went unattended. The media work night and day to discredit the many lawsuits challenging election results across the nation. If they are so certain these cases are frivolous or of no consequence, why not wait until they are finished to report the results?

Evidence of fraud in the Presidential election

There is plenty of evidence, mountains of it, that this election was fraudulently stolen to justify declaring Donald Trump the winner or at least conducting a free and open election. One wonders how the voting population would react in a second vote if they knew their first vote had been stolen. The real question is whether the Republican Party and the Courts of the United States have the guts to face the consequences. The whole world would then know that the Democrats, with the assistance of the media, conspired to steal a presidential election and thereby reduce America to the status of banana republic.

Would the damage to the reputation of the nation and the potential political instability be worth it? To me it would be worth it. Because the fraud must be trapped and exposed if it is to be prevented from ever happening again. It is obvious that the Democrats are not fearful of it being necessary again. Because they are building and are very close to having a permanent power base.

Not so much in down-ticket elections, which proved harder to manipulate

The rubes out there in flyover land that I will refer to as Red State America know that the election was stolen. The question then is, will those people ever have confidence in and respect for their country again? Will they ever again respect the rule of law or what used to be the rule of law in America? Is preventing loss of confidence in the world and potential political instability here at home worth a complete demolition of the rule of law in the minds of the people?

The down line elections did not work out for the Democrats except in the large Democrat cities. It is more difficult to steal votes and to have dead people and their pets vote in other venues apparently. The congressional elections clearly rejected the Democrat platform upon which the Biden/Harris team relied. They rejected court packing which isn’t about trying to support checks and balances but instead it is about institutionalizing Democrat power permanently at all three branches of government.

The Great Reset again

Abolishing the electoral college is not about fairness or letting the people have total control. But instead it is about permanent power for the coastal cities, all firmly in the hands of Democrats. The Democrat politicians, Democrat bureaucrats, corporate media, tech giants, all conspire to build permanent power for themselves. They must imagine they will eventually become part of what the World Economic Forum called the Great Reset.

That is just a clever word for global government run by the unelected corporate degenerate elite who are a lot more interested in policing your speech and your cultural attitude than in improving your standard of living.

Give up fair elections for the good of the country?

The headline of The New York Times reads “Biden Beats Trump.” The sub headline reads “Race is Finally Called After Record Turnout Chaotic Term Ends with Rare Incumbent Loss.” The calling was done by the Times and the rest of the media. They called the race and that is supposed to be the end of it. They go on to report that Mr. Trump should just do the right thing as Richard Nixon did in 1960 when it was obvious that Mayor Daley in Chicago had stolen Illinois and thus the election for John Kennedy.

They want us to do the right thing for America, do what’s best for America while the uncounted ballots continue to pour in all for Biden. I’m not inclined to surrender to such people and I’m not in the mood for meek acceptance of tyranny. I am becoming immune to their lectures about what is good for America while they paint honest efforts at fair elections as some kind of conspiracy.

This decision is obviously about who will be president, but it is also about who will rule the future. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about here. The leader of the corporation known officially as Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation recently wrote a letter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris setting out the demands and expectations of that corporation.

Demands from the head of BLM

I have the letter in front of me so let me give you a few words from it.

As we celebrate his electoral demise, we also know that his political exit does not ensure an end to the intolerable conditions faced by black people in America. We celebrate the defeat of Trump and we want to make sure supporting black lives is at the forefront of this administration. Without the resounding support of black people, we would be saddled with a very different electoral outcome. In short, black people won this election. Alongside black-led organizations around the nation, Black Lives Matter invested heavily in this election. Vote and organize became our motto, and our electoral justice efforts reached more than 60 million voters. We want something for our vote.

We want to be heard and our agenda prioritized. We issue these expectations not just because black people are the most consistent and reliable voters for Democrats, but also because black people are truly living in crisis in a nation that was built on our subjugation.

What those demands mean

Well I won’t go on with the letter but you get the idea. I will add that whatever Joe Biden does to appease her will not be enough to make her love him. To me, this letter is not about racial justice or racial healing. It is about racial hatred and animosity and about “we want something for our vote.” That letter was written by a woman full of hate for this country that she seeks to control by uniting all black people to vote the same way. Her corporation has assets in the hundreds of millions if not billions. The money comes from corporations all over the world especially the Sorus Open Society Foundation. These are the corporations all set up for their participation in the Great Reset to come.

This sends a message of ethnic cleansing against all those red state bad whites. It is the wrong message at the wrong time. This morning as Joan and I were driving to work I guess she could sense my despair. She said this is all a trend and the pendulum will swing back the other direction in time. Joan, I said, that is a comforting theory, but I can refute it with one word, demographics.

Fair elections, demographics … and immigration

Most of the millennials and other young Americans are clearly in the enemy’s camp thanks to generations of brain washing in the enemy’s government schools. Their birth rates are crashing as they are across the West while third world birth rates are soaring. Kamala Harris had a large banner placed over the door of her transition office that said, “Dreamers Welcome.” Well Kamala, your dream is my nightmare, but that’s another story. No Joan, I said, America’s time as a free constitutional republic is finished unless we win now. We must be willing to fight to the death right now to achieve a fair and non-fraudulent result from this election, and then if we lose fairly, so be it.

The sheer magnitude of the fraud makes it impossible to conceal. There it is in front of our eyes despite the corporate media’s attempts to hide it. The deep six action the media gave the Hunter Biden scandal is the best example I can think of. Will we accept it, and with it the demise of our country and perhaps the final nail in the coffin of civilization? Or not?

Power attracts the worst

Finally, folks, power attracts the worst people like flies to offal. And once in power the worst people can use fake money to buy votes to stay in power. Why should Joe Biden restrain himself from rewarding his friends since, after all, it’s not his money and it can be given away and created infinitely without consequences? The rule of law is obviously no longer a consideration in anything.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Note:

This article first appeared here and appears on CNAV by arrangement.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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