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Mark Levin: challenge accepted



Mark Levin, the great enabler

Anyone whom has had the misfortune of having been hornswoggled by Mark Levin, alias The Great One, during these past few years and as a result you are still listening to his on air foolishness will no doubt be aware of his disdain for what he calls “crackpot birthers”.  People TPATH calls, Patriots and constitutionalists.

It began several years ago when Mark Levin refused to allow any discussion on his “talk radio show” about Obama’s forged birth certificate or the fact that even if Obama had been born in Hawaii, which is quite doubtful, he still would not qualify as a Natural Born Citizen.

Many of us were dumbfounded at not just his refusal to discuss this issue, but also even more peculiar, was the boiling anger directed at anyone who managed to bring up the topic. Keep in mind he claims he has a “talk show”.

Mark Levin: conflict of interest?

Mark LevinSome very interesting pieces of information have now begun to shed some light on this. It had always been thought that he was ordered by the station where he worked not to talk about Obama’s usurping of the White House.  To some extent that may be true, but there is more to it than that.

It seems that the warm and cuddly Levin may have rubbed his wife of many years the wrong way and off she went, leaving Mr. Levin to seek out future companionship.   Which he did.  It seems that for many years Levin, the self described Constitutional expert knew very well what is required for a citizen to be Natural Born.  He also knew that Ted Cruz had designs on running for the Presidency.  How does this compute and why did it matter to Levin?

Well how about if you found out that Levin’s new flame and future ex-wife had a son who has strong ties to Senator Cruz?  In fact he works for him.  Would that be an incentive to deny constitutional law?  On that, only he knows.  But it does appear to answer some questions.

Challenge given and accepted

Getting back now to Levin’s on air rantings where he has said so many times he can’t stand arguing with uninformed crackpot birthers but that he would gladly debate anyone with a legal background and then prove that his man Cruz, is eligible.

Here is one such on-air quote from the Great One:

I’m prepared to debate any so-called legal scholar, professor, serious commentator or candidate on this particular issue [Cruz eligibility to be POTUS] on the air. More than happy to do it. You see it’s not just the matter of just an opinion. You have to understand the Constitution, have to understand the nature of construction, you have to understand a little bit of American history. So that makes things complicated for liberals and knee-jerkers.  But I’m more than happy to debate this issue with anybody who says that an American citizen born of an American citizen mother wherever that citizen is born is not eligible as a natural citizen as a naturalized citizen to run for POTUS. There is absolutely no authority for that.  I’m putting out a challenge right now on this program. I am defending the Constitution. I am defending the rule of law.  I am defending against all comers!

Mr. Levin, your challenge has been officially accepted.

Attorney and sometimes talk show host fill in on BlogTalk Radio,Mr. Gary Wilmott is ready to take your positions apart, piece by piece.  If you have the courage of your convictions and are a man of your word you will gladly contact him and set up this debate.

Here is Mr. Wilmott’s acceptance that he has sent to your Mr. Sementa:

​Dear Mr. Sementa,

I have been asked by several constitutional scholars to reach out to you to accept Mr. Levin’s challenge re: the constitutional eligibility of Ted Cruz. Please contact me so that we can discuss the details and make arrangements at your earliest convenience.  This is an issue of vital importance and a public debate on this issue is obviously in the best interest of the American electorate.  Obviously Mark agrees or he would not have made such a generous offer.  The fact that Mark is more than happy to accept our challenge makes us very happy too as we would like this issue put to bed once and for all.
Let’s get this done!


Gary Wilmott, Esq.

In closing, it is quite doubtful that Mr. Levin will honor his words and debate this issue with anyone on the air, least of all someone as learned and informed as is Mr. Wilmott.  But if anyone reading this, still listens to Levin and would like to hear this issue discussed in a professional manner, contact him and ask him if he intends to back up his CHALLENGE.

Mr. Sementa has received this letter and contact information for Mr. Willmott, but if anyone would like to contact Mark and give him Gary’s contact information please email TPATH at

Reprinted from TPATH

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