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UFO Day? Why not World Creation Day?

Instead of World UFO Day, why not a Creation Day to remember that creation, not UFOs (or “evolution”), explains the world we live in.

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Yesterday the world celebrated World UFO Day. Most people probably didn’t notice it, what with the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and the caterwauling from the American left that persists after the U.S. Supreme Court went into recess. CNAV noticed it only because an influencer we occasionally follow – Jordan “The Angry Astronaut” Wright – observed it. Wright advanced two theories on why, if extraterrestrial (ET) scouts are visiting our world, the government is so reluctant to talk about it. But as we listened, one thought struck us: why not a World Creation Day?

Creation Day exists, but…!

In fact, a certain organization has celebrated World Creation Day on the first Sunday in March, beginning in 2007. Even so, they’re not very active, and why they chose the first Sunday in March remains a mystery. Not only that, but the organization spends only half its time discussing the Genesis Creation Story. They spend the other half on environmentalism, having accepted uncritically the dire predictions of the Climate Change Cabal. But at least they emphasize the role of humans as stewards of the environment, not as trespassers on it.

What gets the more attention, as between Creation Day and World UFO Day? CNAV cannot measure that, because the activities surrounding each get minimal attention. No one hears from the Creation Day organizers when, for example, the Biden administration plans literally to blot out the Sun to cool the planet.

Then again, we didn’t hear from the World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) when the “UFO Whistleblower” stories broke. Nor did they pay attention when Jordan Wright speculated on motives for an ET expeditionary force. For that matter, none of them piped up when Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) introduced a bill to defund an alleged “secret program” of UFO object studies, and designated the All-domain Anomalies Resolution Office (AARO) as a kind of “receiver of extraterrestrial wrecks.”

Moreover, neither WUFODO nor Wright ever considered what a consistent creation model wouild do to their theories. Such a model exists – and has scientific observation to back it up.


What about World UFO Day?

World UFO Day, according to this Indian source, began in 2001. The UFO community debated between two possible anniversaries of allegedly seminal events, both in 1947.1

On June 24, one Kenneth Arnold shared his story of seeing nine bright objects flying around Mount Rainier. He saw them from his own cockpit, and guessed they must have reached speeds of 1200 miles per hour. But that speed is Mach 1.6. Why didn’t the Sonic Boom knock his own aircraft out of the sky? He never said. But all tales of “flying saucers” start with this report.

On July 2, 1947, officers from Roswell Army Air Field, near Roswell, New Mexico, recovered balloon shards – and what they said was a flying disc – from a nearby farm. The town of Roswell remade itself into a UFO tourist trap after that, and it still is. This Roswell Incident still has its hold on the popular imagination. (In fact, the showrunners of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine paid their own homage to the incident with their episode “Little Green Men,” S04E08. But they picked the wrong date: November 6, 1995.)

In any event, UFOs became a common trope in “B movies” (shown before the days of television to round out a movie house “playbill”). Furthermore, everyone in America, and later worldwide, were reporting some kind of sighting or another.

Jordan Wright’s latest episode

To observe World UFO Day, Jordan Wright released this video yesterday:


In it he sought to answer this question: why would the government conceal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, accidental or intentional? He advanced two theories:

  1. Extraterrestrials have cordoned us off and are studying us, without interfering in our affairs. We have become rats in a maze – and even when we fight, they don’t care. That’s why they haven’t intervened in the Russia-Ukraine SMO – and didn’t intervene in World War II. (Or they might be intervening in a way Jordan Wright did not discuss. Maybe they, not some hideous Banker Cartel, have started every war on Earth from the Seven Years’ War onwards. That would include the War Between the States, which would explain the Lieutenant Spencer Incident of 1863. It would also make the United States of America a special ET project.)
  2. We are seeing, not actual piloted scouts, but robot probes with cyborg pilots – or, even more hideously, robotic clones of the ET species. Their mission: to scout for habitable worlds and report back. In which case (since Wright doesn’t believe in faster-than-light travel) they’ve sent signals back to their world. Those signals will take a thousand years to reach “home.” Then, any expeditionary force would take a thousand years to arrive. That assumes they would send something like Robert D. Enzmann’s Torch colony wagon and Echolance destroyer escort.

But Wright’s theories both fail, because they assume that the universe is older than it is.

The Fermi Paradox – the most powerful counter-argument to the UFO phenomenon

In 1950, allegedly, the physicist Enrico Fermi was discussing the UFO phenomenon with his colleagues. That would fit, since the entire craze began with those two events in 1947. So Dr. Fermi asked, “Where is everybody?” No one answered him back – because no one could.

His point was: as many stars as our own Galaxy has, and as hospitable as so many of them are to planets with life on them, if any civilization had arisen on such worlds, they should have arrived by now. Jordan Wright put the matter more forcefully: as long as, in theory, certain civilizations have been in continual existence, they should have had time to visit every star in the Galaxy several times. How long did he give them? Millions of years.

Of course, Wright has never once considered that no human civilization is even recorded to have lasted that long. China is the oldest civilization now in existence – or so they boast – and they claim 3,000 years, or 4,000. (That claim is actually viable, even in Creation terms.) No other civilization comes close. Although they credibly claim to have watched the supernova that created the Crab Nebula, they are nowhere close to visiting it themselves. (This although they claim credit for man’s first attempt to reach space – in a chair with 47 rockets attached.) Projecting that they or any civilization will last millions of years is beyond fanciful.

Suppose the universe is much younger?

Jordan Wright’s solution to the Fermi Paradox is: they’re here, and we won’t look. He also accused Christians of believing in a God of the gaps. He would do well to consider, again, that he believes in Aliens of the Gaps – aliens that, straining credulity, can build million-year civilizations. (And would look at humans and say to themselves, “They’ll make excellent slave labor.” Or worse, write a book they would title, “To Serve Man.”)


(Disclaimer: CNAV does not now, nor does it currently contemplate, accepting Viacom-CBS as an exclusive sponsor.)

Suppose, then, that the universe is not millions of years old? Suppose it is not but 7,000 years old?

How could that be? CNAV relies on the Most Popular and Best Quality-controlled Source of all time: the Holy Bible. Even better, we rely on the Tanakh, or “Old Testament,” which has even better average quality control.

An astronomical fix for an extremely violent event

Ten years ago, the Center for Scientific Creation and the Creation Science Hall of Fame jointly announced an astronomical fix for the Global Flood. Briefly: examination of seven known cometary and near-cometary objects, and a regression analysis on their orbits, produced a narrow range of dates when all those objects were most likely to have been at perihelion – the closest approach to the Sun – at the same time. That year was 3345 BC, give or take a year and a half. Even relying on two pure comets (the other objects being Centaurs or quasi-comets), one can fix that date at 2390 BC, give or take a century.

Only one thing could explain how all those objects would come together in so narrow an interval. At sometime in that interval, those objects, or the material that made them, launched into space. And it launched during the most violent event Earth has ever known, the event Luke the Physician actually called cataclysm. Today we call it the Global Flood.


The reason for the joint announcement was simple. Walt Brown’s CSC reviewed all the historical records of comets and their apparitions. CSHOF examined three different manuscripts of Genesis and considered two alternative dates for the birth of Abraham, two lengths of the Sojourn in Egypt, and two chronologies of the Israelite Kingdoms Northern and Southern. Of twenty-four candidate dates for the Global Flood, five fell within the broader interval and only one – the oldest – matches the narrower interval.

Oumuamua is not a UFO at all, but a comet

That means the Global Flood likely happened from the fall of 3344 BC to the next early winter. The elapsed time since then allows plenty of time for Chinese civilization to have sprung up. But how could anything escape the Earth without the rocket ships we have today? Simple: the Flood was no mere runoff from a tropical cyclone or ordinary thunderstorm. A crack in the crust released the contents of a subcrustal ocean that was already tidally pumped and heated to supercritical temperature – and correspondingly compressed, or it would have existed only as dry steam. All that water, under unimaginable pressure, broke free and carried with it large quantities of rock and mud. Most of this fell as a rain so driving it could dissolve concrete. (The Hebrew word for it never appears again; that’s how bad that “rain” was.)

CSC estimates that as much as five percent of what was then the mass of the Earth escaped into space, at speeds easily exceeding escape speed. These formed all the Mavericks of the Solar System: meteoroids, comets, asteroids, and Trans-Neptunian Objects, in order of increasing mass. That includes Pluto, which New Horizons proves was younger than any astronomer expected.

These objects also include Oumuamua, which we must now recognize is a long-period object, either a comet or a Centaur. So, no, it is not a “light sloop” or any such thing, nor a buoy. It reached aphelion, fell back, and is on its way out again. That’s all.

Does that really do such violence to modern science?

Hardly. About six and a quarter years ago, your editor considered the problem. As it happens, the CSC’s Hydroplate Theory predicts many of the same things that plate tectonics predicts. Furthermore, it predicts other things Plate Tectonics does not predict. (The original article mentioned water in the upper mantle as a difficulty for the Hydroplate Theory. In fact that’s no problem at all, considering how deep the subcrustal ocean must have been to produce the TNOs.) Strict creation – and a Global Flood ejecting much material – explains the solar system better than the favorite Nebula Theory can. The Big Bang – oh, but the James Webb Space Telescope has developed observations the Big Bang can’t predict!


And radiometric dating? The Global Flood had magnitude 10 to 12 earthquakes associated with it. Those earthquakes, acting on buried quartz, produced electrical potentials one normally sees only in experimental nuclear reactors. In that way, the Earth’s crust produced all the radioactive elements and isotopes we see today. So no radiometric date, older than 3343 BC, can be valid – for all radioactive deposits date from that year.

This inevitably affects paleontology, too – but paleontologists have never been able to keep their stories straight. Witness Piltdown and Peking Men, which the scientific community admits were both frauds. But how those frauds escaped detection for so long, they won’t explain.

Thus “modern science” cannot disprove a 7,000 year old earth. But such a young Earth should let us tell Jordan Wright: Don’t worry. The Kanamits are not coming.

So why not replace UFO Day with Creation Day?

For one reason only: atheistic scientists and policymakers don’t want to let a Divine foot in the door. (For that same reason, perhaps, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the United States Supreme Court decries giving any place in law or Constitution to those of us who profess Christianity.) So they’d rather believe in Damon Knight’s Kanamits (from “To Serve Man”), or Quinn Martin’s Invaders, or Kenneth Johnston’s Visitors (V and its successor series), than in a loving God Who made the whole Earth, not just the United States of America, His Special Project.

We cannot, in sum, know what any servant of the government has actually found. But we can probably dismiss the fanciful – and lurid – explanations that Wright and others have offered.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

Many people would rather have UFOs since if they admitted to creation they have to ask the question “What does the creator want from me?”.


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