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Racism in America



The Obama rainbow flag. Democrats now run from this flag and the man.

On college campuses across this nation secular progressives are running “White Privilege” programs and conferences as well as programs on racism.

Surprise, surprise! They teach racism is alive and well in America, and whites promote it. Under the guise of “improving” race relations these elitists brainwash our youth while promoting their radical progressive agenda. It’s the same secular humanist ideology that has successfully taken God out of our society.

If you open your eyes and ears, and do a little research, you will see those in control of governments, schools and media across America have been using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” as their manifesto. If you don’t know Alinsky or his anarchist views it’s easy to do an online search for him and his book – which by the way is dedicated to Satan. That certainly explains a lot.

Racism was dying. Obama brought it back to life

The real source of racism in America todayIt is my contention America was well on its way to putting racism aside until Barack Obama became president. Because of this one man, racism has once more reared its ugly head. Former AG Eric Holder told us America is still a racist nation. President Obama himself continually uses the bully pulpit of his office to evoke the politics of racial divide.

He condemns entire police departments for their racist actions, regardless of facts. In a case involvingHarvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. who was arrested for confronting police during an investigation, Obama admitted the professor “is a friend, so I may be a little biased here. I don’t know all the facts.” That didn’t stop him from playing the race card concluding, “the Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

The president routinely calls those who have lost a family member to gun violence offering condolences. But not all families. He was available to tell us if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin. However, he was apparently too busy to call the family of Kate Steinle, the young woman murdered on a San Francisco pier July 1st. Of course she was white and the confessed killer is a five time deported illegal alien from Mexico.

Where does racism truly point?

To be fair, we need to ask if there’s any truth to the assertion America is a racist nation. After a little research I found there just may be – but not how Obama, Holder and the rest of the Alinskyites would have us beieve.

My findings begin with the 2012 presidential election. CNN reported these exit poll numbers:

  • 39% of whites voted for Obama, down from 43% in ‘08. Racism or the president’s failed policies?
  • 93% of blacks voted for Obama, up from 91% in ‘08. Racism or the president’s successful policies?

Did blacks vote for Obama primarily because he’s black? Is it possible race was a determining factor in their votes? I believe this is the case which makes it a form of racism. Ironically, President Obama spent the first 9 months of his life in the womb of a white woman so he’s not exactly “black.”

Leftover racism in reverse

It is important to ask if our nation has progressed away from racism over the past decades. Segregation is against the law and no US college or university is segregated – but we still have over 40 black universities and colleges. Why?

No one can be discriminated against based on race – but we still have Affirmative Action which uses race as criteria for hiring and advancement. Why?

We have Black Chambers of Commerce, Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and the National Association for Advancement of Colored People. Why?

Race even reaches entertainment. Even though eight African American women have been crowned Miss America, we have Black Miss America, Miss Black America and Miss Black USA pageants. Why?

There are many other examples; even a National Black Catholic Congress. Really?

If we are all truly born in the image of God, and I believe we are, we must end this godless attempt to divide and conquer us by color. Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of a world where we would be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. President Obama, a follower of Alinsky and unlike Dr. King, divides us by the color of our skin while exhibiting little or no moral character.

In the Bible Jesus says, “May those who have eyes, see; and those who have ears, hear.” But then, I can’t quote the Bible. The government has squelched freedom of religion and freedom of speech in the public arena.

Reprinted from TPATH

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Rich Matrisciano is Vice-President of the Sussex County (New Jersey) Tea Party Patriots.

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