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Manifesto for the Jewish People



The Knesset: 61 years of parliamentary democracy, and counting, in Israel. But do its members properly love their country? Or does the dysfunctional way Members are chosen, with their election rules that do not conform to Jewish law, lead to a pointless scramble for patronage? A new Manifesto calls for radically reforming the way Israel picks Members of this body. Furthermore, terms like right and left, as in other parliaments, mean little when no one will articulate first principles.

To save Israel, the truth must be told about her corrupt System of Government and what it has cost the Jewish people in blood and treasure. Moreover, the truth must be followed by remedial action that transcends the decrepit politics that has made Israel a pariah among the nations and a disgrace to the Jewish People. We therefore present this Manifesto for the Jewish People.

We invite Jewish patriots and allies to denounce the paralytic Likud Party, as well as its feeble would-be successors, and establish and/or support the formation of a creative broad-based political party to restore Jewish pride and purpose in the Land of Israel. Let us recognize and be guided by the following historical and political facts:

Points of the Manifesto

Whereas the Likud Government nullified the February 2003 election by adopting Labor’s Gaza evacuation policy despite Likud’s stunning 38-19 seat victory over Labor;

Whereas the Likud MKs betrayed their voters by supporting the Gaza evacuation law in October 2004, which they would not have done had they been individually elected by and accountable to the voters in geographic constituency elections;

Whereas this Likud treachery led to the Hamas takeover of Gaza and the two wars Israel subsequently had to wage to stop Hamas firing missiles into Israel;

A manifesto against proportional representation

Whereas, the members of the Legislature, in almost all the 80 democracies on this planet, are personally elected by and accountable to the voters in constituency elections – and 20 of these democracies are smaller than Israel in size and population;

Whereas Israel compels citizens to vote for fixed party lists of candidates most of whose names are unknown to the voter;

Whereas, in 1953, a committee of eminent Israelis, including David Ben-Gurion, denounced Israel’s system of Proportional Representation (PR) for its undermining national unity by its multiplying the number of parties;

Whereas PR has produced Israel’s inept system of multiparty coalition government;

Whereas PR promotes party oligarchies cloaked in the veneer of democracy;

Whereas the absence of constituency elections has enabled MKs to hop over to rival parties and thus betray their supporters;

Foreign influence

Whereas foreign powers can manipulate Israeli elections by financing an MK’s efforts to become his party’s chairman (buy the chairman and you buy his party);

Whereas studies show that Public Opinion since 1992 opposed “territory for peace,” which means that (1) most Israelis are typically to the Right of the government, but that (2) the majority have been effectively disempowered by the electoral system which spawns a welter of parties, most of whose candidates are unknown to the voters.

Whereas this political system has emasculated our Government, has undermined Jewish national pride and purpose, and has made Israel a pariah;

Therefore, we propose the formation of a National Movement of Concerned Citizens of Israel to demand the establishment of a Non-Governmental National Commission of Inquiry (1) to investigate the above-mentioned structural or institutional flaws, and (2) to recommend remedial measures.☼

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