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Trump threatens ‘free speech’ app with legal action, claims it’s ‘luring’ his fans for $4.99 a week



A new social media app is allegedly “luring” people out of $4.99 a week to access the app while falsely claiming that Donald Trump is on the platform. Trump has now hit the company with a cease-and-desist letter, The Post has learned.

The letter demands that the app stop using President Trump’s likeness. The app, called 2nd1st, is available on Apple’s app store and bills itself as a place for “uncensored news and chat.” 2nd1st’s listing on the Apple App Store prominently features a screenshot of a fake post from Trump. It’s actually a copied-and-pasted version of a Jan. 8 tweet in which Trump said — on Twitter, not on 2nd1st — that the people who voted for him “will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future.”

In addition to Trump, the app features profiles for conservative figures like Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Rand Paul, as well as former “The View” host Meghan McCain. None of these people have confirmed that they are on the platform.

The app also has a profile page for Trump featuring dozens of other posts — even though the ex-president’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington confirmed to The Post that he doesn’t use the platform. When users download 2nd1st, they’re shown videos of Trump rallies and urged to sign up for expensive subscriptions that automatically renew every week.

“We must not yield to advertisers or cancel culture,” reads the 2nd1st app’s greeting screen. “Start 3 Day Free Trial then $4.99/wk.” Other users are have been charged $9.99 per week or more, according listings on the App Store [FOX].

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