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Texit – gambit before Congress

Texit advanced further, if not legislatively. A U.S. Representative from Texas put the federal government on notice for breach of contract.

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Flag of Texas - or Texit

Yesterday Texit – the Texas Exit movement – got its most ringing manifesto yet. A Member of Congress stood before his colleagues to denounce – formally – the United States government for breach of contract. Though he did not say the word out loud, he clearly was making a preamble to any future Texas Declaration of Independence. No doubt Sam Houston, who wanted annexation as soon as he could negotiate it, would cry. But Thomas Jefferson would puff himself up with a just pride, were pride in his nature.

The Texit Manifesto – now in the Congressional Record

Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas-21st) rose to speak, after his colleague from Ohio granted him three minutes. Readers can watch his speech here – that is, until YouTube takes it down for “violation of community standards.”

Why the Texas Nationalist Movement will not open channels on BitChute or Rumble, CNAV does not know. But if you do ever see a blank gray screen with three dots on it, read this:

Transcript of remarks by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas-21st) 21 April 2021:

185 years ago today, at San Jacinto, Texas, the great State of Texas won its independence from Mexico. General Sam Houston launched a surprise attack against [General] Santa Ana [of Mexico], and routed their forces – and then ultimately was able to negotiate with Santa Ana, for his freedom, the treaty that resulted in the founding of the Republic of Texas.

As a proud Texan, I’m [standing] here 185 years later, recognizing that my State, the State that I am proud to represent, is under siege. It is under constant siege, on a daily basis, by dangerous cartels. But worse than being under siege by dangerous cartels, it is under siege by a Democrat President, who refuses to do his Constitutional duty to secure the border of the United States. That is a fact: that this President, obligated under the Constitution, literally refuses to carry out and exercise his Constitutional duty to defend our borders.

Our borders in Texas! Where our communities are under siege, where our schools are overrun, where our hospitals are being inundated, where our ranches are having people cross them. Where dangerous narcotics, like fentanyl, are pouring into our communities. This is what is happening to my State of Texas, on this, the 185th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto. One has to wonder whether the agreement that Texas made when entering this Union, remains worth it, when the State of Texas is under siege by a President who refuses to defend our borders!

Explaining the manifesto

What is Rep. Roy talking about? Simple. “President” Joe Biden stands in breach of the Constitution. Which means he stands in breach of contract.

Article IV, Section 4 sets out the obligation of the federal government to all States:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

And upon this obligation, “President” Biden has clearly defaulted. Texas is under not mere siege, but invasion. Not all invasions come in the form of mass armies, with divisions of artillery, cavalry and infantry. But the migrants now storming the Rio Grande do constitute a mass army in all but name. All they lack is the discipline such armies usually have. The infantry consists of the migrants themselves, some of them minors without adult supervision. And the cavalry? These are the “coyotes,” who smuggle human beings. Or they are the drug cartels.

Excusing the default

“President” Biden, or whoever writes his script today, excuses his default by changing definitions. To him or them, those migrants are not invaders. They are “refugees” from deplorable economic conditions that, they say, United States policies have created. We see here yet another application of critical theory. In this case, all that stands in the way of economic progress for these “migrants,” is Big Bad Gringo. Who hoards the world’s wealth for himself. So the “migrants” come here to take that wealth. As is their right, according to Biden and his script writers.

Regular readers will recognize what Biden’s script writers are truly orchestrating. They are carrying out the recommendation by the late Richard A. Cloward and his widow, Frances Fox Piven. In brief: to overwhelm the “social safety net” of the country. This will create an outcry for an guaranteed minimum ration – which they call Universal Basic Income.

But this does not excuse their behavior. Today they encourage people to invade our country and take what they want. Classical invaders do the taking by what old soldiers call pillage. Today, these invaders do a different sort of pillage. The “welfare” systems in the U.S.A. have always been openly inviting of this kind of pillage. That is what we see today, and that is the tort whereof Representative Roy stood up to complain.

Prelude to Texit – the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, said plainly that a people breaking away from another, must explain their reasons. Thus the Declaration takes the form of a verified complaint. The only difference between the Declaration and a real lawsuit is that the plaintiffs laid their case before God. “Appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions” – the meaning cannot be clearer.

As Jefferson laid out a case for independence, Chip Roy laid out a case for Texas independence. He set out the grievance – breach of contract. The Constitution is a contract between the federal government and the States. That contract obliges the federal government to defend against invasion. This, Joe Biden has failed to do.

Then Representative Roy actually asked whether the Texas Annexation agreement was still worth keeping. When he said that, he served notice on Biden, Harris, Speaker Pelosi, President pro tempore Leahy, and all their colleagues. That notice is: you stand in breach of contract. And if you do not correct the breach, we will terminate the contract on our side. As is our right.

One step short of secession – Texas defending its own border

The Texit Bill (HB 1359) is not the only relevant bill in the Texas House Committee on State Affairs. That Committee also has the Texas Border Security Enhancement Fund Act (HB 2862). This bill would establish a border security fund and appropriate money for it. Then it would authorize the Texas Department of Public Safety (the Texas Rangers) to spend this money on:

  • Repairing the breaches in the border wall, if the Biden administration continues to refuse to do this,
  • Directly interdicting illegal border crosses and smugglers of human beings,
  • Directly interdicting and seizing narcotics, dangerous drugs, and other contraband, and
  • Clearing non-indigenous plants.

Of course, CNAV expects the Biden script writers to sue Texas to enjoin such activity. They will say Texas is engaging in war. When they do that, they will provoke Texit as nothing else will. Even short of that, Texas can justly claim that it is:

  • under actual invasion, and
  • in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.

Under the Constitution (Article I, Section 10, Clause 3), those two conditions enable a State to “engage in war.”

Move on Texit

But the best thing Texans can now do, is move on the Texas Independence Referendum Act and the Texas Border Security Enhancement Fund Act. The Texas House Committee on State Affairs has scheduled no hearings on either. So what are they waiting for? To quote Actor William Daniels, as Delegate John Adams in the musical Seventeen Seventy-six:

D___n it, man! We’re at war!

Steven Turley, PhD, observed on the very day Representative Roy made his speech, that Texit was gaining popular momentum in Texas.

The Roy speech gives yet another indicator.

List of earlier articles relating to Texas independence and readiness

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