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CNN poll: Majority of Americans ‘discontent’ with President Biden and his handling of the economy, inflation



A recent poll taken by CNN shows that all is not well for the Biden administration in the eyes of the American public.

The poll shows that the general feeling about the country is at its lowest since 2009 and the feeling about the economy is at its lowest level since 2011. Almost 7 in 10 people feel that President Biden is not addressing America’s most serious issues.

According to the poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating is 38%. Economy and inflation were both flagged us as issues in the poll with Biden polling at 30% and 25% respectively for these 2 issues.

For the Democrats who were polled, 62% think he is doing a good job with the economy; this is down from the 71% he polled at in Spring. For inflation, the number is lower, 51% of Democrats think Joe Biden is doing a good job at handling inflation.

Since Spring, the number of people who feel that things are not going well for America has increased by 11 points to 79%. This is the highest percentage since 2009 and is only 4 points off the 83% reached in November 2008, which was 2 months after the stock market crashed.

Only 18% of Americans have said that the economy is in good shape.  4 in 10 voters have said they feel the economy is “very poor” just now. 64% of Americans believe that the country is in a recession.

Across all political parties, the sentiment is strong that America is in a recession, 56% of Democrats believe their party are guiding the country through a recession, 63% of independents believe this too, and for Republicans, the figure is 76%.

Participants were asked to say what they felt was the biggest problem just now. 75% of those who answered said it was issues related to inflation.  One person said, “Prices on everything just keeps getting higher and higher. is it going to stop?”

A second person said, “I work 40+ hours and can barely afford to survive. With the price of gas and price of food so high, I don’t see how anyone can have extra money to do anything other than work.”

Another person said, “Inflation causes so much pain with everything we buy and everything we do.”

The poll was conducted between June 13, 2022, and July 13 2022. 1,459 participants took part. The sampling error percentage is plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

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