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Allen West v. noisemakers



Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.-22nd) in 2011

Lt. Col. Allen West USA (retired), as regular readers know, has challenged Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) in the Republican primary. Not only that, but he now holds a definite lead. But, thanks to several noisemakers, his is not an overwhelming lead. What’s more, at least one of the noisemakers looks to CNAV to be playing a dirty trick. This needs to stop. Texas needs a new Governor, but is not going to get one—or the right one—unless those noisemakers cease and desist.

Why is Allen West best for Texas?

CNAV profiled Allen West on July 5 of last year. He announced his challenge on the best of all possible days: American Independence Day. His combat record, and especially the record of the Hamoodi Incident, should tell Texans all they need to know. In that incident, he dry-fired his service weapon at a prisoner who had valuable intelligence that could save lives. And the information West got, did save lives. Allen West did what commanding officers do. Ninety-five Members of Congress recognized that fact, and interceded for him with the Army. So he drew a $5,000 fine but still left the Army honorably.

So on July 4, 2021, he offered himself as a candidate for Governor.

And he was good enough to support the Texas Independence Referendum Act, even though he said he might vote No on such a referendum. At stake for him was not any “democratic principle” but a fundamental right of self-determination.

That’s why his heart is in exactly the right place for Texas in these times of a “Great Sortation.” That last refers to a migration of conservatives out of liberal States like California and New York, to conservative States like Texas and Florida. So many people are moving that U-Haul, the oldest truck-and-trailer renter in America, ran out of trucks in California. Offer these people an option for secession, and they’ll likely take it. And Texas will then need an experienced combat officer to lead it.

Allen West polling against Greg Abbott and the noisemakers

We come now to the latest poll by Paradigm Partners of likely Republican voters in Texas. Paradigm Partners selected 20,000 people to receive text messages and made 27,098 telephone calls. 1,487 people responded to the poll, yielding a margin-of-error of 2.54 percent. And here is what Paradigm Partners found:

CandidatePercent of Vote
Greg Abbott (Incumbent)32.52
Allen West38.36
Ricky Lynn Perry11.87
Don Huffines5.19
Chad Prather3.03
Kandy Kaye Horn0.87
Paul Belew0.80
Daniel Harrison0.65
Allen West leads this nine-member field in the Texas Governor's Primary as of January 2022

All right, then. So Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are all these noisemakers? Most of these are also-rans, and one is an actor hoping to get some face time. But one looks like a definite troublemaker.

Ricky Lynn Perry, impostor and dirty trickster

So who is this Ricky Lynn Perry? He is not repeat not former Energy Secretary and Texas Governor J. Richard “Rick” Perry. According to The Texas Tribune and Station KERA-TV (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas), nobody knows who he is. He simply registered on December 21, 2021 as “Rick Perry” for the Texas Republican Primary in the Governor’s race.

The Texas Tribune has a disturbing theory, with which CNAV agrees.

There’s some grumbling that the candidate is tinkering with his name, trying to fool voters.

D____d right! He knows exactly what he is doing: getting voters’ attention to distract them from other, more relevant candidates. Now The Texas Tribune, from their tone, seem to think that Perry wants to take votes away from Greg Abbott. In fact a group calling itself the Texas Republican Initiative, says precisely that.

The Abbott Derangement Syndrome crowd has spent many months and millions of dollars making bogus attacks against Governor @GregAbbott_TX and has gotten absolutely nowhere. Now, out of desperation, they’re resorting to gamesmanship in a pathetic attempt to confuse voters.

Who is Ricky Lynn’s target? Abbott – or Allen West?

Wrong! He is in the primary race – perhaps under Greg Abbott’s direct orders – to take votes away from Allen West! And in CNAV’s opinion, the so-called Texas Republican Initiative knows it!

Look again at the pie chart, and you will understand our deduction. Add up the pie slices by Allen West and Ricky Lynn Perry. And what do you get? Fifty point two three percent of the vote! Enough to put Allen West over the top on the first ballot.

Add to it that the real Rick Perry was Donald Trump’s Secretary of Energy after he finished out his term as a Texas governor. Voters are gravitating to “Rick Perry” not knowing that they’ve got the wrong “Rick Perry.”

Gamesmanship can go both ways. And if the Texas Republican Initiative were serious, Ricky Lynn Perry would be gone in a trice. There are ways.

The also-rans

And who are these others? Don Huffines was once a Republican State Senator from Dallas. That’s before Dallas went blue. He’s trying to be the Favorite Son of North Texas voters. News flash: it isn’t going to work.

Chad Prather is a YouTube influencer and stand-up comic. And unlike Ricky Lynn Perry, Chad Prather has a campaign website so you can see where he stands. He seems to have all the right positions on the issues. But he’s polling not much more than three percent! Yes, he has an answer to that, too.

But still…!

And here you can read about all the other also-ran competitors to Greg Abbott and Allen West. So what do we have? We have Kandy Kaye Horn, who carries the title of – CNAV kids you not – Baroness. Excuse me? It is against the Constitution for anyone seeking office of honor, trust or profit under the United States or any of them, to carry a title of nobility! Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 – the Emoluments Clause. Read it for yourselves.

The other names rate barely a mention. After all, neither of them gets even one percent of the vote today.

What needs to happen now

What needs to happen, is for the noisemakers to get out of the way and clear the field.

Ricky Lynn Perry especially has to get out of the race and stop playing games with another’s famous name. Maybe the real Rick Perry needs to call him and tell him to quit. Conveniently, he’s hard to reach – because he has no campaign Web presence.

Chad Prather shouldn’t be campaigning for himself. That he is polling a little more than three percent is due entirely to his showmanship and showman’s ratings. Allen West takes every position he takes, or at least those that matter. Why doesn’t Prather go to work for West? Those two would make a great team.

To Don Huffines, CNAV says this: I lived in Dallas around the last time you were a Texas State Senator. Your time has come and gone. With a little more than five percent of the vote, you’re a distraction no one needs.

And the rest of you? With less than two and a half percent of the vote among you, you’re making noise and little else.

Unity of command! Allen West understands that better than any of you. Even one bad general can beat two or more good generals who argue – and Allen West can make a better general than all the rest of you put together. You know it, CNAV knows it, and Texas voters know it. So let’s stop making noise – and endorse Allen West for Governor of Texas.

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