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What now?

What now, you ask? If Joe Biden enters the White House, expect sweeping changes totally inimical to liberty. Which is what globalists want.

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What now

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 20th day of November in the year 2020 and today I will be attempting to answer the question that many people have asked me about the election: what happens now. The Castle family is fine this week although a little down that we will not be together for Thanksgiving. We have chosen to not travel this season and we live in different parts of the country, so we comply with Dr. Fauci by accident. Speaking of Thanksgiving; next week there will be no Castle Report as Joan and I try to relax and give thanks as I trust you will also. Since I will not be talking next week, I will try to give you your money’s worth this week.

What now? How can we know?

What now? That is the question that I am often asked these days usually by someone who has no interest or experience in politics. People are worried, concerned, even frightened by the uncertainty in the country and they want an answer from someone they trust. I spoke to a family friend the other day who said she had been waiting to talk to me so she could ask me what is going on, what is going to happen in this country right now. OK if you put it that way, I’ll take a guess.

What will not happen

I give them the only correct answer there is to the question; I don’t know. I don’t know for sure what is going to happen, but I can make what I believe to be an educated guess. First, let’s start by listing some things that I believe will not happen. I am going to assume that Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January and the Republicans will maintain majority in the Senate and they have greatly reduced the Democrat majority in the House.

There will be no re-do of the census to increase the numbers of Democrats in congress. The filibuster will not be ended. There will be no statehood for Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. There will be no court packing. Cabinet appointments will have to get through the Senate so each one will require negotiation. The Paris Accord on climate change will be back in force but will have no real teeth in the United States.

The stimulus will pass but with far less than the 3.4 trillion described as only a starting point. Executive orders will be the rule of the day used to un-do Trump’s executive orders. The first to go will deal with the trade wars, especially against China; and the second will be in immigration, opening the border completely.

What will happen, or what now – the nightmare answer

Now, I will tell you some things that I think will happen, some immediately and some over the course of the Biden/Harris term. First, the states and the Federal Government will rapidly encounter a debt problem that will require the rapid reduction of spending or the rapid rise of taxes or both. Some states are approaching catastrophe with their debt right now. For example, Connecticut now spends 31% of state revenue on debt service. This obvious problem will not deter Biden from forgiving student loans, which will force working people in red state America to fund the education of those in California and New York who chose a different course.

Escalating violence will continue to plague our cities as Democrat politicians demonize and defund the police. Violence and war will continue and get worse in the Middle East. That section of the earth is an area where war is still economically feasible as is Africa, but China is interested in Africa so the US military will continue to fight endless, no-win wars across the Middle East.

From the virus – to China

There will be more rather draconian measures imposed due to the virus. Vaccines should be available by April for wide use according the reports I have seen, and until then expect cases to rise giving the excuse for more lockdowns. The rising case numbers will also give an excuse for mandatory vaccine injection or very strong counter measures if it is declined. Authoritarians in and out of government will remain very busy with our permanent public health crises.

China will benefit from new and more favorable trade policies. Who owned the 19th century? Great Britain. Who owned the 20th century? The United States, and the Soviet Union. Who owns the 21st century? The United States and China. Now that China has their man in the White House, they will renew efforts to make the 21st century only China.

China – social credit

The Chinese have a system of social credit which allows for a series of rewards and punishment for socially good or bad behavior as defined by the Chinese Communist Party. The social credit and control system within the United States will continue to grow and aided by the tech giants, educational elite, government, and the courts, will become worse than China’s. Our system has different incentives than the Chinese right now and according to a recent article by Gregory Hood, it is already worse than China’s.

China’s system controls the lives of its citizens for the purpose of building social trust. Our system is designed to destroy social trust. China’s system rewards charity, volunteerism, honesty, law-abiding conduct, and mutual trust. Our system incites hatred, bitterness, division, and racial intolerance. China has a grading system marked A through D. Uncivilized behavior as they define it deducts points. Our system rewards and does not punish uncivilized behavior such as rioting, looting, and aggravated mass assault.

American social credit is destructive

In China, one can improve his social credit standing by taking certain specific actions which are approved by the Chinese Communist Party as acceptable and desirable goals. In America, one must be a member of the hive. That is my term for the circle of knowledge to which all woke people belong. When you are in the hive you have access to all knowledge and you understand completely how the world is designed to work and you endeavor diligently to make it work that way. If one is not in the hive, then he is outside the circle of knowledge and therefore subject to the consequential occurrences of a chaotic world. The results are his own fault and his responsibility for not being in the hive.

In China your actual credit rating which determines your ability to purchase or travel is lowered or raised for political reasons. Here we have a different set of incentives to make us comply. For example, the woman who recently won Miss USA is a black woman from Mississippi and after she won, she accepted an invitation to speak to the president of the United States. Extreme social pressure including ostracism and calls from Hollywood for her to be punished came upon her.

Racist indoctrination coming back

Here in America you can lose your job for an incorrect remark or a word to a friend accidentally caught on camera. Dissidents are blocked from the use of PayPal and other payment systems which is worse than China’s credit system. At least in China, it’s by degrees. The proposed Trump Accountability Project led by AOC would target Trump supporters so they could never hold public office, serve on a corporate board or in higher education etc. Here in America we can no longer speak or even learn the truth.

The final example of what is happening to us here in America that is worse than China is racist indoctrination up and down the line at all levels. The Chinese try to favor the Han Chinese people to maintain a Han majority apparently believing that diversity causes disunity and distrust. Here in America, especially in Higher education, to work or even to be admitted to certain colleges you must confess your white privilege and be indoctrinated as to how evil it is.

New federal hires will need to sit through it again

When Mao came to power in 1948 China, he instituted what he called a cultural revolution in which dissidents were killed or reeducated. Part of the reeducation process was degradation by forcing people to confess falsehoods. They tore down monuments to remove the past from the people’s minds and wiped out religious symbols to strip them of faith, and to gain power and control over them. In America racist indoctrination was required at all levels to be hired by the federal government until Trump canceled it by executive order. Expect it to be reinstituted it under Biden. He and his vice president seem more interested in Mao’s reeducation system than MLK’s dream.

What now – the AI kings

This vast system of social control will be possible through the advent of artificial intelligence or AI. The people who are redesigning the world to fit their model believe that all human emotions such as love, hate, compassion, and self-awareness are just complex algorithms which can be programmed to have that capacity. Once computers have self-awareness, which is now or will be very soon, they will be free to feed on information and grow from that information until they control human behavior. Billions of computers around the world connected through AI to control global markets thereby giving them power to start wars, institute poverty, and disease at will. Although these new machines will have self-awareness, they will have no ego for from the ego comes emotions. God or evolution as they see it made a critical error in giving humans ego and that error must be corrected by the new gods.

The people who control them would literally hold the power of life and death over the planet. Wars, famine, crop failures, recessions, depression, or boom times would all be in their control. Population reduction or culling would be easily done as a farmer trims his fruit trees or culls his herds. I could do an entire report on this phenomenon which is now upon us but there is no space in this one.

Science fiction becomes real

This probably all sounds like science fiction or some weird scheme from some weird author but unfortunately it is quite real. According to the World Economic Forum which puts on the Davos conference each year this is a desirable goal. Who are these people that want such things? First, the WEF says that of the 10 most powerful people on earth 4 are not connected with any government at all. The presidents of the United States, China, Russia, the UK, France, Germany make up the six, but the others are the interesting ones. Have you wondered why Bill Gates seems to have so much power and authority although he has never been elected to anything by anybody?

These four people have a net worth approaching a half trillion dollars, but their power goes far beyond wealth. Pay attention to some of their lectures or press briefings sometimes and you will see that they don’t talk through governments but over them. They act completely independent of government. The partners of the WEF include many of the world’s largest companies besides the four I mentioned.

The WEF gets their way

A book written by the WEF founder Klaus Schwab called The Great Reset outlines the whole plan, all that I have mentioned and a lot more. Let me give you a few words from Steve Dunning in Forbes Magazine:

An air of otherworldliness pervades this book. One of its symptoms is its constant references to we, we will, we should, we must. Who are we? I think Schwab and Malleret mean mankind but in practice it means Davos Man, a species of high-status politician, businessman or academic about whom Samuel Huntington wrote:

These trans nationalists have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.

This is all part of what has come to be called globalization, but that term does not go quite far enough as you have seen. This is what is now coming because Joe Biden is one of them or is used by them or owned by them and Donald Trump was not one of them and that is the primary reason they hated him with such a passion. Trump was opposed to their agenda and he had the guts to go to Davos and tell them face to face, not on my watch. Joe Biden has no such plans.

Is this what Americans voted for?

The people who seek this course for humanity have no regard for ordinary human emotions that most of us take for granted. Emotions or character traits such as honesty, fidelity, selflessness are more in the nature of jokes to be laughed at, but really they are just incorrectly programmed algorithms. They have no regard for them, nor do they respect those who do have regard for them. They will do anything, including lying, cheating, falsifying records, stealing elections, and stealing your children to achieve their goals.

The people of this once free republic voted for this and now it is coming. All the indoctrination in our education system, all the pressure to never say a word in opposition, all the pontificating lies about white privilege, and racial justice are just so much propaganda for the masses. The world is being set up for this and the only one in opposition who had power has been removed.

What now – depends on you

Finally, folks, the most fundamental right of self-governing people has been stolen from us and we need to prove that in order to preserve our republic. May God make it so.

It’s is a nightmare, all right, but it looks to be in our future as humanity is brought under the control of the hive, for now. Pray for deliverance and if Joe Biden is inaugurated, for his health over the next four years because the alternative is much worse.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until December 2, folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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