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Left-wing people just don’t get it



Left-wing symbol: the trans-sickle gender-hammer

Haven’t you noticed? Try having a polite conversation with your left-wing acquaintances, relatives, and associates. You will soon discover that you and they are talking at each other, not with. Why? Because left-wing people just don’t get it. Some elementary facts about society and human relations are beyond their understanding.

Left-wing leaders do get it

This is for the left-wing rank-and-file, not their leaders. Their leaders do get it. So they are trying to remake humankind, society, even history. Don’t we all remember New Man? In the last century that meant New Soviet Man or New Communist Man. More recently we heard of “New Man” essentially not being a man anymore, because women didn’t need him.

More broadly, left-wing leaders are working toward a Great Reset of society to a command economy, in which nothing remains personal to you except maybe your toothbrush, which will be disposable anyway.

You will own nothing. And you will be happy.

Putting those two predictions together is oxymoronic, of course. But today I address the left-wing rank-and-file, to remind them of things they genuinely don’t get. The sooner they do get it, the better shot we have at forestalling the coming civil war.

It doesn’t belong to you

  1. It doesn’t belong to you. Taxpayers’ money, that is. And more broadly, the fruits of anyone’s labor belong to that person, not to some entity with a cloudy definition that the Left prefers to call “the people.” (As in: People’s Republic of Wherever.) By the way, that part about the fruits of your labor goes for you, too. We wouldn’t take that from you for the world. But your leaders would, and plan to.
  2. People are indeed born with inherently different abilities. Paul of Tarsus recognized that. See 1 Corinthians 7:7. Different people have different gifts. So it’s not a matter of “non-whites need not apply.” It’s a matter of “go ahead and apply, and let’s see what you’ve got.” And if the accepted pool and the applicant pool have a different “gender mix” or “racial mix,” that doesn’t mean anyone deliberately tried to shut anybody out. Which brings me to:
  3. Policies that do shut people out just because you think too many of their “kind” won acceptance, are inherently unjust no matter what you say your goals are. “Diversity of race/gender/etc. enhances education”? Baloney! Or even if it isn’t, it still teaches that law is a respecter of persons. Last time I looked at a statue of Lady Justice, she wore a blindfold. And the last time I personally visited the U.S. Supreme Courthouse, it had this motto across the front of its portico: “Equal justice under law.”

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!

  1. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! You see a different racial/gender/other ethnic mix in the general population v. the aggregate prison population. And you cry, “Racism! Sexism! Whatever-ism!” That’s ninety-proof bull, and I’m not buying any. Biology does not make anyone a criminal. With maybe one exception: as a man, I don’t complain when the overwhelming bulk of convicts for forcible rape are men. I recognize that as a consequence of a fact of life. Still, no one forces a man to commit rape, either.
  2. More broadly: “biological behavioral determinism” does not exist. No one is “born that way.” No matter what the behavior is, those having a proclivity for it are not born that way. They’re made that way. Now in the overwhelming bulk of cases, that “making” is not your fault. But what you do with your early life influences is on you, not the rest of us. And it is never just to grant you special privileges over those of us who did not get made that way.

Leveling never works

  1. All the “leveling” things you demand, will never bring you objectively good results. At best they’ll keep everybody equal, but down. At worst, you’ll trade one set of bosses for another—and the second set will treat you worse than ever. Why? Because you’ll have no rights, not even the right to walk away and find work someplace else. And how do we know this? Because some of us, armed with hidden cameras and mikes, have crashed a few parties and meetings. We’ve recorded them saying what they really think of you. And brother and sister, it isn’t pretty. And last but most important:
  2. You have more rights than you think you have. And if those pols for whom you vote all the time, got their way, you’d lose them. Chief among them: the right of self-defense. When they take our guns, they’ll take yours, too. And then watch out!

Remember when all those mayors and city council members were talking about defunding the police? They actually told one another not to call the police if someone stole something from their houses. “Property” was no longer worthy of defense or even of recovery. So if it meant that much to a thief to have something of yours, let him have it. And once again: you have no rights. All you have are allowances, and the allowances get less and less.

That’s why left-wing social ideas will not work

Once you “get it,” you will know why left-wing policies never work. And don’t think people aren’t already figuring this out. In California so many people are moving out, and so few moving in, that U-haul ran out of trucks. If U-haul sees no let up, and one-way rental prices rise high enough, U-haul will organize dead-head caravans. They did this back in 1986 when the Texas economy tanked. Incidentally, Texas has displaced Florida as the Number-one Flee-to State. Not because Florida doesn’t get it, but maybe because Florida can’t take any more.

Now do you get it? If you left-wing rank-and-file don’t get it yet, maybe you will when you hear someone put up something like this on Gab TV or some such:

For twelve years you have been asking, “Who is John Galt?” This is John Galt speaking. I am the man who loves his life. I am the man who does not sacrifice his love or his values. I am the man who has deprived you of victims and thus has destroyed your world. And if you wish to know how I have done so – you who dread knowledge – I am the man who will now tell you.

Pleasant neo-Soviet dreams.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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