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Voter fraud, sportsmanship, and blindness

President Trump is fighting all-out against voter fraud – and a self-describing conservative calls him a poor sport and his supporters crazy.

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Dead people voting: ballots returned marked "deceased". Part of a likely voter fraud coup attempt. Ballot harvesting circumvents this kind of check. Votes for the dead are a prime example of voter fraud in America.

Upon how good Donald Trump is at street fighting, will depend the salvation of America as we know it. Your editor has always suspected voter fraud. In the Election of 2020 the Democrats made their voter fraud obvious. To try to convince any Democrat that voter fraud happens and is happening now, is a classic exercise in futility. They want Biden, and by the devil himself they’re going to have him, no matter what it takes. (Or perhaps one could more accurately say that they want Kamala Harris.) CNAV wishes now to address those, who call themselves conservatives, who actively call on the rest of us to accept a President Biden in 2021. Such people speak from willful blindness, which in turn derives from spite. CNAV will undertake today to open their eyes.

Voter fraud potential – direct observation

Your editor has good reason to speak to voter fraud. Beginning with the 2002 Federal election, your editor worked as an Election Inspector for District 17, Millburn Township, Essex County, New Jersey. An Election Inspector is the longest-serving District Board Member from the Party opposite that of the Election Judge, who is the longest-serving member of a given District Board. His duties include administering the oath of office to his fellow Board members and acting as a check and a balance on the Judge on challenges to the legitimacy of a ballot or voter.

In those days, voters in District 17 would show up to identify themselves, and sign an election roll book. That book had photostats of the signatures of all voters living in that District. If the voter requested an absentee ballot, the book would note that, also. But no one ever adjusted those books to remove the names of the dead or the move-outs. Your editor, time and again, would flag the names of voters whose relatives identified them as dead. He also would flag the names of voters who had moved away. Yet again and again and again, those same names would appear in the book!

Open invitation to voter fraud

Which openly invites the obvious voter fraud – voting in the names of the dead and the move-outs. History has many examples of voters who “vote” in every precinct where they owned a house or rented an apartment. Occasionally some election official gets wise and catches them at it. But not all the time.

What’s more, your editor has already written about this.

Twice, in fact!

So much for the bare possibility of voter fraud. Now see:

The reality of voter fraud

The Heritage Foundation has tracked voter fraud for decades. So they thoughtfully built this interactive map where one can see specific instances of voter fraud in each State. This map teaches this harsh lesson: voter fraud has been a way of life for those same decades. No State seems immune. This interactive map doesn’t track mere suspicion. It tracks actual cases of such fraud, including criminal convictions. Naturally the Foundation has shared that map on Twitter.

And what do we see today? The redoubtable James O’Keefe found someone in Michigan willing to talk.

A United States Postal Service employee says his supervisors ordered him directly to back-date mail-in ballots to a date earlier than 3 November. Postal inspectors have arrived to investigate.

But that’s not all. Wisconsin now records more votes cast than the total number of registered voters. What election sees turnout greater than 100 percent? Only an election where voter fraud rules. Because only voter fraud can produce such a result!

Reports, too numerous to link here, abound of votes in the names of the dead. (Some of these “dead men voting” were born 170 years ago, before the War Between the States!) And what shall we say of the spectacle of people trundling in ballots in suitcases and coolers into a “secure” absentee ballot counting center? And why did poll workers at such a center (maybe that very one) cover the windows?

We warned you!

Joan Swirsky, a contributor to this site, warned a month ago that this would happen.

Two months earlier, Linda Goudsmit sounded a similar warning:

More than a year earlier, she told us about ballot harvesting – trusting persons other than true officials to handle ballots.

And today we see it happening. Happily, Donald Trump does not fall into the sportsmanship trap. He has filed lawsuits in every State where he has a chance to prove voter fraud and reverse a count that would give his opponent the elector slate. If that fails, let the reader consider this. In almost every case, Republicans control the State legislature. The Constitution says:

Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of Electors….

The legislatures could appoint Republican electors directly. Or they could act now and take over the election count from corrupt and/or ineffectual State Departments of State.

Sportsmanship? Forget it!

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) got himself out of ths sportsmanship trap two years ago. In the middle of the second round of hearings on the nomination of Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh, Graham exploded at his Democratic counterparts. “If you thought the FBI needed to investigate [these allegations], why didn’t you come to us?!?” he thundered. Two years later he was running the Judiciary Committee and hearing the nomination of Judge (now Justice) Amy Coney Barrett. Where he returned to that theme. He said he would no longer play a game in which he alone played by any sort of rules.

Sadly, some people, who call themselves conservatives, didn’t get Senator Graham’s memorandum.

First dismissing voter fraud…

Erick Woods Erickson is, by all odds, the worst offender. CNAV considers him “bad” because, as one purporting to be a conservative, he should know better. Clearly he doesn’t. Two days after the election, he actually called us crazy to think that Joe Biden could steal, or was stealing, this election. His piece, “Messenger v. Message,” is by all odds the most patronizing piece of human excrement CNAV has ever had the misfortune to read. And that includes the vituperative rants of “umair haque” of a site calling itself “Eudaimonia and Company.” (Good demonism. Translate it from the Koine Greek.) He makes even his fellow progressives sigh. Speaking of whom: “umair haque” (sic) laments that the election was even as “close” as it was.

Erickson’s thesis, that he sets forth in “Messenger v. Message,” is this:

Voters rejected the Republican’s messenger. Voters rejected the Democrats’ message.

One commenter to that piece suggested that Erickson has a personal motive. Apparently some supporters of President Trump harassed members of Erickson’s family. Writer Bekah Lyons of Right Wire Report suggested that Erickson has an arrogant streak that beats anything anyone ever alleged against Trump. The obvious question arises: what came first? Did Trump’s anonymous supporters provoke Erickson? Or did he provoke them?

But any lawyer would reject that as incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. The relevant issue is whether Erick Erickson is willing to acknowledge the reality, and scope, of voter fraud.

… then grudgingly admitting voter fraud, but making light of it

This is what Trump and his Republican allies want as he pursues his lawsuits: an election that plays out by the rules!

In the piece he wrote after “Messenger and Message,” Erickson grudgingly acknowledged some real concerns about election processes. But while he acknowledges that the Democrats have laid themselves open to a charge of voter fraud, he refuses to acknowledge that voter fraud is taking place. And his answer to those of us who insist that it is taking place is: “Stop being such Democrats!” In other words, let Democrats be the poor sports. Republicans ought to be the good sports. But even a “good sport” need never accept cheating as a legitimate victory for the other side.

Erickson returned to this theme this morning. And here he brought out the one fact that most severely weakens his argument. When they impeached the President, Democrats gained

enough of a media affirmation echo chamber that they decided they could do no wrong.

The Big Lie – and the Big Cheat

So he divides the blame for their behavior between the Democrats themselves and their allies in the media. Fair enough, as far as it goes. But how can he deny that the Democrats can carry voter fraud “at scale” after already observing that the Democrats think they can do no wrong? Such arrogance prompts them to commit voter fraud on a grand scale. And the Big Con and Big Cheat go along with the Big Lie. As P. Josef Goebbels infamously observed: tell a big enough lie and people will prefer to believe it instead of believing that anyone could lie so outrageously. Or, as in this case: commit voter fraud on a grand enough scale, and people prefer to believe you won fair and square.

Did voter fraud give Biden a hollow victory?

Not only did this not happen, but we have no reason to suppose, as Erickson also supposes, that Joe Biden will be a four-year lame duck. Erickson did not say so in so many words. But he did observe that:

  • Republicans bid fair to keep control of the Senate. The Senate races remaining to decide have enough favor for Republicans to ensure this. (One hopes!)
  • Democrats lost a considerable part of their margin in the House of Representatives. They lost not only a great margin but also key members. Democrats will sorely miss Donna Shalala. Furthermore, her replacement gives the lie to the canard that the Republicans are the National Anti-socialist White People’s Party. (The late George Lincoln Rockwell, of course, founded a National Socialist White People’s Party after World War Two. That movement was far more “nationalist” than “socialist.” It was also one of the last gasps of racism. Which is “the lowest form of collectivism,” to quote the late Ayn Rand.)
  • Republicans control 30 State legislatures and more than 25 governorships. With a governorship goes a Secretaryship of State, and therefore control of election process.

So Erickson concludes: a President Biden would still have a hollow victory.

Not so fast, sir!

First, with the Presidency comes control of the executive branch. Joe Biden will re-regulate, by simply reversing Trump’s many Executive Orders. A divided Congress will do nothing to stop him, because they can’t. So when he says he will lock down the country, he’ll do it. Cloward and Piven, take your bows.

Second, with the Presidency comes the power of nomination. Let no one imagine that no judge will retire or die during a Biden administration, no matter how short. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) already said Republican judges “should not sit peacefully” on their benches. What can that possibly mean, if the House can propose impeachment and the Senate dispose? Erickson will no doubt argue, “But the Republicans still have the Senate!” Yes, and “good sport” that he wants us all to be, he will encourage the Senate to rubber-stamp every Biden appointee. To say nothing of the likely murder of Antonin Scalia.

Five Justices of the Supreme Court will now become direct targets of judicial assassination.

Third: Joe Biden is an atheist ideologue. Why else did he actually call for adding Christians to the Terrorist Watch List?

Not President Biden – but President Harris

And last—and possibly most important—we’ve been talking about a Biden administraiton. We should instead be talking about a Harris administration. For we all must acknowledge that Joe Biden is an ineffectual dotard. Your editor draws upon his medical background to suggest a diagnosis of organic dementia. Were he your editor’s patient, your editor would prescribe “workup” to test for Alzheimer’s Disease and for Atherosclerotic Cerebrovascular Disease. To say nothing of his penchant for fondling little girls—in public, at that!

Nancy Pelosi sponsored a measure (from Rep. James Raskin, D-Md.) to “provide” a body, other than the Cabinet, to judge the fitness of a President to do his job.

President Trump, wise as a wolf, knew instinctively that Joe Biden is the real target:

True enough, that measure will likely never pass. (Unless Mr. Erickson persuades Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to look with favor on it. “Sportsmanship” rears its ugly head yet again.) But everyone except Erickson can imagine what will happen after Inauguration Day.

Revising the 25th Amendment strategy

New Vice-President Kamala Harris will put together her list of Cabinet officers, and lay this list before Biden. She will then pick up a pen, place it in his hand, and give a one-word order: “Sign.” And he, dotard that he is, will sign. This will give Kamala Harris a Cabinet willing to sign on to her “written declaration” that she, per the 25th Amendment, will “transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives” to the effect that President Biden “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

And how to keep Joe Biden from contesting that declaration? Simple. Set up a “Take Your Daughter to the White House” program for comely little girls. Offer each of these Salomes a chance to chat with President Herod Antipas – excuse me – Biden. Perhaps to console with him about his “inability” to do his job. He’ll be too busy sniffing at them even to think straight, much less

transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is able to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

Contesting the declaration – but you can’t contest assassination

Because Harris knows that if he ever contests her declaration, her term as Acting President will end. She would, of course, double down on her declaration within the four-day limit. Then Congress would assemble to vote on the matter. The kicker: Congress would need a two thirds vote of each House to sustain Acting President Harris in her role.

Would Congress so act? Erick the Good Sport would no doubt urge every Senator and Representative to vote to sustain. But perhaps the Republicans would get enough lupine, vulpine, and serpentine wisdom to prefer the senile dotard to Madame Dominatrix.

Senator Harris is likely enough of a she-wolf, vixen, and she-snake to realize that. Therefore CNAV expects that on one of those Take Your Daughter to the White House days, the Oval Office will suffer a damaging explosion. Whereupon Harris would strike the word Acting from her title.

And as soon as she does that, she orders mass arrests of Christians and other conservatives. She confiscates property and declares that “the common good” requires the nationalization of all assets. Compensation need not matter, because in her critical view no one holds property justly anyway.

Mr. Erickson, if you happen to read this, don’t tell me I’m crazy. Not after you admitted that Democrats got themselves a “media echo chamber” that affirmed their every act.

Stop the voter fraud now!

The only ways to stop that, are that:

  1. President Trump vigorously pursues his legal campaign and does what he said he would do. Which is to pursue the matter to the Supreme Court of the United States. (And while he’s at it, lays on extra Secret Service protection for Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Thomas JJ and their families!)
  2. The legislatures of most of the States where the worst voter fraud is taking place, which legislatures are in Republican hands, override the mess. As Dick Morris has urged, those legislatures ought to be taking over the process now. Today. This instant. Let them appoint Select Committees on Voter Fraud and Other Election Irregularities. Let them appoint their own agents to take over the counting. And do it now. Today. This instant. Failing the above, let them override the hopelessly compromised elections and directly appoint Republican Electors.

One thing is sure: as we value the sanity of government, we must not allow that senile dotard or his waiting-in-the-wings replacement to come near the White House. That means fighting it until the Supreme Court itself says, “No more.” That might not be sporting. But, again to paraphrase Lindsay Graham, sportsmanship is a dead letter when one side alone practices it. The American people need not, must not, let voter fraud prevail.

About the image

The photo by Joe Hall, showing ballots returned from the addresses of the dead, carries the CC BY 2.0 Generic License.

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