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Cecil the Lion and Planned Parenthood



A "therapeutic abortion," under dubious clinical circumstances. This is what the Women's March of 2017 was really all about.

It didn’t take long for global outrage over Cecil the lion’s death to lead to proposed legislation. New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D) announced July 29th he will file a bill that would ban transporting dead animal carcasses of endangered or threatened species through Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty airports.

Cecil the Lion…

Explaining why he’s proposing this legislation, Eustace said,

This ban would cut off a link back to the United States for game hunters intent on importing the dead carcasses of endangered animals hopefully making it more difficult for these types of hunters to transport their ‘prizes’ will give them pause or perhaps even make them reconsider this type of inhumane activity.

Such concern! Your concern for how the remains of wild animals is inspirational. But wait…

…and Planned Parenthood

Perhaps you heard the news about Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts for profit? These “hunters” kill their prey, but in a way that does not destroy the trophies; lungs, hearts, brains, and other body parts. PP’s doctors, the ones who take the Hippocratic Oath which says in part, Above all, I must not play at God glibly discuss their prizes, and their compensation, over lunch.

I’m sure you have concern for the dead carcass (parts) of endangered babies, and have a desire to end inhumane activity of the transferring human body parts – for profit. Or do you?

The problem with the liberal progressives is their so-called concern is phony. They have devolved to a state where the death of a lion is a cause-celeb while the slaughter of defenseless human babies is just a choice.

Planned Parenthood care for nothing but themselves. But do they act entirely out of selfishness--or spite.So I ask you Assemblyman Tim Eustace, is a human life ripped apart and sold as so much chattel as great as the life of a lion? Perhaps in your mind killing babies just does not rise to the level of “inhumane activity” exhibited by American dentist Walter Palmer. Perhaps you, like so many progressives, refuse to see the unborn as human, but rather as just blobs of flesh. Well here’s a wakeup call, you can’t sell baby parts if they don’t come from a baby.

We live in a sick world and a sick nation run by sick progressives. And their constituents just close their eyes to the sickness and vote for whomever promises them the most free stuff…even though the free stuff is costing them, and all of us, our freedom.

God help us.

Reprinted from TPATH

NOTE FROM TPATH: As with everything the left is involved with or has created, it is quite clear that they know that real human beings would never condone or be a part of the programs they institute if they named them more relative to what they actually accomplished.

That is why they call it ” The Affordable Health Care Act” the exact opposite of what it is.  That is why they call it “Gun Control” when it controls law abiding citizens, not guns.  And that is why they call it “Planned Parenthood” when it is actually “Planned Un-parenthood” or even more accurately named it would be called “Planned Infanticide”.


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Rich Matrisciano is Vice-President of the Sussex County (New Jersey) Tea Party Patriots.

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