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Texit – taking stock of defenses



Flag of Texas - or Texit

As CNAV reported earlier, Dan Miller’s Texas Nationalist Movement has begun a petition drive to put the question of Texit – Texas independence – on primary ballots, both Republican and Democratic. At the same time, key Texas officials have at last begun to pay some attention to Texans’ concerns. In point of fact the federal government began abusing Texas in earnest with the inauguration of Joe Biden as President. Mr. Miller, citing the Code of Federal Regulations, maintains the federals have been abusing Texas since the rise of the Administrative State.

CNAV has maintained from the beginning something Mr. Miller does not seem to understand. Which is: any reassertion of Texas independence will provoke a military response and therefore require a military defense. Happily, the measures Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) seems to be taking, would strengthen those defenses. So as Dan Miller asks his fellow Texans to petition the two major parties, CNAV encourages them to take stock – and heart.

Why Texit means war

Dave Hodges, of Common Sense Show fame, warned that secession would bring about a direct conflict with the U.S. military.

The United States Army has 1.4 million active-duty members and 845.5 thousand reservists under arms. That’s to say nothing of the United States Navy, which could send a carrier battle group into the Gulf of Mexico to wreak havoc on Texas shipping and Texas shore communities. Plus Joint Base Lackland, out of which several formidable air assets could stage.

Mr. Miller insists nothing of the kind would happen.

In essence, Dan Miller dares the U.S. military to attack. But CNAV would remind him that the Continental Congress dared the King of Great Britain to attack. Not only did he attack, but his subjects turned deaf ears to appeals from the Americans. The Americans based those appeals on “native justice,” “magnanimity,” and “ties of common kindred,” i.e., consanguinity. And as Thomas Jefferson ruefully noted, the British people ignored these considerations.

The Democrats stole the Election of 2020. Current findings out of several States demonstrate this. But that part of the country that adheres to the policies and philosophy of the Biden-Harris administration has received all attempts at righting this wrong with out-of-control anger and hate. Imagine how they would receive a declaration of secession by the State of Texas.

Two kinds of war

In the worse-case scenario, the full might of the United States military would crush Texas and the Texist movement. In the best-case scenario, Texas would gain allies, in the form of other seceding States and mutinous U.S. military units. In short, the best-case scenario for Texit is a Second War Between the States. Either way, Texas must prepare to fight a war.

Texas military assets

Texas has the following military assets: National Guard ground forces, Air National Guard forces, and State Guard forces. All these are part of the Texas Military Department.

These would go a long way. In fact, they are now part of “Operation Lone Star,” the first effort to contain illegal immigration into Texas. But Texas would need more. Texas would need a militia. The militia is the full body of citizens under arms. Call it the Unauthorized Texas Militia.

Being a militia, this organization would need recruits—and equipment. Members of a militia always equip themselves; these are not “G.I.’s” Obviously a constitutional carry law would help. Under such a law, anyone whom no judge has legally barred from owning a gun, may carry it. Anywhere. And would not require a permit. This last is crucial. An invading army would always go first to the gun permit office to get names and addresses of gun owners. No permit office, no names—and no such danger.

Border defense

Today the Texas border is anything but secure. Texas has a long international border with Mexico. This consists of the river that we call Grande but the Mexicans call Bravo. President Donald J. Trump almost finished work on a wall along this river, and also on the southern borders of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Then the new President Biden ordered the building contractors to down tools and go home. This left breaches in the wall, through which illegal immigrants have been pouring in ever since. But at least some sections of wall exist. Repairing the breaches would be a relatively simple matter.

But in addition, Texas has interstate borders with:

  • New Mexico (the 1850 Compromise Line),
  • Oklahoma (especially the Red River), and
  • Arkansas and Louisiana.

Obviously Texas would need to secure those borders also. That would be at least as difficult, because Texas would need to start from scratch.

Recent steps by the governor

Happily, Governor Abbott is not a Biden or a Beto O’Rourke. Unlike either of those two un-worthies, Gov. Abbott is willing to take concrete steps to assuage the people’s anger. CNAV is under no illusion that he does this out of the kindness of his heart. (Several Texas resident witnesses will attest that he would not act from such a motive.) But at least some of the steps he has in fact taken, will enhance Texas’ defensive – and offensive – capabilities. In a Texit War, Texas would need all the capabilities it could muster or create.

First, Gov. Abbott signed a Constitutional Carry bill into law. Effective 1 September, anyone who may legally buy or own a gun, may carry it. Gov. Abbott had planned to sign it with some ceremony, but then signed it quietly instead.

The governor evidently saved the ceremony for another announcement. This was his announcement to enhance the Rio Grande border unilaterally. He put $250 million down on a $1 billion project to build a wall like the Trump Wall.

Not that he satisfied everybody! Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-East Texas) had introduced a bill of his own to secure the border. He now demands that Gov. Abbott include it in his “call” for a special session.

Enhancing Texit with concrete defenses

This last announcement can only have come through direct popular pressure. A President Trump, had he been allowed a second term, could have relieved that pressure. But Dominion Voting Systems, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation and other George Soros-connected groups would not let Donald Trump have his second term. Without him, the pressure started to build even before the inauguration.

In other words, the question of whether these concrete defensive measures would have become law or EO remains open. Trump would have kept building the wall. But the pressure for a Constitutional Carry law would be lacking. As it is, Gov. Abbott paid it only lip service until someone brought him poll results, perhaps. Results that convinced him that he had better sign that law to save his own political skin.

CNAV recommends that Dan Miller continue his petition drive, and his drive to “primary” Abbott and others. But the concrete measures Abbott has taken present an opportunity too good to miss. Let every Texan without legal bars to firearm ownership acquire and start carrying a firearm. And if such a bar remains, let him straighten up and fly right to make that bar go away. War, or the threat of it, has a way of cutting personal problems down to size. Texit should be an example of this.

Finish the wall

And in the meantime: finish that wall. The Governor’s announcement includes a page for accepting voluntary contributions toward building or completing the Rio Grande wall.

Sadly, several Democratic Texas legislators, including three Senators, have protested the very idea of a border wall. Let them STFU! They make self-serving arguments that make zero sense. And when they do select a “border community” representative, they would do well to select the Mayor-elect of McAllen, Texas. But they most likely will not—because Javier Villalobos is a Republican. (And—imagine that!—Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, one of the three, comes from—drum roll, please—McAllen!)

Gov. Abbott took another concrete step to force Democrats’ hand. He vetoed that part of the State budget tha paid legislators’ salaries. He did this after the entire Texas House Democratic Caucus left the chamber, thus denying a quorum. With the result that an election-integrity bill failed.

A special session was always inevitable, because the Census Bureau was late with census data for redistricting. Gov. Abbott must deal with that and wants to deal with election integrity. He should also deal with border security – and the Texit bill.

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